Creative Instagram Grid Layouts To Recreate

Discover some creative Instagram grid layouts and take your Instagram account to the next level! Give your ‘gram a makeover right now.

Looking for some new, creative Instagram grid layouts to inspire your Instagram account makeover? Well, you’ve stumbled upon the right blog post!

If you’ve been Instagramming for a while now, it might just be the perfect time to refresh your grid with a new layout or style.



Today we’ve rounded up some really creative Instagram grids to share with you that are bright and fun and will definitely help you to stand out.

A visually appealing Instagram grid is the first step to attracting new followers to your account, so let’s get right to it!



If you are a blogger who shares outfit photos a creative Instagram grid layout that you could try is a ‘gallery style’ grid.

creative Instagram grid layouts

Share three photos (or three carousels like the lovely @indiamoon_) after one another to share multiple angles and close-ups of the one outfit.

This is a really helpful layout to try if you like wearing outfits that are all unique and different and may clash if the outfit photos are posted separately.

All the colors!!! We are obsessed with this pastel paradise that is @mattcrump’s Instagram account. You could recreate this creative Instagram layout by being incredibly consistent (and dedicated) with what colors you feature in your photos and videos.

creative Instagram grid layouts


If you decide to go completely candy-colored be sure to use the hashtag #candyminimal in your posts so that you can be found by other color-loving Instagrammers!


Now, these creative Instagram grid layouts are starting to make us hungry and inspired at the same time. What should we call this new feeling?!

Hungspired? Hungrinspired? Inspungry?




Anywho… let’s talk about this creative Instagram grid.


creative Instagram grid layouts

If you have a physical product (like food) that you want to photograph and share on Instagram, a really great way to stay consistent is to have one space where you shoot all of your content.

That consistency will mean that your photos will always be recognisable as ‘yours’ and it’ll become a style that you become known for.


Love a certain filter and color scheme? Embrace that vibe and make it your Instagram grid layout!

We are feeling totally inspired by @aleksandrazee and her tonal grid… absolutely stunning in our opinion.

creative Instagram grid layouts

PSSST -> Need some help editing your photos to perfection? Check out this blog post to learn the secrets.



creative Instagram grid layouts

Colorful and bright outfit inspiration? Yes please!


How To Plan A Week Of Posts In 20 Minutes
How To Plan A Week Of Posts In 20 Minutes

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If you want to add some visual interest to your outfit photos a good hack is to find a colorful wall with graffiti or some other art.

Stand in front, get a full body photo and HUZZAH – you are d-o-n-e.

This creative Instagram grid layout definitely requires some dedication, but it’s pretty nifty!

creative Instagram grid layouts


Our last piece of inspiration in this blog celebrating creative Instagram grid layouts is this beautiful account.

Stunning right?

If you are an artist with a unique style and a signature color palette, make that the focus of your Instagram grid!

It’s a sure-fire way to attract new followers who are likely to want to buy your art after they fall in love with the daily inspo from your account.

PSSST -> Want some tips for growing your Instagram following? Check out this handy dandy blog post!

Yippee! We are feeling inspired and excited to get out there and give our ‘gram a makeover. What about you?

Be sure to take screenshots and share your Instagram grid before and afters with us over on Instagram. You can find us at @plannthat!


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