Plann’s Ultimate Guide To The Biggest Social Media Updates of 2022

Need a recap of what went on throughout 2022 on social media? We’ve got you covered.

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2022 was quite a year on social media. We saw basically every app under the sun pushing out and prioritizing video content and social commerce features. 

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock this year (and we don’t blame you, it’s been intense) we’re rounding up all the biggest social media updates and news from 2022 just before we officially close out the year and wait for new updates to arrive in 2023. 

Ready to dive in? Let’s recap! 



The Biggest Instagram Reels Updates in 2022

Instagram Reels saw some big changes in 2022 and not everyone was happy about it. In 2022, Instagram made the move to shift its focus towards video-based content, expanding and focusing on Reels more than ever. 

So, let’s wrap up some of the biggest changes with Instagram Reels this year. 

Instagram merged all video content into the Reels format 

Earlier this year, Adam Mosseri (head of Instagram) announced that they were moving to one format for video content. All new videos under 15 minutes long would now be published as Reels and instead of two tabs for video content they’d all be moving to a consolidated Reels tab. 

EDM Extras

Adam explained that “this doesn’t mean that every video has to be a dancing video or a lip-syncing video. But it means when you create a video on Instagram, you’ll have access to all of those Reels tools.”

Instagram launched Reels templates 

Instagram also expanded its Reels features with Reels Templates making it a lot easier for brands, businesses, and content creators to film and edit Reels videos. With Reels Templates you can score ready-to-use templates with just a touch of a button. 

When you’re scrolling through the Reels tab you’ll see videos with the ‘Use Template’ button and you’ll be able to produce original content with a structure from another user. It’s perfect for viral trends that you never know how to make. 

Instagram extended Reels to 90 seconds 

2022 also saw the expansion of Reels length time from 60 seconds to 90 seconds in a big effort to get more creators watching and making video content on Instagram. Since TikTok is Instagram’s biggest competitor when it comes to short-form videos, the move likely came as a way to rival its competitors. 

With an extra 30 seconds, you’re able to share deeper insights with your audience and hopefully, it’s reduced the need for those annoying ‘stay tuned for part two videos’ we all scroll past. 

In-app scheduling finally made its way to Instagram

Probably one of the most exciting and celebrated Instagram updates of the year, in-app scheduling finally made its way to Instagram. Up until recently, the only way to schedule posts and Reels on Instagram was through third-party tools (like Plann) which content creators have been doing for years. 

Instagram Scheduled Post

But, after a bunch of updates no one wanted, it seems Instagram finally listened to their core audience and brought in-app scheduling. Now, all professional accounts on Instagram will be able to schedule Reels, posts, and carousels up to 75 days in advance. 

You can also go back and see all scheduled posts to keep on top of your content and reschedule content if you need to. Since in-app scheduling is only available for professional accounts, we’ll be waiting to see if the general public will be able to use this feature in 2023. 

Instagram launched product tagging for the general public 

Next up, in April 2022, Instagram finally expanded product tagging in Feed posts to the general public. Since social commerce is dominating Instagram these days, the move by Instagram made a lot of sense. 

Now that everyone has access to product tagging, brands have the ability to find and share user-generated content and users can support their favorite brands and share and discover new products they love. It’s also a great way to basically create a digital storefront all in the Instagram app. 

Plus, did you know you can schedule your product tags with Plann through our content creation suite so if you’re batch-creating and scheduling content you’ll still be able to drive sales from organic Instagram content. 

Pinterest introduced Product Tagging on Pins 

Since we’re already on the topic of product tagging, let’s move to Product Tagging Pins on Pinterest. Just like Instagram, Pinterest introduced a new feature this year giving users the ability to link products with pins so other users can purchase a product in just a touch of a button. 

Since Pinterest is a powerhouse platform for shopping, with users heading to the app for constant lifestyle and shopping inspiration, this feature definitely changed the game this year. 

Instagram introduce Pinned Posts and Reels

Ok, pinned posts were seriously a game changer for brands and businesses. Back in June, Instagram announced a stack of new features but the most exciting was being able to pin three posts or Reels at the top of your profile. 

Instagram Pin Posts on Profile

Pinned posts sit at the top of your profile grid, giving you more control over what your Instagram profile looks like and what posts you want to highlight most. Say you want to promote a new product, showcase a brand partnership or share your most viral Reels video. By pinning posts to the top of your profile you can instantly boost their reach and visibility to new visitors.  

NFTs made their way to Instagram and Facebook

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were all the rage this year and are a big part of how creators can make money on social media. Adam Mosseri noted that creators are important to Instagram and finding new ways to earn money is something they’ve been prioritizing. 

Instagram tests NFTs

Meta also noted that no fees would be charged for showcasing and sharing a digital collectible on Instagram or Facebook and there will be no additional fees for selling until at least 2024. 

Meta introduced new account-switching tools

Meta made it easier for Facebook and Instagram users to “access, create and navigate between multiple accounts and profiles” with new account-switching tools. Basically, this means users will see the same number of notifications on each platform to increase crossover between the apps. 

Account Center

With account switching, you can see your connected Facebook and Instagram accounts so you can switch between the two with ease. Plus, new users will be able to create Facebook and Instagram accounts and use them to create even more profiles with a new account registration feature. 

TikTok released a bunch of new audience insight tools 

Now onto the wonderful world of TikTok, they recently launched their Audience Insights tool to help brands and businesses connect and understand their audiences better and also target them through campaigns more effectively. 

You can now use specific filters including: 

• Custom audiences

• Demographics

• Gender

• Geography

• Interest hashtags

• Creator interactions

• Video interactions

Tiktok Audience Insights

Essentially, this gives brands new insights when campaign planning, validating and learning more about audiences, finding inspiration and new audiences and explore your audiences top hashtag and interests to better create content. 

TikTok took on BeReal with TikTok Now

In 2022, BeReal exploded on the scene, gaining major traction amongst Gen Z users. BeReal gives users the ability to discover what their friends get up to on the daily where you post and share a photo at different times each day. 

And, TikTok kind of ripped off their idea with TikTok Now giving users the ability to record 10-second videos or share a static image after getting a daily prompt. Plus, in 2022 we also heard Instagram was working on its own version called IG Candid Challenges, so it seems everyone wants a piece of BeReal. 

LinkedIn went video giving users the ability to showcase their soft skills 

It seems like every app went video in 2022. LinkedIn made the move to video this year, giving users the ability to showcase their soft skills in either written or video format. This means LinkedIn users can reply to common hiring questions and add relevant professional qualifications to their profiles. 

Since soft skills are a crucial part of employability, LinkedIn decided to make it easier for users to directly answer questions from employers via a quick video. 

And that’s a wrap of all the best and biggest social media updates of 2022! We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the biggest social media trends, news and updates all throughout the new year. 

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