4 Reasons Why Pinterest for Business Is Your Secret Weapon

Learn how to harness Pinteresting advertising to grow your business

Lauren Melnick
5 minutes read

Pinterest can do more than help you plan your dream house makeover or trip to Bali.

It’s the ultimate growth tool for online businesses.

With 450 million monthly active users worldwide and the highest purchasing intent across platforms – it deserves a spot on your social media marketing strategy.

After all, Pinterest is a place for ideas.

Users come here to learn how to cook, find decor inspiration for a home office, or get tips for a new DIY project.

… That’s only the beginning.

There are dozens of lucrative Pinterest categories that make the platform the future of digital marketing, whether you’re selling a physical product or a digital service.

Need some convincing? Here’s what you’re missing out on by not having a Pinterest business account and how (and why) you need to advertise on Pinterest.



4 Reasons Why Pinterest is Your Secret Weapon

Is your audience using the Pinterest platform?

If you’re not creating content using specific keywords or using Pinterest advertising, you’re leaving money on the table.

1. Pinterest Can Grow Your Organic Traffic…For Free

Pinterest Can Grow Your Organic Traffic...For Free

Here’s the thing about Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter:

Your content is old news the second you press publish. The algorithm will only push to your audience once.

After that, the chances of your content getting a second wind of life is slim to none.

But Pinterest?

You can keep reaping the rewards of posting on the platform for years, because your idea pins and posts will continue to show up in the search results for weeks and months to come.

If you’re creating and pinning evergreen content that helps users find solutions or ideas like “How to Create Your First Online Course”, the algorithm will continue to rank and recommend your pins.


Yup. You don’t even need a budget for Promoted Pins to see success on the platform.

The result? You’ll get a steady influx of website traffic even if you never create a new pin again.

How To Boost Your Organic Traffic From Pinterest

• Create beautiful pin images for your blog posts: The rule of thumb is to create three for each new article and use Tailwind to spread out the publishing to your relevant boards.

• Create infographics: If it makes sense for your article, you can use Canva or Venngage Infographic Maker to make an infographic or any other sharable graphics that provide value to users.

• Use Pinterest Stories: This new feature has major potential to increase organic traffic. The trick is to make sure you give users value but give away all the information in your blog post.

And what happens if you do have a budget for Pinterest ads?

You can use the platform’s advanced Promoted Pins targeting to ensure the right users see your products at the right time. In 2021, the platform made over $2 billion from Pinterest ads, proving brands see the value in creating Pinterest ad campaigns.

2. Pinterest Has The Highest Purchase Intent

Let’s face it. Instagram’s e-commerce features? Amazing.

You can set up a storefront, tag your products in posts, and complete purchases without leaving the app.

There’s only one small problem.

Most Instagram users aren’t opening the app to make a purchase.

Unlike Pinterest.

Out of all the social media platforms, Pinterest has the highest purchase intent because users log on to actively find new products. When you’re spending money on Pinterest shopping ads, that’s the kind of statistic you want to see.

Still on the fence?

Here are some of the latest Pinterest statistics to back this claim up:

• 98% of Pinterest users have tried new things they’ve discovered on Pinterest.

• 55% of Pinners are more likely to purchase a product after seeing it on Pinterest than other social media platforms.

• 82% of Pinterest users have bought products based on the brand’s Pinterest content.

• 50% have purchased after seeing a Promoted Pin.

How to Make Your Shopping Pins

All you need to monetize your content and start advertising on Pinterest is one thing: Rich Pins.

The feature pulls metadata straight from your website, including product description, price, and a direct link to your e-commerce store. If you’re looking to hit the campaign objective of increasing sales, Rich Pins need to be on your radar.

3. Pinterest Can Help You Sell More


What drives your purchasing decisions?

It’s most likely a mix of:

• Reviews

• Cost

Brand imagery and messaging

But the biggest factor? Your emotional response.

According to neuroscientists, emotion drives your purchasing behaviour and decision-making. So much so that if you damage your limbic system (which controls your emotions), you’ll struggle to make decisions.

What does this mean for your business and Pinterest?

The platform is the perfect social media network for storytelling.

When you create compelling stories to engage your customers, you evoke emotions, giving you an effective strategy for marketing your product. Using anecdotes, narrative arcs, and engaging imagery all work together to convey your brand message and establish an emotional connection to drive sales.

What is the result on your business?

Pinterest shoppers have 85% bigger baskets and spend twice as much per month. This insight can give you confidence that your Pinterest advertising cost will correlate to higher sales, particularly when you compare the Pinterest ads cost against other digital advertising channels (like Facebook).

4. Brand Awareness and Exposure

What do you get when you combine an algorithm that’s on your side and 445 million users with high purchasing intent?

A brand awareness gold mine.

77% of Pinterest users have discovered a new brand or product on the platform, and 47% view Pinterest as the go-to place for shopping and discovering new products.

That’s not all.

The majority of Pinterest searches are unbranded.

What does that mean for your business?

You’re not competing with the Targets and Amazons of the world for prime search-result real estate. Whether you’re sticking to organic marketing or paid content (such as video ads on Pinterest), you’re in the best position possible to see tangible ROI from your efforts.

It’s much easier for small e-commerce brands to run Pinterest campaigns that attract new customers even if you have a 0% Pinterest ad spend budget.

Ready, Steady, Pin It!

Looking to kickstart your Pinterest marketing strategy? Great!

Use Plann to create and schedule your Pins effortlessly. With our built-in partnership with Canva, you can use Pin templates to take the “ick” out of design work and turn out eye-catching Pins in less than 5 minutes.

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