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We are so excited to announce that Instagram’s collaboration feature, changing the way you boost reach + engagement to your posts, is now available on Plann! Introducing Collaborator Tags! 🚀✨

What Are Collaborator Tags? 

A huge part of building a successful brand or business is to connect with other people on social media, whether that’s a collaboration, partnership or through tags!

With Instagram’s latest collaboration feature available in Plann, you’ll be able to tag up to three public Instagram users as collaborators on posts, carousels and reels! Your collaborators will then receive invitations to their IG profiles to join in the content.

This means that:

  • Both names will show in the post
  • The post will be shared with both collaborators’ audiences/followers
  • The post will be live on each user’s profile grids
  • Views, likes, and comments are shared across both accounts – magic!


Some examples of collabs might look like:

  • New product/service launches
  • Collabs with influencers/creators
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Giveaways, contests or freebies

Pre-add collaborator tags before you schedule with Plann

Why Are They Important?

By working together on a piece of content, you’ll be able to benefit from each other’s audiences, so everyone wins! This includes:

  • More followers: Benefiting from each other’s audience helps you to find new people and opportunities to gain new followers. 
  • More exposure: Increasing your brand awareness and the amount of people seeing or discovering your posts (as sharing content means also sharing audiences). 

More engagement: Since more people will see the post, there’s potential for even more likes, comments and shares! Yay!

How Do Collaborator Tags Work in Plann?

First things first, login into Plann and create a post! It’s here that you’ll be able to add User and Collaborator Tags, which means you can tag users in your post plus invite people as collaborator(s). Note that Instagram doesn’t allow tagging or private or personal accounts, so ensure you’re tagging a public account(s). 

Upload your content and click anywhere in the photo/post to start tagging. You can then type in the name of the collaborator in the search bar and add them in (up to 3 collaborators). This means the user will be invited as a collaborator once your post goes live!

The post will then be shared on both your Instagram account and theirs. The best and fastest way to share combined content across audiences! Huzzah!

Here’s your Checklist:

  1. Login and create a new post
  2. Upload your content and click on the post to start tagging
  3. Click on User Tag or Collaborator Tag depending on whether you want to collaborate with them or just tag them (collaborating means they will receive an invitation, and the post will be live on both accounts). 
  4. Type in their name(s) in the search bar and they’ll be notified once your post goes live
  5. The post will be shared on all collaborator accounts (who have accepted the invitation) and you can all share in the added exposure!


how to add instagram collaborator tags

We’re so excited to bring you Collaborator Tags so that we can make it even easier for you to maximize the reach and audiences of your scheduled posts with Plann! Kickstart your 2024 engagement with a brand partnership with creators/influencers you admire, launching a new product or running a contest or giveaway! 

Give it a go! Create and schedule your first post using Collaborator Tags with Plann →

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