Build your own social strategy aligned to your business goals, no experience required

Designing a strategy makes posting on social media a breeze. You’ll always know what’s coming up next and never forget to post again by organizing everything ahead of time.

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Trusted by over 3M brands around the world

Build a trust-worthy brand by sharing your story, strategically

What does your brand stand for and how do you want to be perceived? No idea yet? That’s ok! We’re here to help.

Customizable Themes

As experts, we’ve identified content themes that build brands. Use our presets, or choose to add your own.

Brand Building Blocks

Add strategic and single idea placeholders as far out as you’d like to help manage content batching and content shoots.


Are ‘thought leadership’ posts getting results? Evolve your strategy as you uncover what gets you clicks.

Advanced strategy tools that build brands on the internet

Easy to learn strategic features to take you from a beginner, 
to instantly talking social media strategy with your peers.

Hashtag Management + First Comment Posting

Curate unlimited hashtag sets to attach and post at the most crucial times – including first comment auto post.

Strategy Customizable Per Platform

We’ll save your themes so you can customize a plan (and repurpose content!) across your social platforms.

Media Collection Names + Labels

Upload and store your media files in strategic themes, plus add labels to identify key content to fit your goals.

Building a luxury brand, with wedding photographer KT Merry

How Hollywood’s wedding photographer of choice used social media (and Plann!) to build a prestigious brand around her creative business.
“I love, love, love Plann’s features because we can go ahead and set [a content strategy] up . It’s great for my busy team”

KT Merry

Wedding Photographer

Choose from 50+ templates to map out your next set of posts

Add done-for-you idea prompts to your schedule that you can customize with your own work, the perfect jumping off point.

Sales Blueprints

We’ll help you map out the exact posts you need to tease, launch and run a successful sale.

Curated for Multiple Industries

From bloggers, bricks and mortar stores to service based businesses there are prompts for everyone.


Make content prompts work even harder by mixing & matching different options and ideas to perfectly suit.

Consider Plann an extention of your marketing team

We’re not satisfied with helping push content into the world, we aim for strategic results so you never feel like you’re wasting time.

Social Starters + Pre-written Captions

Organized into categories to fit any goals, search hundreds of pre-written captions you can customize.

Visual Calendar

A beautifully simple space to solidify your strategy for the month. Socials, emails, blog posts – everything.

Real-time Sync With Plann App

Free companion app so you, or your can team, can access your social strategy on the go, iOS + Android.

Strategies to skyrocket your social media success

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Trusted by over 3M brands around the world

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Plann automatically post to all platforms for me?

Plann supports auto posting for ALL platforms, that’s TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube Shorts and Instagram!

With Plann auto posting, all those moments you’re crazy busy, away on a well deserved holiday, walking the dog, or just need a social media break, we’re here to help.

Set-and-forget your social schedule across the world’s leading platforms so your brand is always online.

Choose to auto post, or receive a push notification at your scheduled time – we’ll make it work for you.

What makes Plann different?

Plann is more than a scheduling tool. We’ll absolutely help you with content distribution across multiple social media platforms, however, our real secret sauce is helping you with WHAT, WHEN and WHY to post on Social Media.

From guiding you through how to build your own custom post strategy, providing free videos, images, and hashtags, right through to designing a brand calendar for your entire marketing presence, we’re here to help you grow a brand that you’re proud of – one that intentionally gets results.

Plann is a complete social media planning, scheduling, analytics and strategy suite that is visually focused, just like your customers to ensure your absolute success on social media.

Teamed with a beautifully simple drag and drop workspace, you’ll be able to create and manage your own uniquely branded Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn feeds all in one beautifully simple place.

Does Plann help create content and captions for me?

Our goal is to keep you consistent and full of exciting, engaging ideas to keep you and your business on track.

If Social Media content creation has become a chore, here’s how we help:

  • AI Caption Generator to help you craft personalized captions
  • Daily post ideas complete with captions, hashtags and images on your calendar
  • Social Media Holiday Calendar
  • Royalty-free stock images and videos (with 3 of the worlds fastest growing libraries)
  • Done-for-you, pre-written captions sorted into action-led categories for you to customize
  • Canva integration with over 450,000 templates for posts and stories of all sizes
  • Content prompts for over 50 industries that include sales blue-prints
  • Professional image editing tools (where you can upload your logo!)
  • One-click repurposing to multiple social media platforms

Plus, we’re always updating Plann to make sure you’ve got content ready to go, we’ve got you!

Is Plann easy to use?

You’ll have a brand new post scheduled within 3 minutes of signing up and we still think that’s if you drive slowly! Plann was specifically designed by marketing experts to simplify how social media works.

You’ll find you can upload brand new media, or in two clicks you can search through our huge stock image and video libraries or even connect to Canva for over 450,000 FREE social media templates.

Our built-in image-editing tools let you filter, edit and add text overlays within seconds, skip the content creation steps with other software and do it all in one place.

It’s completely up to you whether you’re a one-post-at-a-time type or prefer to batch a month (or three!) in one go.

Can Plann teach me what to post next?


At Plann, we’ve identified top marketing themes that brands talk about online that get the best traction and engagement, and then we’re here to prompt you through how to create your own strategy to tell your own unique story.

One of our most popular features, map your strategy across your social platforms, or add strategic placeholders, then import your own media straight over the top so you’re always on track with what to post (perfect for planning your next content shoot too).

We’ll even label your content for you with their strategy themes so you don’t forget their original purpose. You’ll be talking social media strategy with the experts in no-time.

Can I use Plann for free?

Try all of Plann’s unlocked features completely free for 7 days and then only pay if you love it!

(You can always stay on our free plan if you’re not ready to use all the upgraded features afterwards).

Have a team, or manage multiple social media accounts?

Easy! Add them to your 7 day free trial too so you can see how much easier it is to work together. We want your whole team to see the magic we can make.