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Plann’s award-winning scheduling suite includes EasyLink, an elegant + visual link-in-bio tool – making Plann the most integrated experience for social-savvy brands looking to keep everything together in one place.

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Entrepreneur + Productivity Consultant

North Carolina, USA


eCommerce + Fashion Brand

Düsseldorf, Germany


Editorial Photographer + Educator

Texas, USA


Social Media Managers

Sydney, Australia


Weddng Planner + Photographer

Loughborough, UK

Collage displaying various social media posts and advertisements, including fitness boot camp, vegan eatery, hair salon, eco-friendly clothing, and healthy breakfast recipes, with links to websites and social media profiles, showcasing the use of a social media planner |

Sell Products, Host Content and Grow Fans - in One Place

One tool that combines social scheduling with your link-in-bio tool. Schedule and share your most important content, easily.

Built to Increase Your Sales and Reach

Specifically created for a visual + shoppable impact, we’ll help you make your links standout and convert.

Setup + Publish Your Page in Under 5 Minutes

Use templates to build your page quickly based on whether you’re selling, sharing or growing.

All in One Link-in-Bio with Plann

Manage your social media schedule and your link-in-bio in one beautifully simple interface.

Drive Traffic, Sales + Clicks by Making Social Shoppable

Your audience will find your featured products, sales or blog posts in one place, without getting lost on your social grid.

Make Your Own Shoppable Instagram Grid

Give your audience somewhere they can find all your content, links and products, beyond your last post.

Set and Forget Time-based Links

Set your links to appear and disappear without you having to be online, so you never have outdated links

Dynamic Carousels

Use top industry-proven post styles! Create carousels with CTA’s for your swipeable offers, sales + more.
Healthy breakfast recipes with granola and fruit dishes displayed on a vegan eatery's social media profile, featuring links to Instagram, recipes, and a newsletter sign-up form |
A vibrant hair salon webpage titled "Color Me Crazy" featuring a colorful header, social media icons, services, and an Instagram feed, alongside a fitness section with "Zone Fitness" branding and an 8-week boot camp advertisement, effectively utilizing a social media scheduler |

Make Your Brand Stand Out in the Wild World of Social Media

Not all link-in-bio’s are created equally. EasyLink was designed to highlight your brand and products – visually, because it converts.

Design Your Page So It Looks Like You

Add your own colors, backgrounds, images and sassy messages – make your page as unique as you.

Hyper Visual Links that Convert

Choose to add visual link cards that help you drive traffic and sales with in-built CTA’s that you can customize.

Not Just a List of Links

Sure – add plain text links, but nothing is going to stand out as much as your unique branding and products will.

Try our Multi-Award Winning Plann Scheduler and design your own EasyLink in minutes - for free!


Social Media Planner + Visual Link-in-bio = Dream Team

Together with Plann, you’ll have an all-in-one duo to manage and schedule your content, while also being inspired with fresh ideas!

One Place to Rule Them All

Automate your publishing – from one place, not five. Schedule posts with Plann + Easylink at the same time.

Consistency for Impact

Keep your branding + content unified across channels, so your socials and your link-in-bio look part of a set.

Optimized for Success

Efficient done-for-you templates, ideas + shortcuts, so you don’t have to do all the thinking by yourself.
Social media content calendar for Color Me Crazy hair salon, featuring posts on various platforms, content prompts, social starters, and hashtags for hairstylists. Includes images of hairstyles and hair products | Social media planner |
EasyLink performance summary for 07/29/2022 - 08/04/2022 showing top link from with 7.04k views and 4.72k clicks, CTR displayed | Social media scheduler |

Learn + Optimize What Brings your Brand the Best Results

Discover which products, offers or link positions work best on your page with easy-to-understand insights and analytics.

Trends Summary

Access a quick run-down of how your links are performing at a glance.

Simple Insights

Learn your top performing content and why, then make changes so your results are always improving.


Optimization Tips + Tricks

We’ll share our community-wide learnings with you by providing data-led tips to increase your conversions!


An Entire Platform Designed to Make Online Marketing Easy

From scheduling socials to designing your link-in-bio, here are a few secrets to why 3M+ people choose Plann to grow online.

Beautifully Clean Workspaces

Minimal designs that help, so you can make sure a clunky, frustrating software platform isn’t getting in your way.

Work With Your Team For Faster Success

Add team members, virtual assistants or clients and work together on a complete social strategy.

Easy Drag + Drop Interface in Real Time

Make quick layout + style updates for visual impact, without having to hire a designer for updates.
A screenshot of a social media management tool displaying a photo collection interface, including options for posts, stories, and reels, with a preview on a mobile device | Social media scheduler |

Don’t Wait - it’s Free! Try Plann and Claim your EasyLink Brand Name before it’s Taken!


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Link-in-bio tool, EasyLink!

Is EasyLink part of my Plann free trial?

Yes! Signing up to Plann includes our beautifully designed link-in-bio tool, EasyLink.

Now you can plan, organize and schedule every element of your online, social media presence in seamless interface with our social planner and link-in-bio duo!

Access your free EasyLink page and design it any weird and wonderful way you’d like, simply sign into Plann from your Desktop, upgrade to access all features.

Is EasyLink part of my Plann Plus Subscription?

Your Plann Plus subscription also includes upgrades to your link-in-bio EasyLink page giving you even more options to express yourself and your brand online!

You’ll find more customisation options, the ability to schedule time-based links (so your page is never out of date!) plus more link styles that generate clicks and traffic to your website.

Subscribing to Plann Plus you get the best of both worlds, an award winning social media scheduling tool to help you drive awareness, and an elegant link-in-bio tool to convert.

Can I schedule my posts from Plann, to my EasyLink Page (hint: coming really soon!)

Almost! We’re working on it! This integration will be coming really soon. For now, you can continue scheduling content by logging into your Plann account across your socials. If you’d like to schedule a link to your EasyLink page, you can also do so within the EasyLink interface by using the time-based scheduling feature.

Does this mean I can cancel my link-in-bio subscription elsewhere?

Yes! If you’d like to move over to EasyLink, you can cancel your current link-in-bio tool and gain even more value from both Plann and EasyLink as your one and only complete social planner and link-in-bio suite keeping everyone in one place. Simply cancel your other link-in -bio tool and sign-up with EasyLink + Plann!