How to Post and Respond to Instagram Comments: 10 Tips

Discover how to build an effective Instagram comment strategy that fosters loyal fans.

Today, Instagram is the world’s fourth most-visited website, with over 2 billion active users logging in every month. The app offers plenty of scope for incredible engagement results!

Instagram comments can be powerful tools in driving more traffic to your latest Instagram post and getting people talking about the value of your brand. A well-structured commenting strategy can help you build connections that generate amazing brand growth.

Wondering how to respond to Instagram comments in the right way? Here’s what you need to know on the path to success.


Why Should You Respond To Instagram Comments?

Responding to comments on Instagram is critical if you want to expand your social media community. You can use commenting tools to connect with other users and start meaningful conversations.

Positive comments can be invaluable, operating as social proof and even transitioning to use as testimonials. Have you ever received such a heartfelt comment that you were sure you were on the right track? When your content earns positive feedback or a thoughtful comment that makes you beam with pride, a kind thank you can go a long way.

On the flip side, answering not-so-glowing comments can help you improve your business approach and show customers how much you care. You can resolve consumer problems and address issues in real-time as they arise. This can even work as a new realm for market research!

Extra Instagram Comments Features

Better yet, Instagram now offers a range of extra commenting tools and features.

If you receive a positive comment and want to drop a reply, you can nest your response under the original comment, automatically notifying the other user of your response. Simply hit the reply button on the right of the Instagram comments text.

You can even pin your favorite comments on each of your Instagram posts! This ensures that the best comments sit at the top of the comment section, where they are easy for others to find. All you need to do is select your chosen comment and swipe left to find the pin icon. Simple!

10 Tips For Posting And Responding To Instagram Comments:

Wondering how to respond to Instagram comments the right way, achieving the best results for your account? You’ve come to the right place! Here are our top 10 tips and tricks to get you on track.

Tip 1: Establish A Posting Schedule

Any good social media manager knows the value of a consistent posting schedule. Share feed posts regularly, and try to maintain a similar calendar for your comment responses. This can help you avoid becoming overwhelmed. Plus, you’ll stay connected with your audience, building loyal relationships.

By checking your Instagram comments twice a day (morning and night) you can keep on top of engagements and deliver timely responses to your loyal fans.

Example: Check out the Plann team! We stay in the loop by sharing fresh material with our audience on a regular basis.

Establish A Posting Schedule

Tip 2: Respond Promptly And Authentically

When responding to comments on Instagram, strive for authenticity. Provide your followers with prompt and well-thought-out responses. Doing so will help you establish trust and boost your brand’s credibility. You’ll also be able to resolve problems quickly and effectively!

Example: Take a look at Ortal Levitan’s account! This Instagram coach responds promptly and never leaves her audience on read.

Respond Promptly And Authentically

Tip 3: Answer As Many Comments As Possible

Sometimes, it’s just not possible to provide every comment with a tailored response, but try your best! Set aside time to respond to as many Instagram comments as possible. This is a powerful way to drive engagement and connect directly with your audience.

Example: Socially Flourish is defined by a strong strategy that starts with prioritizing people. This account responds to as many commenters as possible to let all followers know their value.

Answer As Many Comments As Possible

Tip 4: Align Comments With Your Brand

When crafting comments on Instagram, it’s important to consider your brand and what it stands for. Every time you interact with another Instagram account, you’re representing your business. Aim to be consistent with your tone of voice and style.

Example: Simply, helpful, and on brand! That’s the commenting strategy for Eisha Collective when resolving customer questions.

Align Comments With Your Brand

Tip 5: Craft A Personal Response

A personal response makes an impact. Whenever possible, avoid meaningless one-word or emoji-only comment responses. Whether you’re thanking the writer of a sweet comment or crafting an original comment of your own, a custom, personal approach showcases your brand’s warmth and commitment.

Example: Learn from Hey Hannah Elle, who takes the extra time to make sure she leaves a meaningful comment reply whenever she can.

Craft A Personal Response

Tip 6: Keep Your Goals In Mind

As you answer comments on Instagram, remember to center your goals. Think about the calls to action you’re using and the results you want to achieve. Every comment you leave is another step in your plan, so don’t waste an opportunity to drive your business forward.

Example: The Nude Nutritionist has a direct message offer to share. This goal is at the heart of every comment response.

Keep Your Goals In Mind

Tip 7: Answer Comments At The Right Time

Answering comments at the right time can be helpful in boosting traffic and performance on future posts. Check when Instagram users who follow your account or online, and engage during these times. Alternatively, answer comments just after sharing fresh content so that users receive a notification.

Example: Plann’s very own social team are all about impact. We answer comments right on time so that we can make the most of more community building opportunities.

Answer Comments At The Right Time

Tip 8: Use The Pinned Comments Feature

Instagram comments can work as marketing tools. When you spot a particularly meaningful, pin it to the top of the comments section, where other users will easily be able to find it. The pinned comments tool allows you to highlight positive reviews and showcase quality social proof.

Example: This user is turning a positive comment into scope for growth, pinning a thoughtful response to the top of a popular post.

Use The Pinned Comments Feature

Tip 9: Have A Strategy For Negative Comments

There’s no avoiding negative comments on Instagram! When you receive such comments, look for opportunities to resolve problems or act on user feedback. Deleting is also an option. Generally speaking, though, deleting comments is best reserved for nasty, offensive, or dangerous contributions.

Example: Target Australia is open to feedback and willing to learn from Instagram followers. The perfect measured response!

Have A Strategy For Negative Comments

Tip 10: Make Your Comments Inclusive

Last but not least, make sure you comment on Instagram (and other social media pages) are as inclusive as possible. It’s important that your language is welcoming to all so that no one feels excluded from your brand or its account.

Example: iHop’s Instagram comments are friendly and conversational, including all members of the pancake community.

Make Your Comments Inclusive

Plann Your Instagram Strategy

Active Instagram engagement is critical to any growth strategy! By leaving and responding to comments, you can nurture a vibrant and highly engaged online community.

Ready to take control of your Instagram account and streamline your social media management approach? Sign up for a FREE 7-day trial of Plann, and explore our content creation, scheduling, and engagement features today.

Plus, learn more about how to manage Instagram comments on the Plann blog.


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