Top TikTok Creators in 2024 and Why They are Successful

Ready to meet the top TikTok creators you need to know about? Keep reading to learn more.

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Without a doubt, TikTok is a home for aspiring content creators. Across every niche, from skincare to real estate there are endless opportunities for creators to get seen and get paid on TikTok.

These creators demonstrate that there is an audience for all performers by owning who they are, sharing what they know, or fostering high-value audiences. 

Do you want to create content but aren’t sure how to begin? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we highlight some of the most fascinating and popular TikTok creators, their unique style of crafting content, and the factors that contribute to their particular audiences finding their work so compelling.



Top TikTok Creators to be Inspired From

Content creators have different styles and methods of conveying their message. From fashion to dance to sports, these popular TikTok creators have carved their niche and excelled in what they do.

Wondering which creators you need to watch? We have narrowed down the categories and will look into the popular TikTok creators of that particular niche who are truly inspiring with their content.

Category #1. Small Business Owners

1.  @designsbyfelicias

@designsbyfelicias my Cricut loves testing my patience lmao #cricuthacks #cricutmaker #stickershop ♬ original sound – anna ❤︎

Designs by Felicia does an exceptional job of capturing exactly what it’s like to be running a small business on the side of a full-time day job. From organizing her work desk, getting into the nuances of packing her product to be dispatched to the final customer to unboxing some amazing products, her content is raw and candid.

Whether you’re a fellow business owner or a consumer, a behind-the-scenes insight into the life of a successful entrepreneur is what makes Felicia so popular on TikTok. Her honest portrayal as a business owner on TikTok is reflected in the content she posts and is what resonates most with her audience. 

Plus, she’s not afraid to jump on trending TikTok formats and utilizes trending sounds within her videos and cleverly incorporates them into her industry niche. If you’re a business or brand owner, there’s a lot to learn from Felicia’s content.

2.  @sanisisters

@sanisisters Replying to @bronxsgirl94 cue Take it Off by Kesha #indianwedding #fashion #fyp ♬ original sound – Niki & Ritika from Sani

The way Niki and Ritika from Sani introduced their clothing brand, Sani, on TikTok got them a lot of attention and followers. They got their first viral video in March 2020 when they designed a lehenga inspired by Princess Jasmine. Since then, they have been killing it on TikTok.

For audiences interested in clothing and fashion, in particular, their TikTok content talks a lot about what goes into designing the outfits, be it the fabric selection, the sketches, and the measurement tips. They truly bring out the intricate details that go into designing.

Plus, they’re never too shy to answer questions on their TikTok like doing deep dives and explainers of particular dresses they’ve made. These two-way conversations mean they’re constantly engaging with their audience and giving them exactly what they’re looking for. 

Not only that, but they mix up the type of videos they’re posting regularly to ensure their content isn’t boring or follows a single formula. The duo regularly give behind-the-scenes looks into their personal lives like attending weddings, videos with their family, and even cultural home remedies. 

The lesson here? Make sure to keep your content dynamic, mix up your content formats and use social media to foster authentic conversations with your audience.

Category #2. Bloggers

1.  @emilymariko

@emilymariko♬ original sound – Emily Mariko

Emily Mariko is an American Lifestyle blogger and one of the most popular TikTok creators. Her content lets you believe that Emily must be a foodie, as most of her content revolves around food. 

Her TikTok videos primarily showcase farmers’ market haul as well as making delicious meals. After publishing a recipe for Salmon Rice on TikTok, Emily shot to fame and became a viral social media sensation and had basically the entire world recreating it. 

Besides food, you can discover footage of her daily life with hints of fashion and travel. Emily is a true lifestyle influencer because she even publishes a weekly email with recipes, fashion suggestions, and gym routines.

But, what makes Emily stand out from the rest of the food bloggers? Viral TikTok recipes aren’t something new and there’s always one popping up on the scene. Here’s her secret sauce: Emily has nailed simple recipes that are easy enough to make so anyone can recreate them. 

Plus, unlike a lot of food bloggers that count calories and display macros on the screen, Emily shys away from diet culture. She never tries to ‘healthify’ a recipe we all know and love. Instead, she just shares the food she makes and has tapped into the audience of Gen Z which resonates with her calm, simple, and authentic format.

2.  @mgtenazas

@mgtenazas Waiting for sunset from this beautiful villa. #maldivestiktok #tiktokmaldives #foryou #fyp ♬ Pretty Girl (Cheat Codes X Cade Remix) – Cheat Codes,Maggie Lindemann,CADE

Mikki Tenazas is one of the most popular travel bloggers on TikTok. He lives in the Philippines but spends a lot of time travelling to far-flung parts of the globe. He has shared his otherworldly adventures with his TikTok fans, documenting anything from the Maldives’ almost clear waters to cozy homes in the Swedish countryside.

So, what makes Mikki so popular? Well, we wish we were living the same lifestyle as him. We would all love to travel the world and create content in picturesque settings, so when we watch Mikki’s videos we can escape to these dreamy destinations (even if just for a few minutes!).

Plus, Mikki gives his audience an insight into some of the hotels he stays at like a villa in the Maldives with a private water slide into the ocean. This type of content is incredibly immersive and makes audiences feel like they are exploring the Maldives with him. 

It’s the perfect blend of educational and inspirational content!

Category #3. Photographers

1.  @alex.stemp

@alex.stemp Replying to @alex.stemp Today I partnered with @revolve to hook up @morgan.paigee128 with a new ‘fit from @michaelcostelloofficial’s exclusive collection that was featured at REVOLVE Gallery! What do you think of the final look?! If you missed #REVOLVEgallery in NYC, you can now shop this + the rest of the exclusive collections online with link in bio #fitswap #revolve ♬ original sound – Alex Stemplewski

Alex Stemplewski clearly has no fear of conversing with strangers and considers them models! He tapes the full process of asking people he encounters whether he may photograph them and then shows you the outcomes. His videos are intriguing both from a photographic viewpoint and a sociological experiment. 

What makes Alex so successful on TikTok is he’s not just sharing photographs, rather he’s taking advantage of short-form videos to give audiences a unique sneak peek into his process and has changed the street photography game. Alex simply goes up to strangers and people in costumes like Batman and The Joker and asks them to model for him. 

The key really is to provide value to your audience and show them something they haven’t seen before. That’s how he received over 1 million views on one of his first videos filming a stranger and jumped to 10,000 followers instantaneously. 

His content is bold, eye-catching and creative, something every business owner or creator can take inspiration from.

2.  @linandjirsa

@linandjirsa Epic iPhone beach portraits with your loved one (or really really good friend). #photo #phototips #iphone #engaged #couples ♬ Dynamite – BTS

Not everyone will have a fancy camera and expensive tools. But what if you could shoot high-quality visual content straight from your iPhone?

That’s exactly what creators Lin and Jirsa will show you in their TikTok videos. They master thinking creatively even with the most basic camera. From catching the perfect golden hour in your lense to solo photo poses, they will give you easy iPhone tricks for everything. 

They have also been working on a whole course called Creative Photography 101 that will teach these concepts in depth using just your phone as your camera.

What makes this pair’s TikTok content so engaging and successful is that they make it really easy and simple for anyone to follow along and recreate their photos. Lin and Jirsa screen record their phones and give you step-by-step instructions which makes it super easy to understand exactly how to achieve the same desired effect. 

Plus, the duo are always coming out with new photography ideas which keeps their audience wanting more.

Category #4. Restaurants

1.  @rootedinspice

@rootedinspice #ad Pizza Naan with @barilla rustic basil pesto #pestorecipeideas #barillaUS #pesto ♬ Feel the Groove – Trapaholics

Chaheti Bansal is the face behind another famous TikTok food lovers account. She brings Indian flare to her South Asian cuisine and sprinkles a unique taste with her cooking technique. Chaheti creates recipes and meals that she and her mom made as she grew up rather than just focusing on Asian dishes with American flavors. 

Much like Emily Mariko, Chaheti doesn’t buy into diet culture, counting calories or creating healthier versions of foods. Instead, she shows her audience how to cook incredible South Asian cuisine with aesthetically pleasing videos, step-by-step instructions, and an easy-to-watch video. 

Whether you’re re-creating her recipes at home or just casually viewing them, they’re super fun to watch and some users have even said her TikTok page is their favorite comfort channel.

2.  @jakerallo2508

@jakerallo2508 Post workout, Sunday breakfast. #cook #howto #eggs #brunch #sunday #breakfast #vegetables #cooking #yum #soicy #workout #eggyolk #charcuterie #morning #sundayfunday ♬ Lo-fi hip hop – NAO-K

Jake Rallo will tell you what it is like to become a restaurant owner in his videos! From making the perfect Espresso Orange to delicious tomato sauce, Jake’s recipes are something you don’t want to scroll past.

Unlike a lot of food bloggers and restaurant owners who just show you how to make recipes, Jake spices things up with his humor and starts off every video with his classic, ‘hey girlies’ catchphrase. Jake also doesn’t just show you how to make your standard cocktails or recipes, he mixes up his content like showing you how to make a cocktail with random things in your fridge. 

Plus, he incorporates trends into his content by jumping on trending sounds and formats to keep his content fresh, funny, and engaging.

Category #5. Art

1.  @mattchessco

@mattchessco Feels like an electric dream. #DrivenbyDreams @porsche ♬ son original – The_world_x

When you open Matt’s TikTok page, you’re introduced to him as an engineer who has now become an artist. Matt Chessco leverages the audience’s experience of a TikTok video to elevate each of his paintings. 

His process videos combined with music are visually appealing and hilarious. His art is applauded at large by the viewers, giving Chessco’s work a depth of amusement that would make anyone pause scrolling.

Plus, we all know that we love to consume celebrity culture, and Matt has taken advantage of our interest and incorporated that into his videos by creating pop-art style paintings of celebrities like Tom Hanks, Billie Eilish, Kylie Jenner and more. 

Matt also has an interesting way of presenting his paintings by mimicking beats of trending sounds with his paintbrush which means his videos are always engaging, entertaining and fun to watch.

2.  @morganpaintsstuff

@morganpaintsstuff home decor thrift haul!!!! #thrifthaul #thriftinghaul #thrifted #thrift #didimentionithrift ♬ original sound – morganpaintsstuff

Morgan Gray focuses on canvas painting and her videos depict novelty as she usually starts by giving the last strokes of finishing to her canvas and then takes you on the entire journey of how she created her art. Her designs and color palette are very vibrant.  

Aside from painting videos, Morgan mixes up her content to include thrifting hauls (which we all know Gen Z love), how she’s upcycled thrifted pieces and created them into artworks, home tours and more. This mix of content with a focus on paintings and thrifted pieces keeps her audience wanting to see what she thrifts and paints next. 

Plus, part of what makes TikTok special is an authentic look at a person’s life. Morgan has nailed that type of content by simply jumping in front of a camera and sharing her thrifted pieces. Oftentimes, we want to create perfect content, but for TikTok, all you need to do is be yourself, sit in front of a camera and hit record.

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