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Tapping Into Reels And Plann’s Strategic Planning Tools To Organically Grow 6k+ Followers With Chloe Puff Training

When fitness specialist and founder of Chloe Puff Training, Chloe Puff, discovered the potential of Instagram Reels to grow her business, she knew she had to jump on board. In fact, Reels outperform standard Instagram content with a 22% engagement rate.

Chloe needed an all-in-one social media suite to streamline her content creation process, overcome creative block and drive traffic to her website. With Plann, she has been able to craft a winning social media strategy, stay on top of the latest trends, and elevate her online presence.

Maximizing Time With Plann

As a full-time mom, business owner, and pursuer of dreams, Plann helps me cut down on time thinking about what to post when to post, and everything in between.


Chloe Puff


Chloe thinks back to her early days of embracing social media, and the hours she spent batching captions in a Google Doc and setting alarms to remind her to manually post content.

When she found Plann, she was able to gain hours back each week with Plann’s Done-For-You caption starters and hashtag manager (to help her discover and harness high-performing hashtags with ease).

She also credits Plann’s visual calendar and daily content prompts with keeping her content engaging and making creative block a thing of the past.

Create An Efficient Social Media Strategy

Being able to move your posts around to make them both look good and help your strategy flow is perfection.


Chloe Puff


Chloe credits Plann’s visual planner with simplifying her workload and helping her create her dream feed. With Plann’s Strategic Planning Tools, she’s been able to create an effective social media strategy that’s seen her online presence grow substantially.

Thanks to EasyLink by Plann, Chloe has been able to drive her 6k+ followers directly to her website to boost coaching bookings and increase conversions from social media.

Streamlining Reels Content Creation

I’ll admit I’m not always 100% sure of the most effective way to utilize social media, and Reels in particular, so I use Plann.


Chloe Puff


Reels offer huge scope for organic visibility on social media, which is why they make up over 80% of Chloe’s content mix on Instagram. She’s turned to Plann to find the most effective way to plan, create and share her Reels content to Instagram with ease.

Knowing that she can record, save and store her content within her Plann workspace gives Chloe the freedom and flexibility to produce engaging video content on her own terms. She can plan weeks in advance, tap into trending templates and even auto-post her Reels like a pro.

Chloe’s Top Tips For Brands On Instagram:

  • Find your authentic voice:

    “If I were to give one piece of advice, strategy is great but what really lands with the audience is authenticity.”

  • Make the content you want to see:

    “Social media should be engaging, fun, and can be used to really highlight YOUR  unique personality, not just what you think your audience wants to see.”

  • Aim for consistency:

    “Posting multiple times a day isn’t for everyone, so stick with quality over quantity but do it regularly.”



Chloe Puff


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“So much information packed into a small amount of time”
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