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Tap Into 2B+ Monthly Viewers With Bulk Upload and YouTube Shorts Scheduling.

Unlock new audiences with YouTube Shorts. Schedule and post short-form video content across all social media channels without the extra time + effort.
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Plan, schedule, and manage video content across all Social Channels.
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Bulk YouTube Shorts Scheduling

Repurpose, repost and schedule your videos to publish automatically at the right time.
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Unlock New Audiences

Expand your reach with YouTube Shorts with more than 2B people already watching every month.
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One-Click Sharing

Cross Post your short-form video content across Instagram Reels, YouTube & TikTok in just one click.
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Skyrocket your brand with bite-sized content! 
Share your videos with a YouTube Shorts scheduler and watch your audience grow.


Posting video content everywhere is now as easy as clicking a button.

Effortlessly plan, schedule and post all your short-form videos, to YouTube Shorts. More reach, less effort.


Plan your content with a visual calendar

Upload video content so you (and your team!) can visualise a whole month all in one place.

Repurpose across multiple platforms with Cross Post

One video, endless engagement. Repurpose your short-form content for all your social channels in a flash.

Include important details upfront when scheduling

Get everything done in a flash! Craft your title, description and keywords – set + forget!

Schedule YouTube Shorts for auto post

Use a Youtube Shorts scheduler and save time! No need for last-minute uploads.
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Cross Post To All Social Media Platforms

Reduce the time spent on your social strategy and still reach more people. Plann auto posts everything from vertical videos, carousels and posts across all platforms.

Save Time, Stay Organized + Smash Every Goal

Maximize your workflow with advanced tools, including an on-the-go app, media organization, team chat, approval flows, shareable links, a link-in-bio page + more!

Never Run Out Of Post Ideas Again

With Plann you’ll find new post ideas, trending audio ideas, free images, captions + hashtags to help keep you on track – every single day.
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& Grow
Imagine your videos going viral across Instagram Reels, TikTok and YouTube Shorts, with just one click.
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Discover Our Savvy YouTube Shorts Scheduler, Stay For The Time-Saving Features!

Not only can you plan your YouTube Shorts content with Plann’s hyper-visual drag and drop grid, but you’ll fall in love with our award-winning features.

Known for our constant innovation and simplistic interface, you’ll find easy social scheduling for all major platforms, with everything you need to build an audience and make sales.

Trusted by 3M Brands From Global Companies to Small Business

There’s a reason why Plann is loved and trusted the world over. Not only can you go from idea to post in minutes, there’s a host of advanced strategy features waiting for you once you’re ready to scale.

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Trusted by over 3M brands around the world
Asked Questions
Still need help? Chat to us.

What are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are YouTube’s take on short-form video, where users can shoot, share and view vertical short-form video content that is 60 seconds or less.

Can you schedule Youtube Shorts?

Take control of your short-form video content across popular platforms! Plann allows you to bulk schedule YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and even TikTok posts. Schedule your content in advance and it will automatically post for a consistent and impactful presence. Get started with our YouTube Shorts scheduler!

What dimensions are YouTube Shorts?

The standard aspect ratio for YouTube Shorts is 9:16.

This is the same aspect ratio that applies when creating short-form videos for Instagram Reels and TikTok. Your YouTube Shorts should have a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels.

Will Plann Automatically post to all platforms for me?

Plann supports auto posting for ALL platforms, that’s TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube Shorts!

With Plann auto posting, all those moments you’re crazy busy, away on a well deserved holiday, walking the dog, or just need a social media break, we’re here to help. Set-and-forget your social schedule across the world’s leading platforms so your brand is always online.

Choose to auto post, or receive a push notification at your scheduled time – we’ll make it work for you.

How can Plann make YouTubeShorts easier for me?

Plann is more than a scheduling tool. We’ll absolutely help you with content distribution across multiple social media platforms, however, our real secret sauce is helping you with WHAT, WHEN and WHY to post on Social Media.

From guiding you through how to build your own custom post strategy, providing free videos, images, and hashtags, right through to designing a brand calendar for your entire marketing presence, we’re here to help you grow a brand that you’re proud of – one that intentionally gets results.

Plann is a complete social media planning, scheduling, analytics and strategy suite that is visually focused, just like your customers to ensure your absolute success on social media.

Teamed with a beautifully simple drag and drop workspace, you’ll be able to create and manage your own uniquely branded Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn feeds all in one beautifully simple place.

Can Plann Help Me Create Content?

Our goal is to keep you consistent and full of exciting, engaging ideas to keep you and your business on track.
If Social Media content creation has become a chore, here’s how we help:

  • AI Caption Generator to help you craft personalized captions
  • Daily post ideas complete with captions, hashtags and images on your calendar
  • Social Media Holiday Calendar
  • Royalty-free stock images and videos (with 3 of the worlds fastest growing libraries)
  • Done-for-you, pre-written captions sorted into action-led categories for you to customize
  • Canva integration with over 450,000 templates for posts and stories of all sizes
  • Content prompts for over 50 industries that include sales blue-prints
  • Professional image editing tools (where you can upload your logo!)
  • One-click repurposing to multiple social media platforms

Plus, we’re always updating Plann to make sure you’ve got content ready to go, we’ve got you!

Can I use Plann for free?

Try all of Plann’s unlocked features completely free for 7 days and then only pay if you love it!

(You can always stay on our free plan if you’re not ready to use all the upgraded features afterwards).

Have a team, or manage multiple social media accounts?

Easy! Add them to your 7 day free trial too so you can see how much easier it is to work together. We want your whole team to see the magic we can make.

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