Work together as a team to build your strongest strategy

Collaborate with your team, virtual assistant, or
clients to easily communicate, approve, and streamline social posts, all without leaving Plann.
Team Collab + Approval

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Trusted by over 3M brands around the world

Easily start chats + discussions about each social post

Collaborate and work together inside Plann to keep all comments and workflows together in one place.

Team Chat

Discuss individual posts, artwork and captions to make sure everyone always knows what’s going on.

Real Time

Comments on posts appear in real time so you and your team never miss a deadline.

Invite Team Members

Add virtual assistants, team members, clients or freelancers to help work on your strongest strategy.
Team Collab + Approval
Team Collab + Approval

Content approval flows to keep everyone moving together

Create your own approval workflows using Plann’s built-in tools where you can keep your team accountable and moving fast.

Everything Together

No more spreadsheets, lost chats, or extra software expenses, everything can be housed within Plann.

One Click Approvals

Seamlessly approve a post, or unapprove with feedback with one click of a button.


Keep your team firing and moving forward now that they know exactly what is expected of them.

Crafting Content Effortlessly at Scale

We chatted to Airam to find out what he loves about social media, his tips for aspiring social media managers and how Plann has helped his business grow and succeed.
“Plann has made content planning, scheduling, and posting a breeze. I am able to be two to three weeks ahead for clients. It’s also made it easy for me to manage over three clients, too.”

Airam Dato-on

Social Media Manager

Grow your team so you can focus on building your business

Working with a team across your marketing and social media is an exciting growth milestone in any business.

à la carte Team Members

Add team members to your subscription as required so your business can ebb and flow with you.

Outsource Busy Tasks

Hire a freelancer to share the load, with Plann’s team tools it’s the perfect way to ask for any extra help.

Team Permissions

Allocate admin, editor or view-only permissions to your team members for full control over who does what.
Team Collab + Approval
Team Collab + Approval

Tools that make team sharing and collaboration easy

From sharing notes about your strategy, to building a strong asthetic, here is how else Plann will help your team get results.

Birds-Eye view

Easily see unresolved comments or approved content in one birds-eye-view on your custom Plann calendar.

Free Companion App

Syncing your social media to all members of your team so you’ve always got your posts on the go.

Auto Post + Hashtags for a 24/7 presence

Plann will automatically publish for you when available, including auto-posting hashtags in your first comment.

Simplistic, minimal, beautiful software to take your marketing to the next level.

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Trusted by over 3M brands around the world

How does the Team Chat + Approval flow work?

Can I try Plann with my team first?

Yes, you can invite your team during your 7 day trial to see how powerful Plann is for your whole team.

Does the chat feature work in real time?

Yes! Work together remotely on the same project to get things done faster.

Can I mark comments as unread and come back to them later?

Absolutely! It’s a great way to control and organize your to-do list.

How many team members can I add to Plann?

Plann has been designed to grow with you and your business. You can add as many team members as you’d like. Either choose the right plan for you, OR, add individual al la carte for as long as they are required!