Popular Instagram Hashtags You Can’t Miss In 2024

Ready to make your Instagram POP? Check out the most popular 2024 hashtags, to grow your brand and engagement on Instagram.

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Ah, hashtags – those funny little characters at the bottom of everyone’s Instagram posts.  So popular, they’ve even made it into conversations offline now (in an ironic way, we hope).

But what are they, actually?

Back when (cast your mind back to ye olde 2007) social media was just a whisper on the marketing streets and hashtags merely lurked in the shadows. No one was particularly sure what they were, or how to use them.

They knew the hashtag sign (#) as a pound key (not this kind –  £). Sounds incredibly alien, right? People soon caught on that hashtags help to filter topics of conversations into streams on social media. 

For instance, you can click on trending hashtags like #food and see an aggregation of all of the posts on that channel about food (see image below and also say hello to 370 million pictures of food!). It’s almost like creating a chat room based on that hashtag and this is applicable to most social channels. 

But, are hashtags even still relevant in 2024?

Ya damn skippy they are! Instagram might have been through more changes than Madonna in her career, but one thing stayed the same – hashtags. They help people find your posts organically, which is great when you’re growing awareness and engagement for you or your brand. After all, you want people to notice and engage with what you’re posting – that’s why it’s called social media. Otherwise, it’s like having a conversation with yourself and you can do that alone at home (no judgement, we’ve been there too).

When you use hashtags (even just one),  you can drive up to 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag. Imagine what several would do! Now that’s a party.

And you might bring people to the party with hashtags, but you can also join their social soiree, by clicking on the hashtags and interacting with their posts which use it. The more interaction you do, the more you can grow your own audience. 

But, how does that work? 

Well, when you’re spreading love (authentic love, not just meaningless comments which could have been made by a ‘bot), then people are more likely to hop over to your profile and engage with your content. Tit for tat. But it has to be for real because people really see through disingenuous comments.



Ok, ok, but how do I use hashtags in 2024?

We are so glad you asked.

There are a few ways to use them:

1. On every post and Instagram Story. You can post up to 30 on your Instagram posts and 10 on your Story. Rule of thumb – post your hashtags in the first comment on your posts, so it looks tidier and doesn’t interrupt your genius caption. On Stories, you can reduce the size of Instagram hashtags so they’re not taking up the entire Story (you don’t want to distract from your selfie).

2. In your profile: you can use a few to showcase who you are and what you do, to make it searchable.

How do I even find the right hashtags?

It’s as simple as using Plann’s Suggested Hashtags feature!

Curated by marketing professionals (with a strict criteria to offer you maximum discoverability), search through over 300+ sets on your Plann workspace with something for everyone.

Whether you’re a fashion blogger, a fitness coach, or even a rabbit influencer, Plann’s suggested hashtag sets offer every niche the ability to skyrocket your success on Instagram.

As your social media bestie, we want to inspire you with new ideas and empower you with the ability to maximize your brand’s potential on social media using the most relevant hashtags for your niche

Psst…it’s important to note that popular hashtags doesn’t always equal the best for you to use. In order to get maximum reach with your content, it’s wise to use a mix of big hashtags like the above, mid-sized (think 10,000 to 50,000) and more niche in your industry. We also recommend changing up your sets of hashtags often, as the Instagram algorithm doesn’t look favorably upon using the same ones all the time.

You can use Plann’s hashtags collection features hand-in-hand with Plann’s suggested sets to save a few sets of your favourite hashtags. Then, with the click of a button, you can easily pick and choose from them every time you go to post!

Most popular Instagram hashtags to use in 2024

  1. #Love
  2. #Instagood
  3. #Bestlife
  4. #Happy
  5. #travel #fun
  6. #igers
  7. #igersuk
  8. #igersusa
  9. #Igersperu
  10. #Igersjapan
  11. #Igworldclub
  12. #Igworldtravel
  13. #Ig_captures
  14. #Ig_portraits
  15. #Igers_daily
  16. #Igers_stories
  17. #Photooftheday
  18. #Fashion
  19. #Beautiful
  20. #Happy
  21. #Cute
  22. #Tbt
  23. #like4like
  24. #Followme
  25. #Picoftheday
  26. #Follow
  27. #Me
  28. #Selfie
  29. #Summer
  30. #Art
  31. #Instadaily
  32. #Friends
  33. #Repost
  34. #Nature
  35. #Girl
  36. #Fun
  37. #Style
  38. #Smile
  39. #Food
  40. #Instalike
  41. #Likeforlike
  42. #Family
  43. #Travel
  44. #Fitness
  45. #Igers
  46. #Tagsforlikes
  47. #follow4follow
  48. #Nofilter
  49. #Life
  50. #Beauty
  51. #Amazing
  52. #Instamood
  53. #Instagram
  54. #Photography
  55. #Vscocam
  56. #Sun
  57. #Photo
  58. #Music
  59. #Beach
  60. #Followforfollow
  61. #Bestoftheday
  62. #Sky
  63. #Ootd
  64. #Sunset
  65. #Dog
  66. #Vsco
  67. #Instacool
  68. #Makeup
  69. #Inspiration
  70. #Foodporn
  71. #Hair
  72. #Pretty
  73. #Swag
  74. #Cat
  75. #Model
  76. #Motivation
  77. #Girls
  78. #Baby
  79. #Party
  80. #Cool
  81. #Lol
  82. #Gym
  83. #Design
  84. #Instapic
  85. #Funny
  86. #Healthy
  87. #Night
  88. #Workout
  89. #Yummy
  90. #Flowers
  91. #Lifestyle
  92. #Hot
  93. #Instafood
  94. #Wedding
  95. #Fit
  96. #Handmade
  97. #Black
  98. #Pink
  99. #Work
  100. #Blue

Want more help with hashtags?

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Grab our ultimate hashtags cheat sheet, where we hash out everything you need to know about growing with hashtags.

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