10 Tips To Gain Followers on Instagram in 2024

Learn how to grow your following on Instagram with these 10 proven tips and tricks.

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Every day, Instagram users share more than 95 million photos and videos on the app, meaning that new creators have to face no shortage of competition. So how can you make your account stand out and gain more Instagram followers?

Growing your Instagram account has power. The more people who find and follow your account, the wider your audience will become. This opens up fresh marketing opportunities as you work to scale your brand. By learning to work with the algorithm, you can even set yourself up for ongoing community building!

Finding new followers on Instagram or other social media accounts is possible when you know which strategies to adopt and use consistently. With the right knowledge and skills, along with a little patience, your account could soon be on the way to greatness.

Are you ready to attract more Instagram followers and find people who will truly love the content you share? Check out our top 10 tips for getting started!


1. Curate Your Instagram Feed

Your Instagram account is a hub for your digital identity, so it’s important to get it right. By curating your feed, you can post content that resonates with who you are and what you stand for as a brand.

Remember, the best Instagram posts are rich and engaging, including visual or textual elements designed to spark a conversation. Your Instagram content should align with your brand so that users can recognize your posts easily on the feed.

In practical terms, here’s how to curate your Instagram feed for growth success:

  • Take advantage of Instagram’s ‘pinned posts’ feature to pin up to three posts at the top of your feed. Ideally, these posts should introduce your brand, who you serve, and what audiences can expect from your content.
  • Leverage text overlays and cover slides on your Instagram Reels to grab attention and quickly communicate the key message of your posts. Try to use compelling hooks (like questions or intriguing statements) to inspire profile visitors to engage with your content!
  • Optimize your posts for both grid and feed views by placing the most important text and visual elements in the centre of your posts. Remember that users will only be able to see a square 1:1 preview of your posts on your profile, but will want an engaging full screen experience (1080 x 1920 pixels) when they see your content in the main feed.

2. Use Instagram Stories

Did you know that 500 million Instagrammers use the stories feature every single day? Instagram stories are a powerful tool for staying connected, even when you don’t have a grid post to share.

Use your Instagram stories regularly, whether you’re sharing a day in the life or providing updates on the latest brand news. Through stories, you can communicate directly with your Instagram followers in an authentic and meaningful way. This can help you build a stronger community and attract more people to your corner of the internet.

  • When you share a new Instagram story, tag relevant users who are likely to share your latest story content with their own follower base. Give people a reason to put your posts in front of their audiences.
  • Consider setting up story-based ads! Paid advertising can help you kickstart organic growth now and into the future. As more users find your account, they can continue to share your posts with friends who’ll love your content too.
  • Remember to craft your story posts with the medium in mind. Instagram stories should use a 9:16 aspect ratio, regardless of whether you’re posting static or video content. Aim for the highest possible quality, and don’t be afraid to incorporate sticker elements.

3. Plan For Good SEO

When it comes to Instagram growth, effective SEO, or search engine optimization, is essential. From your Instagram bio to your latest Instagram caption, SEO can put your content in front of more people than ever.

Write your captions including clear keywords relevant to your niche and your content, thinking about the search terms users will most likely use to find accounts like yours. Don’t be afraid to refer back to recent post metrics and analytics for additional guidance. Remember, strong SEO skills are the key to winning over the Instagram algorithm and even getting your content on the Instagram explore page.

  • Review your content before you share, and think about how well you’re incorporating the keywords people will use to search for content like yours. Try to keep your writing style as authentic as possible while adding keywords where they are relevant.
  • Check on your performance stats! Analyzing previous content performance can give you insight into what works best for your account. This will provide you with the knowledge you need to try similar SEO strategies again.
  • Get to know the algorithm, but remember that it’s always changing. If you’re not sure what the latest news means for your account, turn to the experts for guidance. We recommend checking out the Plann blog!

4. Make Use Of Hashtags

The world of social media may be changing, but one thing has always stayed the same: Instagram hashtags have power. In fact, for accounts with less than 1,000 followers, using relevant hashtags can boost interactions by 29%!

For every Instagram post you share, try to add a strong selection of 15 to 30 great, closely matched hashtags. You can include these in your post caption or in the comment section. Well-chosen hashtags can help you show your content to Instagram users within your target audience, helping the app categorize your content and drawing in more followers than ever.

  • Be specific in your hashtag selection, making sure that all the tags you choose are as relevant as possible to your content’s theme. It’s usually better to use 15 well-matched hashtags than 30 ill-suited tags.
  • Mi your hashtags up across different posts. Using the same list of hashtags on everything you share could cost you algorithm success. Instead, keep content fresh and interesting with a few unique hashtag groups.
  • If you’re finding it difficult to choose the right hashtags for Instagram, consider using Plann’s suite of hashtag tools! Our hashtagging features are designed to curate the best matches for your content and audience demographic.

5. Collaborate With Friends

Collaborations offer a unique opportunity to connect with other Instagram accounts and attract new followers to your latest content. With a shared campaign or even an Instagram account takeover, you can reach a whole new audience!

Don’t be afraid to build relationships with your Insta peers and competitors alike. These networks can provide a valuable source of inspiration and support as you all strive toward growth and success. When you work with other creators in your industry, you can encourage more people to visit and follow your Instagram profile. Plus, you’ll make friends who share your passion for digital marketing!

  • Talk to other people in your niche or industry. By striking up a conversation, you can begin to learn from talented creators and identify opportunities to work together in the future. You might even make some new friends along the way!
  • Leverage networking connections, and turn them into action. Don’t be afraid to take the first step in reaching out to someone new. A great collaboration project might begin with a little bit of courage and a strategic Instagram DM.
  • Explore a range of collaboration opportunities simultaneously. You don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket. Feel confident in the power of working with lots of different people and reaching a wide range of audience bases.

6. Tag Relevant Users

When working to get more people interested in your social content, it’s important to think about how new Instagram followers will find you on the app. Tagging other users in a relevant niche can make a big impact.

If you’re sharing a post that features someone else or might encourage an interesting conversation, use the tagging tool! Research shows that posts with 11 tags achieve the highest engagement. Be careful, though. A reasonable, relevant tagging approach can be effective, but going overboard could be deemed as spam.

  • Choose accounts that are highly relevant to your niche. Brands that share your industry or focus are more likely to have audiences who will be interested in you. Do your research, and get to know other brands before you link them to your posts.
  • Avoid overtagging. While some post tags can be helpful in putting your content in front of more people, too many tags can be annoying for the people linked to your post. Worse, Instagram might think you’re spamming! Try to be careful and considerate before you confirm a post tag.
  • Tag users you think you can work with, rather than those you consider as competition. You can use a tagging strategy to help you build new networking connections, so long as you’re not poaching customers.

7. Have An Engagement Strategy

Engagement is critical to any Instagram growth strategy. A strong engagement approach means you can avoid the pitfalls of fake Instagram followers, instead attracting organic followers to your account.

Be consistent in the way you communicate on Instagram. Look for opportunities to share your perspective and interact with content from creators you love. Like a post, leave a comment, or send a message. Be the kind of Instagram follower you want to attract. When you engage with others, they’re more likely to engage with your content too, so everyone wins.

  • Talk, talk, talk. Get chatting to other users in your niche or industry, and reach out directly to people you think will love your brand. The more you engage with others, the more likely you are to earn additional engagement in return.
  • Be as authentic as possible in your interactions. No one likes to feel used, which often happens when accounts are clearly only commenting for the sake of their own growth. Instead of dropping a few meaningless emojis, try to curate thoughtful, meaningful, conversation-building responses.
  • If you’re feeling less than confident about your engagement approach, be willing to learn new strategies, especially as the Instagram app introduces fresh changes. Plann is always here to provide you with the latest news and tips!

8. Cross-Market Content

The average social media user is active across 6.7 different social media sites. This means that your Instagram strategy doesn’t have to end at the boundaries of the Instagram app.

Repurposing and cross-marketing content across various social media networks can help you reach more people and gain more followers across a variety of platforms. This gives you greater marketing power and helps you access unique audience demographics for ultimate growth opportunity.

  • Think carefully about where your audience is most likely to find you. If you’re targeting older customers, it might be better to cross-market with Facebook. For a younger user base, you may have more success with TikTok, or even LinkedIn.
  • Grow over time. Even if you start your social media marketing strategy with just a single account, you can expand this as your business grows. Be willing to explore additional marketing channels and new social networks that could help your brand thrive.
  • Simplify your content sharing process. You can save time and stress by automating the way you repurpose content across social channels. All you need to do is download the Plann app and start scheduling!

9. Get Your Audience Involved

User-generated content can be a great way to build your content library when you’re running low on ideas. Plus, you can use USG to reach more potential followers and promote long-term follower growth on the ‘gram.

Look for ways to get your audience involved in your content creation process. Invite your community to share their ideas and be part of the conversation. Run a contest or a branded hashtag that helps users play an active role in your account. This can elevate brand loyalty while increasing your marketing scope significantly. Win-win!

  • Use language that makes your followers feel important and valued. This is essential in nurturing your existing leads and giving new followers a clear reason to join your community. Plus, brand loyalty benefits could encourage your customers to share your brand with their friends!
  • Try running a branded hashtag campaign, inviting users to share their own images and feedback on your products. Ideally, adding an extra incentive could help you encourage more people to get involved and subsequently boost your follower growth.
  • Launch your very own giveaway or contest, and make following your account one of the entry requirements. This is a great way to get people talking about your brand and encourage post sharing to help you reach more users.

10. Schedule Instagram Posts

Last but not least, scheduling content for Instagram and other social media platforms can be impactful in increasing your follower count. You can set your posts up for success and ensure you stick to a consistent social calendar.

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