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Introducing Instagram Link Scheduling from Plann to Your EasyLink

New! You can now schedule your Instagram content (with links) from Plann to your own EasyLink page.

This means you can create and schedule an Instagram post with Plann (as usual) and have the newly added option to publish your social media post to your EasyLink page at the same time that the post goes out!

This means once you’ve scheduled an Instagram post with a link, you don’t have to open (or pay for!) a completely separate tool to manage the links inside your link-in-bio too and be sure your page is always up to date. No more double handling!

We’ve added this feature to create a seamless experience between Plann and EasyLink so that you don’t have to schedule content for social media and then update your link in bio with new links in two different places. We now know how important it is for you to easily scale your content and ensure a greater connection with your socials and link-in-bio tool. Let’s dig into the details!

Why Would I Schedule a Link to EasyLink?

First of all, why an EasyLink or Link-in-bio page?

A link-in-bio page is all about you directing your audience to your most important products, content, sales, blog posts and social platforms while making it easier for them to find what they need.

Instead of a traditional website (where people need to figure out what to look for that’s important), a link-in-bio page uses direct prompts or buttons so YOU can choose what your audience should look at and help your potential customer find what they need faster! 

So whether you’re looking to sell a product, grow your audience or share new content, a link-in-bio page is a useful place to increase your overall clickthroughs, reach and create more opportunities for conversions (and sales). With our new feature, you’ll be able to post and schedule your post and links from Plann to your EasyLink Instagram Grid Display, saving you more time and ensuring content consistency. 

How Does Link Scheduling to EasyLink Work in Plann?

Step one:
Simply navigate to your ‘create page’ – the same place inside Plann to schedule Instagram posts.

Step two:
Click on the new link icon in your toolbar, where you’ll find a new space to add links.

Step three:
Add links and schedule your post!

At the time your post gets published, your post will publish on Instagram, as well as on your EasyLink Instagram Grid DIsplay section at the same time!
You can add up to 5 links to your Instagram Grid Display posts.

Check it out! Schedule your next post on your socials and EasyLink IG Grid Display →

Who Can Access Instagram Link Scheduling from Plann to EasyLink Feature? 

As part of ensuring we’re building the most useful and integrated link-in-bio tool for Plann members, we will also be introducing Easylink Extra, which is an add-on to any of our paid plans for those needing their link tool to work even harder.

EasyLink Extra will empower paid Plann members to unlock more premium EasyLink features, so they can continue to increase their reach and engagement.

On the free plan, you can still add and schedule up to one link to your EasyLink page from Plann; however, EasyLink Extra members will have the ability to add up to 5 links PER post.

This means if you’re scheduling carousels with EasyLink Extra, you can add up to 50 links!
Perfect for scheduling catalouges, and sales and creating a shoppable Instagram grid.

If you’re currently on our Free Forever plan and would like to leverage this new feature, simply upgrade to any of our paid options and you can get started straight away! See which plan is right for you →

What are the Limitations?

When scheduling Instagram content and links from Plann to your EasyLink page, you’ll also need to keep in mind the specific requirements based on your subscription:

Feature Free Forever Free Trial
+ Plann Plus
Adding 1 Instagram grid display link from Plann’s Create Page ✔︎ limited to only image posts (no reels) ✔︎  ✔︎
Add more than 1 (up to 5) IG grid display link from Plann’s Create Page 𐄂 𐄂 ✔︎
Add up to 50 links (5 per image or video) in a carousel post 𐄂 𐄂 ✔︎


*Please note that Reels are not supported for Free Forever Plann members, but Reels are supported with all Plann Plus paid subscriptions. 

What are the Benefits of an Integrated Link-in-Bio + Plann Subscription? 

We created EasyLink because so many brands and businesses have a separate link-in-bio solution alongside their social planning tool, but Plann + EasyLink provides a way for you to have both, under one subscription, all in one place.

We know that running a business is hard and the value of any tool that we use is to make things simpler and easier. EasyLink, as part of Plann – helps to save valuable time and energy when you’re creating content, so you don’t need to go from one place to another.

Similarly, it saves money on your subscriptions (and I know we have a lot of them these days!) Instead of paying for two subscriptions, pay for one instead – and choose the one that provides more value at a reduced cost.

Ultimately, keeping content in one place and having a closer connection between your socials on Plann and your EasyLink page will help you to be consistent in your posting and messaging so that you can continue to share more content, far and wide – from the simple convenience of being in one place.

Give it a go! Schedule IG Content + Links from Plann to your EasyLink Page →

How to Schedule a Social Post + Add a Link-In-Bio (At the Same Time)

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