How To Promote Your Christmas Gift Ideas On Instagram

There are over 1 billion people on Instagram looking for Christmas gift ideas, get noticed and increase your sales this holiday season by using this tip!

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It may be early, but you can bet your bottom dollar that just about everybody is looking out for Christmas gift ideas!

And where is the one place where over 1 billion people around the world look for inspiration? That’s right – it’s Instagram.

If you are the lucky owner of an online store or brick-and-mortar business right now, it’s pretty likely that you’ve got some awesome Christmas gift ideas that would delight your Instagram audience.

But how can you let them know about everything you’ve got on the shelves?

How can you entice your Instagram followers to go from browsing your Christmas gift ideas on Instagram to clicking through to your website or picking up the phone to pre-order?

Well, have we got a nifty idea for you!

Keep on reading to find out our super simple (and crazy effective) way to promote your 2018 Christmas gift ideas on Instagram.

You won’t be disappointed!


christmas gift ideas

Start Promoting Your Christmas Gift Ideas on Instagram Now!

To get started with promoting your Christmas gift ideas on Instagram all you need to do is to create an Instagram Story highlight that is dedicated to your new releases.

Thank goodness for this new-ish Instagram feature!

christmas gift ideas

Getting Started with Your Christmas Instagram Story Highlight

To create an Instagram Story highlight you’ll first need some Instagram Stories-sized content that features your new products and Christmas offers.

You can design your own branded, high-quality, Christmas-themed Instagram Story graphics using Photoshop or Canva. The main thing to keep in mind is perfect Instagram Story sizing – it’s 1080 x 1920 pixels.

For each Christmas gift idea, offer, or product, you should include a high-resolution image and a sticker with the pricing as well as the date when this item will be available on your online store OR for pre-orders.

And, if your special somethings are available right now? Let people know by designing a little sticker graphic that says ‘available now’.

Here’s an example we whipped up using one of the old Zoella Christmas collection items.

christmas gift ideas

Of course, you can jazz your graphics up a little bit more with Christmas stickers and even your logo, but keep in mind that this Instagram Story highlight is designed to be ‘flicked through’ like a magazine or catalogue.

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Once You’ve Got Your Christmas Instagram Stories Content…

We have a super awesome Instagram Stories hack to help you set up your Christmas Instagram Story highlight quickly and easily without spamming your lovely audience with 10 or more posts at once.

Can you guess what it is?

When you go to upload your Instagram Stories graphics from your camera roll to Instagram, you’ll be able to share your stories to your ‘Close Friends list’ only. Do that!

We only have one Instagram user listed as a ‘Close Friend’ on the ‘gram, but you are OF COURSE one of our friends too! Our list is set up so that our founder Christy is the only one that gets an avalanche of content… isn’t she lucky?!

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The Final Touch

Now, what does every amazing Instagram Story highlight have? You guessed right superstar, it’s a cover.

Again, all you’ll need to do to create a stylish Christmas Instagram Story highlight cover is to go into Canva or Photoshop and design one.

The secret to a perfect Instagram Highlight cover is simplicity. Focus on picking a great background colour or texture, and have an icon centered that relates to the content that you’ll have in your highlight.

In this case? It’s Christmas time baby! Your highlight cover icon could be a present, a bow of holly, or something that represents this time of year to you.


christmas gift ideas


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You’re All Set Up!

Woop woop – you’re one step ahead of everybody now, and you are one step closer to increasing your sales using Instagram.

*Happy Dance*

Need some more Christmas marketing tips? Make sure to come back to our blog as soon as we’ve got a whole lot more where this came from!

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