Why Pinterest Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Pinterest now has an impressive 200 million monthly users and offers you loads of opportunities to reach potential new customers. Here’s why it should matter to you…

While using Pinterest often conjures up the image of bloggers collecting pretty photos for inspirational mood boards, or people who rent building up image libraries of dream home renovation ideas, there’s actually so much more to it. Which is why using Pinterest to market your brand may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re setting up your online marketing strategy


Just like Instagram, Pinterest is highly visual and allows users to share ideas and inspirations like no other platform on the internet. Which is one of the reasons why people love it! 

With over 700 million views per month, Pinterest is ranked as the fifth most used social network in the world and is the second-largest referrer of online traffic, after Facebook. 

Users are encouraged to ‘Pin’ images or articles they like back to their own boards, or upload content of their own, linking back to their blogs, websites or stores. Which is also why it is the perfect place for marketing your brand and business. 

According to Pinterest, over 90% of posts are specifically designed to take users offsite to an external website too, and with the amount of traffic that passes through Pinterest, it is an indispensable marketing tool for any business wanting to generate more leads and drive traffic back to their website and convert those leads into sales. 



Pinterest is way more searchable than a blog, for content that people readily search for online. Things such as ‘how-to’ guides or fact sheets that have handy pictographs which many people come to the platform for in the first place. Finding, saving and sharing these guides rather than searching for information or inspiration in text-rich blogs or articles, is a Pinterest go-to. You can search on Pinterest, the way you would on Google, and find thousands of articles with content and resources about precisely what you’re searching for, and save them. 

The Ultimate Strategy Guide
The Ultimate Strategy Guide

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Creating infographics and content about your topic, niche, product or service will generate your website more traffic via Pinterest too, and eventually, hopefully, convert to more sales! 

Like anything you put out there if you’re always seeking to add value and educate your potential audience, then that will reflect in your results, sales and analytics which Pinterest has a business setting for, so you can switch your page to being a business page and discover your analytics, just like on Instagram. 

Pinterest is way more than just a place for saving pretty inspirational pictures, It really gets your content and website out there too, meaning you can reach a whole new world of potential subscribers, collaborators, customers and peers. We love it and hope this helped you with your online marketing strategy


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