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Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform, with the best organic reach and is the most visual platform in the world – and we’re sharing everything we know with you in the most visual way possible.


Plann is a complete Instagram scheduling, analytics and strategy suite that is visually focused, just like Instagram to ensure your absolute success on social media. Teamed with a beautifully simple drag and drop workspace, you’ll be able to create your own uniquely branded Instagram feed too.


We’ll help you measure the results of your posts, your stories, track your website click-throughs, and even show you your best performing colour palettes to keep you focussed on your growth.

By understanding what works (and what doesn’t!), you’ll be able to grow even faster.


By using Plann you’ll see how to repeat your successes, identify themes and image styles that you can add to your posting rotations more often, and those to hold back.


You’ll discover when to try new things, and with our unique strategy feature, we’ll even help you organise and pre-plan what to post to keep your Instagram and brand strategy in check.

A brand new post within 3 minutes, and we still think that’s if you drive slowly!


It’s incredibly quick to upload brand new media, repost from your favourite accounts, or in two clicks you can search through our huge stock image libraries for FREE content.


Add built-in image-editing tools that let you filter, edit and add text overlays within seconds, skip the content creation steps you’re already with other software and do it all in one place.


It’s completely up to you whether you’re a one-post-at-a-time type of Instagrammer in a few minutes or prefer to batch a month (or three!) in one go.


Besides the advanced analytics, Plann has a uniquely special Strategy workspace that helps you organise and strategize exactly what you need for your posts (and stories!).


At Plann, we’ve identified the top themes that brands talk about that get the best traction and engagement over the last few years, and then prompt you to create your own storyline based on the top performers.


The best part is that you’re not held to any pre-selected ideas, you can color coordinate and customise your own posting themes to make sure you’re telling your own unique, well-rounded brand story.

Heck yes!


The speed of how fast Instagram stories are taking off is huge and it’s our mission not to make sure you’re not left behind. You can even Auto Post your Instagram Stories on Plann. Get ready to say goodbye to manual posting and hello to effortless scheduling!


Create, draft, schedule and Auto Post your Instagram Stories from right inside your Plann dashboard like you would your posts.

Our goal is to keep you consistent and full of exciting, engaging ideas to keep you and your business on track.

If Social Media content creation has become a chore, here’s how we help:

– AI Caption Generator to help you craft personalied captions
– Daily post ideas complete with captions, hashtags and images on your calendar
– Social Media Holiday Calendar
– Royalty-free stock images and videos (with 3 of the worlds fastest growing libraries)
– Done-for-you, pre-written captions sorted into action-led categories for you to customize
– Canva integration with over 450,000 templates for posts and stories of all sizes
– Content prompts for over 50 industries that include sales blue-prints
– Professional image editing tools (where you can upload your logo!)
– One-click repurposing to multiple social media platforms

Plus, we’re always updating Plann to make sure you’ve got content ready to go, we’ve got you!



Yes! Plann supports auto posting for Facebook, LinkedIn Pinterest, TikTok and Instagram.


With Plann auto posting, those moments you’re crazy busy, away on a well deserved holiday, or just need a social media break, are all taken care of! Set-and-forget your social schedule across the world’s leading platforms so your brand is always online.


Choose to auto post, or receive a push notification at your scheduled time – we’ll make it work for you.

Yes, you sure can! Your Plann Desktop account doesn’t mean you’re tied to a desk.


All active Plann Desktop subscriptions have complete access to running your Instagram account from your desk, or while on the go from your phone as an extension of our service.

As Plann doesn’t auto-post yet, you’ll need the Plann App to receive push notifications when it’s time to shoot your post over to Instagram.

You betcha; we’ve created our plans to grow with you.


From individuals to major brands and advertising agencies, we’ve got you covered.


Adding new Instagram accounts and team members is a breeze, simply add them individually as you grow so you’re not paying for anything you don’t need.

Of course! Try Plann completely free for 7 days and then only pay if you love it.


Have a team? Easy. Add up to 3 team members to Plann during your free trial to get them on board.



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