10 Engaging Instagram Question Sticker Ideas for Small Brands

Looking for engaging Instagram question ideas? Here’s how to harness stories in a creative way to boost the results of your Instagram page.

Every month, 2 billion people from around the world use the Instagram app! Even as a small brand with a small social media following, the right Instagram strategy can take your content to the next level.

Instagram story questions are a key driver for engagement, no matter how many followers you have. This can help you connect meaningfully with your social media audience and even learn more about your audience demographics.

Want to start using the Instagram questions sticker but can’t think of what to ask? Look no further! We’ve curated ten powerful questions you can use to get the most value from Instagram story stickers.



What is an Instagram Stories Question Sticker?

Instagram Stories Question Sticker is a feature that allows users to ask questions and invite their followers to respond. It’s an interactive way to engage with your audience and gather insights about their preferences, opinions, and interests.

How To Add an Instagram Stories Questions Sticker

Adding an Instagram Stories Questions Sticker is easy.

1. Open your Instagram app and swipe right to open your story view

2. Take a photo or video for your story, or add content from your camera roll.

3. Select the sticker icon in the top right (the icon with a smily face).

4. Choose the “Questions” sticker.

5. Type in your question and customize it as desired and post it.

10 Instagram Story Sticker Ideas

1. What do you want to know about [insert brand]? Ask me a question!

Ask me a question!

When you’re not sure what to ask, the best solution might be to reverse the scenario! Use the question sticker to open up the conversation and invite your audience to ask their own questions about your business.

This is a great way to respond directly to consumer concerns and connect with your audience fast. It can also provide you with insights about your consumer demographics, and you can use these to tailor future marketing content.

🔥 Hot tip: Make sure to write down the common themes and responses you’re receiving and use these to inform your next batch of social media content.

2. What’s your favorite [insert brand] product and why?

You can turn the Instagram story questions sticker into an opportunity for promotion with just a little creative thinking. Ask your audience what they love best about your brand and products, and you’ll soon have plenty of social proof to leverage in your upcoming social content.

This use of the questions feature can drive sales conversions and get people talking about your brand. You can even save reply stories as highlights on your Instagram account, allowing new consumers to find real positive feedback on your business.

3. What do you think about [recent news in your industry]?

What do you think about

Try keeping things current with a discussion about the latest news affecting your industry or niche. This shows your followers that you value their opinions and provides scope for plenty of interesting responses.

When you post questions about what’s happening right now, you can show your audience that your finger is on the pulse. In some cases, strong views might help to boost engagement and even prompt an ongoing conversation.

🔥 Hot tip: Go one step further and follow up this question sticker with a Founder Q&A about this news story! This gives your audience the chance to connect direct with your brand and positions your founder as a thought leader to build valuable trust.

4. What product do you wish [insert brand] would sell?

Running low on product ideas? Use the sticker icon as a tool, and turn to your Instagram audience for support. Asking for customer suggestions can help people feel involved in the process of building your business, making for an even more loyal audience.

Better yet, when you view responses about wishlist products, you can start planning for future business success. All the answers you receive can guide you towards new ideas, helping you create items you already know consumers will love.

5. TGIF! Are you planning anything exciting for the weekend?

Are you planning anything exciting for the weekend

Sure, the polling sticker can be used to gather data about your target audience. But that isn’t all it’s good for! Sometimes, simply chatting with your followers can make a big impact, helping you strengthen relationships and build trust.

Ask your followers what’s going on for them. Alternatively, ask what their spirit animal would be or what they’d do if they won a million dollars. These kinds of funny questions break down the wall between customers and business owners.

Why does this approach work? It focuses on fostering a community rather than constantly pushing for sales. By showing you genuinely care about your customers, you’ll be more likely to build lasting relationships that turn followers into paying customers over the long term.

6. Can you guess what we’re planning?

Another option is to use the Instagram questions box as a tool for building hype around your next big launch! In this way, social media managers and business owners can get people talking about fresh products long before they are released.

If you’re preparing to share something new with your consumers, question stickers can provide a fun way to share a teaser. You could even offer a small prize, like a discount code or early shopping option, for those who provide correct answers.

🔥 Hot tip: Keep building anticipation and hype ahead of your next launch by using the countdown sticker on Instagram Stories. This gives audiences a real-time countdown to the reveal of your latest product release to ensure you launch with a bang!

7. Who would you love to share [insert product] with?

Who would you love to share [insert product] with

Try using the Instagram question sticker to call more attention to your Instagram stories! By encouraging users to tag friends and influencers alike, you can get more eyes on your account in no time.

This is one of the most creative ways to get started with collaborations. Use the share response option to highlight follower suggestions and tag the mentioned creators who might be new to your brand. You never know. You might gain major sales traffic or uncover fresh marketing scope.

8. Do you struggle with [insert consumer pain point]?

Your IG stories can also be a hub for generating leads. Whether you use the poll or question sticker, you can share Instagram stories that encourage your followers to share their struggles. Then you can offer your solution!

When you ask your followers questions like this, check the responses to your questions stickers, and capture leads fast. You could even contact responders via DM with a link to your store or an exclusive freebie offer.

The goal here is to identify the customer pain points that you audience are struggling with and position your brand’s products and services as the solution.

9. Want your own [insert product]? Tell us why you deserve to win!

Tell us why you deserve to win!

Instagram story question stickers can even be used to host a unique giveaway or contest! For this, keep it simple, like the phrasing above, or use an array of fun questions that relate specifically to your business.

However you choose to approach your competition, share a question sticker that invites Instagram users to get involved.

Dive into our complete guide to how to run an Instagram giveaway and how it can move the needle for your small brand!

10. If you could change one thing about [insert product], what would it be?

Sometimes, you have to be open to constructive criticism in order to grow and improve. You can use the questions sticker to collect feedback about your latest products and services, with each individual response helping you enhance your offer.

Instagram questions like these are a great way to provide your audience with their say in your brand’s progression. This can help you maintain a small business vibe, even as your brand starts to scale. It can also empower you to serve your consumer base as effectively as possible. Win-win!

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