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How To Edit Your
Instagram Reels


How To Use Reels


How To Use Effects
And Transitions


Auto Posting And
Scheduling With Plann

Module 1: Getting Started With Instagram Reels

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How To Use Instagram Reels Editing Tool

To kickstart your journey towards creating captivating Instagram Reels and gaining engagement, mastering the art of editing is the essential first step.

What you’ll find in this video:

– Where to find the most common editing features
– Uploading content from your camera roll
– Adding captions, stickers and audio

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A Guide To Using and Finding Instagram Reels Templates

Now that you’re familiar with editing reels, it’s time to level up your game with templates—your secret weapon to streamline the creative process and craft eye-catching content effortlessly.

What you’ll find in this video:

– Where to find Instagram Reels templates
– How to add your own content to a template
– How to save and schedule your created Reel

Your Ultimate Instagram Reels Guide

Learn how to create Reels, publish high-quality content and create scroll-stopping
videos in this jam-packed helpful guide.

Module 2: Using Effects and Transitions

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How to Use The Green Screen Effect

Discover the magic of the Green Screen Effect—one of the most popular features on the platform. Let’s dive in and unlock the endless creative possibilities it offers!

What you’ll find in this video:

– What is a CTA (Call-To-Action)
– Why you should add strong CTA’s in your stories
– CTA examples that will convert your audience

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Your Guide to Popular Reels Transitions

Unleash the power of popular Instagram Reels transitions to captivate your audience and make your content pop!

What you’ll find in this video:

– The top used Instagram Reels transitions
– How you can film and edit these transitions

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  1. Top 5 Transitions and How To Use Them

How Chloe Puff Training Used Reels
And Plann To Grow 6k+ Followers

“I’ll admit I’m not always 100% sure of the most effective way to utilize social media,
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Module 3: PostingYour Reels To The World

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How To Auto Post Your Instagram Reels with Plann

Congratulations, you’re now a pro at crafting engaging Reels! Let’s take it to the next level with a game-changing skill—auto posting with Plann! Learn how to streamline your workflow, repurpose your content, and effortlessly share your creations with the world.

What you’ll find in this video:

– How to Auto Post your Reel With Plann
– Uploading a Cover Image to your Reel
– Repurpose and Cross Post your Reels

Your Ultimate Guide To Scheduling
Instagram Reels With Plann

Download this handy guide to master Plann’s auto posting magic! Stay organized,
never miss a beat, and watch your Instagram Reels soar to new heights. Happy scheduling!

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