Easily Manage
Socials at Scale.

Managing multiple brands and need flexibility with team members, clients and approval flows? Plann’s XL plans are designed to scale with you to any size.

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Premium Social Media Management for XL Teams

Designed by professional marketers, Plann’s XL plans keep your team in sync across stores, locations and brands.

We’ll remove confusing spreadsheets, lost conversations and multiple tools by managing your workflow all in one place, with access to all of our premium features, including:


EasyLink - Plann’s visual Link-in-bio tool


Unlimited posts + AI Caption Generator


Team Chat, approval workflows + shareable links


Permissions for teams, managers and clients


Auto-post reliability + more

Make your team look their most professional with our polished, award-winning, (and easy-to-learn!) social management software.

XL Plans For Teams That Want XL Results

Access all of our premium features to build brands that customers love.

Instagram auto-posting + product tagging


Reels + TikTok
 visual planning


Easy cross-posting across all platforms


Team chat, approval workflows + 
shareable links


Professional strategy builder + AI caption generator


Integrates with your favorite tools


Companion App 
(iOS + Android)

Managing HEAPS of Socials?
Let us build a custom plan that’s cost effective
and tailored to what you need.

We’re here to make this easy
Basics Free Power User Build Grow
Annual Price $0 $9 $19 $59
Monthly Price $0 $12 $25 $75
Team Members 1 >1 >2 >4
Brands Connected 1 1 >2 >5
Media uploads 120 items 
3 media collections Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Video files Up to 30″ long
Companion App
Team communication Limited
Approval flow Limited Limited
Social Networks
Instagram Visual Planner
Scheduled posts Limit below Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Posts + Stories + Carousels 30 per month total Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Reels planning
Custom strategy tools 1 only Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
First comment auto post
Hashtag manager 3 sets Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hashtag suggestions
Best time to post Limited
Color palette analytics Limited
Advanced analytics Limited
Respond to comments + mentions
Tag usernames + locations
80+ Professional image filters
Product Tagging
Done-For-You Solutions
AI Caption Generator
Industry + sales blueprint plans
Daily content ideas
Purpose-led, pre-written captions Limited
Royalty-free stock images & videos
Social media holiday calendar
Content calendar event templates Limited
Social Media Scheduling
Repurposing & re-share across platforms
Reels + TikTok content sharing
Visual drag & drop calendar
Build-your-own content calendar 3 custom events
3 custom events Limited
Text only posts
Content Creation
Canva integration
Test design tools
80+ professional filters
Crop, edit and adjust tools
Add custom JPEG (logos + watermarks)
EasyLink – Link-in-bio Tool
Unlimited links
Shoppable Instagram Grids
Customizable Visual Links
Schedule time-based links
Branding Options Limited
EasyLink Branding
Workflow Tools
Priority customer support + webinars Limited
Media collection (file storage)
including video
120 media items
 3 media collections Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Team sharing + share links
Manage multiple accounts
CloudSpot integration
Monthly activity report
Referral program (earn $ credit)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Plann automatically post to all platforms for me?

Plann supports auto posting for TikTok, Facebook, YouTube Shorts, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram Posts, Carousels Stories and Reels – including cover art!

With Plann auto posting, all those moments you’re crazy busy, out walking the dog, or away on a well deserved holiday, or just need a social media break, we’re here to help.

Set-and-forget your social schedule across the world’s leading platforms so your brand, and your clients, are always online and available to make sales.

Choose to auto post, or receive a push notification at your scheduled time – we’ll make it work for you.

What is a ‘Brand’, and how many social media accounts can I link to it?

A brand is considered one set of social media accounts, for example one brand called ‘Coffee Roasters’ can have ONE account of each social media network connected.

(‘Coffee Roasters’ could have one of each: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube Shorts and TikTok as one Brand.).

With Plann you can increase the amount of brands (or “social sets”) as you need by adding them to your account al la carte, from inside Plann, as you need.

What makes Plann different?

Plann is more than a scheduling tool. We’ll help with content distribution across multiple social media platforms, however, our real secret sauce is helping you with our incredibly visual layout that walks you through WHAT, WHEN and WHY to post on Social Media.

From helping build custom posting stratigies, providing free videos, images, finding the right hashtags, right through to designing a brand calendar for your entire marketing presence, we’re here to help you grow a brand that you’re proud of – one that intentionally gets results.

Plann is a complete social media planning, scheduling, analytics and strategy suite that is visually focused, just like customers to ensure absolute success on social media.

Teamed with a beautifully simple drag and drop workspace, you’ll be able to create and manage your own uniquely branded Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn feeds all in one beautifully simple place.

Is EasyLink (link-in-bio tool) included?

Signing up to Plann includes our beautifully designed link-in-bio tool, EasyLink.

You can plan, organize and schedule every element of your online, social media presence in seamless interface with our social planner and link-in-bio duo.

Access your EasyLink page and design it any weird and wonderful way you’d like your brand to look, simply sign into Plann from your Desktop to get started creating.

What if I need to add more team members?

Easy. We’ve made Plann flexible to work with so you can invite as many people as you need to work together.

If for any reason you reach the limit of team members included in your pricing tier, you can easily add new team members al la carte as you need which will get included in your invoice.

Can I assign permissions to team members?

Yes, absolutely.

You’ll be able to assign team members as Admin, Editor or View Only roles to make sure you can keep everyone on the same page.

What should I expect when I sign up to try Plann?

Try all of Plann’s premium features completely FREE for 7 days, with no obligation.

We don’t ask for your credit card, we genuinely want you to see just how powerful our complete suite of Social Media tools are and why Plann is the best investment you’ll make to grow your business.

We’ve unlocked every single feature for you to try so you can make sure continuing with Plann Plus is right for you, including planning, scheduling and creating posting strategies for all supported platforms: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and LinkedIn.

We’ll provide Plann trainings and send you regular social media updates so you (and your team) are always across an ever-changing social media landscape and never left behind.

Try creating custom post strategies, find blueprints for how to map out your next sale, upload all of your social media content (or find free content from right inside Plann!) and auto post it to your social media platforms.

Plus, we’ll also help you repurpose your content across multiple platforms with just one-click, while designing a content calendar that maps out your entire month ahead that goes beyond Socials. Email newsletters, blogs, launches, you name it, we can plan it with you.

At the end of your 7 days of Plann Plus, you can choose to continue, or use a lighter version of Plann.

Does Plann help create content and captions for me?

Our goal is to keep you consistent and full of exciting, engaging ideas to keep you on track, without the writers block or awful feeling of overwhelm when you’re always having to come up with ideas.

If Social Media content creation has become a chore, here’s how we help:

– AI Caption Generator to help you craft personalized captions for all social platforms
– Cross Post your posts and videos to multiple social media platforms
– Daily post ideas complete with captions, hashtags and images on your calendar…
– Social Media Holiday Calendar
– Royalty-free stock images and videos (with 3 of the worlds fastest growing libraries)
– Done-for-you, caption templates sorted into action-led categories for you to customize
– Canva integration with over 450,000 templates for posts and stories of all sizes
– Campaign Blueprints for over 50 industries that include seasonal sales
– Professional image editing tools (where you can upload your logo!)
– One-click repurposing to multiple social media platforms

Plus, we’re always updating Plann to make sure you’ve got content ready to go, we’ve got you!

How much time does Plann take to learn?

You’ll have a brand new post scheduled within 3 minutes of signing up and we still think that’s if you drive slowly! Plann was specifically designed by marketing experts to simplify how social media works.

You’ll find you can upload brand new media, or in two clicks you can search through our huge stock image and video libraries or even connect to Canva for over 450,000 FREE social media templates.

Our built-in image-editing tools let you filter, edit and add text overlays within seconds, skip the content creation steps with other software and do it all in one place.

It’s completely up to you whether you’re a one-post-at-a-time type or prefer to batch a month (or
three!) in one go.

What type of content can I create with Plann?

With our professional editing tools, free content and free Canva integration (a seriously impressive drag and drop graphic design software), anything is possible!

If my business grows, can my Plann grow too?

You bet!
We’ve created Plann to grow with you so you’re not paying for anything you don’t need.

From individuals to brands and large advertising agencies, we’ve got you covered.

Adding new brands that you’re managing, or adding new team members are both a breeze, simply add them individually as you go and we’ll set everything up on your behalf.

Is there a free trial of Plann?

Try all of Plann’s unlocked features completely free for 7 days and then only pay if you love it!

(You can always stay on our free plan if you’re not ready to use all the upgraded features afterwards).

Have a team, or manage multiple social media accounts?
Easy! Add them to your 7 day free trial too so you can see how much easier it is to work together. We want your whole team to see the magic we can make.

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