Top 9 Instagram Accounts For Christmas Inspiration

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Now that we’ve made our way (way too quickly!) to the end of the year, it’s the perfect time to do a quick rundown of the best 9 Instagram accounts to follow for Christmas inspiration.

Y’know, so you can decorate your home super festively #forthegram.



We’ve got a tonne of Instagram accounts up our sleeve that are definitely going to wow you, so keep on scrolling down to discover our best 9 Instagram accounts to follow this Christmas season.



Looking for a classic, red and white Christmas wonderland to re-create? Well, look no further than this incredible Instagram account by Jodie.

Considering how crazy high Jodie’s Instagram engagement is, we know for sure that Jodie knows the secret to the best time to post on Instagram.

Do you want to find out the best times to post to Instagram?


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June 2021 Content Calendar Plann

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If you have been scrolling your way through the ‘gram, desperately trying to find cute flatlays and the perfect mesh between style and Christmas inspiration, you definitely need to check out @thestylevisitor and her account.

It is pure goodness! In fact, we reckon that Anne has some of the best Instagram captions because she really puts a focus on storytelling.


PSSST -> We have a tonne of Instagram caption ideas to go around.



Beautiful blue tones and a subtly Christmas-themed bedroom are on the cards if you are going to go and follow Franciska on Instagram.

Her account is serious goals with over 50,000 and with a super high engagement rate, we know that Franciska is an Instagram influencer to watch.

We may not speak the same language as Franciska, but we sure as heck know that her account is filled to the brim with quality content.


Nessi is all about the bohemian vibes, so if you are going for a more muted Christmas theme this year, this account is choc-full of inspiration for you.

We definitely think Nessi has a beautiful grid, in fact, we’d say that her Instagram best nine of 2018 would look absolutely jaw-dropping.

Nessi, can we just come live in your home? Or better yet, can you style the Plann office?!



There is an absolute goldmine of Christmas home decor inspiraton over on the Blonde Mountain Design account.

That tree? Super cute!

The stairway decorations? Genius!

We are absolutely smitten… and we think you will too.


Cosy Christmas vibes and Home Alone binge-watching, now that sounds like the kind of Christmas preparations that we could get behind!

Who wants to come over for a cosy movie marathon at Plann HQ? Let’s make it happen!

We could even bake chocolate chip cookies and eat marshmallows!



Did someone say… RED?!

We absolutely love this full-on Christmas themed lounge room… if I lived here I’d 1000% be playing Michael Buble’s Christmas album on repeat 12 hours of the day.


Looking for some Christmas signs to add a bit of festive-ness to your home, bedroom, or office?

Well, look no further than this flipp’n amazing Instagram business account, @beau.tied.affair – so much cuteness!

With the Instagram update that only business profiles will be able to use Instagram scheduling tools, it is super important to make sure you switch from a personal to a business profile if you want to keep using awesome features like drag+drop to style your grid and our exclusive Plann analytics like the sneaky peek feature.

Don’t forget!


Minimalist silver vibes… we are obsessed with this Instagram grid of goodness!

I hope you enjoyed this rundown of the best 9 Instagram accounts for Christmas inspo, it’s been so fun to share all these cute accounts with you.

Give them a follow and be sure to let them know that Plann sent them your way!



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