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Social media caption ideas are a problem of the past! Unleash unlimited captions with the magic of Plann’s purpose-built AI-powered Caption Generator that will transform the way you create and schedule your posts.
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Here’s How It Works
Tell us a few key details about your posts idea and our our advanced AI Caption Generator will instantly create the perfect caption including relevant hashtags, and even add a compelling
call-to-action to encourage audience engagement.
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Generate Captions + Content For All Of Your Social Media Platforms

Developed by marketing experts, our advanced AI social media post generator will tailor a caption for any social media platform.

Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook + LinkedIn

Tell us about your industry with the a few words and we’ll take care of the rest!

Insider Information and Best Practices

No matter what platform, we’ll craft a caption for you that hits the best industry standard lengths.

Available to All Plann Plus Accounts

All accounts at Plann come with credits to generate captions, even our Free Forever plan!
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AI Tools to Make Content Creation Easier + Faster
Say goodbye to writer’s block and content creation fatigue and discover our done-for-you tools to make social media a breeze.
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Get Discovered and Grow Your Brand With Hashtag Suggestions

Share your favorite keywords and let our Suggested Hashtag tool do all the hard work. We’ll reveal fresh hashtags to get your content in front of more people.

Effortlessly add them to your post and schedule your content to automatically post when your audience is online.

Generate The Best Time To Post Tailored to Your Followers

Always post at the perfect time! Plann’s Best Time to Post feature is like having a personal assistant that learns exactly when your Instagram followers are online and most active. Powered by data and driven by AI, this tool will quickly identify the best times to reach your followers each day, and serves up tailored scheduling suggestions for the best engagement.

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Trusted by over 3M brands around the world
Asked Questions
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What is an Instagram caption generator?

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you understand the power of a captivating caption in elevating your posts. However, crafting the perfect caption can be a challenging task. This is where Plann’s Instagram AI Caption Generator comes to the rescue. This nifty tool assists you in creating imaginative and compelling captions for your Instagram Reels and posts. Simply input a phrase, and the generator will promptly supply you with an engaging caption ready for use. No more struggling to find the right words – let the caption generator work its magic for you!

How does Plann’s AI Caption Generator work?

Say goodbye to writer’s block and let our AI-driven Caption Generator elevate your Instagram game like never before! Powered by advanced machine learning, Plann’s social media caption generator has been designed to generate unique caption suggestions to suit your brand and tone of voice.

Is the AI Caption Generator capable of handling multiple social media platforms, or is it specific to one platform?

Plann’s AI Caption Generator is like a versatile superhero that can handle multiple social media platforms with ease. So, whether you’re sharing your moments on Instagram, connecting with friends on Facebook, tweeting away on Twitter, showcasing your professional side on LinkedIn, or anywhere else, our trusty caption generator has got you covered!

Can I customize the generated captions according to my brand's voice and style?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of maintaining your brand’s unique voice and style across all your social media posts. That’s why we’ve made sure our AI-powered caption generator is not only creative but also flexible. You can effortlessly customize the generated captions to perfectly match your brand’s personality and messaging.

Is Plann’s AI Caption Generator available to everyone?

Great news! Our AI Caption Generator is available for everyone – with credits available by default each month no matter what plan you’re on.

Whether you’re an aspiring content creator or an established brand, our new tool will make your social media journey a breeze. We believe everyone deserves access to the best tools to shine on social media, and we’re thrilled to be there to help.

How do credits work?

All of Plann’s plans come with a monthly allowance of credits to use towards the AI Caption Generator. Every time you generate captions using the AI Caption Generator, one credit will be deducted from your account. Your credits will reset every month and you’re able to purchase additional credits if you’ve used all of your credits.

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