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Auto Post Your TikTok Videos With Plann

TikTok Auto Posting with Plann

It’s now even easier to execute your TikTok strategy (or even get started with TikTok if you haven’t already) with new Auto Post TikTok Videos from Plann!

The benefit of TikTok is its massive reach and the opportunity to showcase your brand’s authenticity and creativity to a much wider audience than any other platform.

Using Plann to Auto Post to TikTok will save SO much time organizing and managing your social media workflow, adding in more automation to free up your time, and ensuring consistent visibility, allowing you to focus on engaging and maximizing your brand’s impact on TikTok, or putting your head down in your business.

Why TikTok?

Not only does TikTok have a HUGE (and growing by the day!) userbase, being on TikTok also opens up many doors for collaborations with TikTok creators or influencers who align with your brand too.

You can tap into TikTok’s vast user base, get viral views easier, and even integrate e-commerce features to boost your sales. It’s a fantastic opportunity for brands to connect with a wide audience, boost brand awareness, and drive business growth.

How Does Auto Post for TikTok Work?

All Plann Plus members (subscribers) have TikTok auto posts available immediately on both Plann web and the Plann Mobile iOS App too.
If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to connect your TikTok account to Plann!

Here’s how to schedule your TikTok Video in 3 easy steps:

Step One:
Visit your TikTok workspace and upload your TikTok video that meets the requirements.

Step Two:
Choose when you’d like Plann to publish your video to your TikTok account, and choose your public + share settings.
Public to Everyone: Everyone on TikTok can view your video.
Mutual Followers Only: People you follow, who follow you back, can view your video.
Self Only: This video is private; only you can see it.

Step Three:
At your chosen time, your video will be published directly on TikTok!

What Do The Scheduling Settings For TikTok Mean?

Comment: Allow your audience on TikTok to add comments and engage on your post.

Duet: Allow your audience to create their own split-screen videos with your original content

Stitch: Allow others to use a snippet of your video in their own to respond or create a continuation of your original content.

Watch Greta Rose from Plann create + schedule her first auto post for TikTok!

Does TikTok Auto Post API Have Any Requirements?

There are a few requirements for your video to make it through the TikTok connection with Plann, things to keep in mind:

Private Accounts, or Private Videos: Firstly – we’ve noticed if you have your account set to ‘Private’, or you post videos in ‘Self Only’ (private mode), we’re unable to see these reflected back in your grid once you’ve published. We’re not sure if this was intended and have reported it to TikTok, but for now

Caption Lengths: Caption limits for auto post is 150 characters (even though TikTok allows for 2200 characters when manually posting).

Video File Requirements: The size of your uploaded video files must be less than or equal to 50 MB.

  • The only supported video file formats are MP4 or WebM
  • Your video file must be at least 3 seconds and shorter than (or equal to) 60 seconds.
  • The video resolution is at least 540p.

Don’t Know What to Post to TikTok? EASY!

If you didn’t know already, Plann provides weekly updates with what’s trending on TikTok and Instagram Reels so you can easily climb aboard any current trend.

Visit your HOME section of Plann, and you’ll discover ‘NEW POST IDEAS’ where each week we update with what’s new on TikTok.

TikTok is all about creative expression and authenticity. Brands can leverage this platform by taking a current trend and showcasing their unique personality, connecting with their audience on a more personal level, and breaking away from traditional advertising methods that have become stale and old.

TikTok’s creative tools, effects, and trends allow brands to experiment, create fun and engaging content, and truly stand out!

Managing MORE than ONE TikTok Account?

Plann has been designed to grow with you no matter how many accounts you manage, so we’ve made it easy for you to add additional brands (with extra TikTok accounts!), plus being able to add more team members as you need to help with growing workloads.

Easily add multiple brands + team members to Plann from your settings page.

Auto Post your first TikTok Video now!

With Plann Plus you also get immediate access to build your social media audience faster, with enhanced tools to boost your brand, including:

– Auto Posting your Instagram Posts, Reels, Carousels, and now Stories too!
– Auto Posting to Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn too, making it 5 platforms you can manage from Plann
– Cross Post to all of your social media channels at once, all in one step
– Product Tagging to make sure all of your posts are shop-ready
– Premium strategy tools so you always have a plan what to post next
– Additional customisations for your own Link-in-bio (EasyLink) page, included with your Plann subscription!
– So much more!

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