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Notifications Center + Team Chat Tagging

Notification Centre Feature Plann

Want to make sure you, or your team, never miss an update?
Now with your own Notification Center, you can stay on top of conversations, approvals, and tasks in one place!

What’s New With Notifications, in a Snapshot:

  • One centralized hub to view and respond to conversation tags, mentions, approvals, and feedback.
  • Tag team members on an individual post using @symbol and they’ll instantly receive a notification.
  • You’ll be alerted when posts across your brand have been approved (or not approved with any feedback).
  • Mark notifications as read or unread to help manage a busy task list.
  • Receive an alert email on the go, then view and respond directly from your Plann iOS app.
  • Customize your approval and tagging alerts to suit your working style to your device, emails, or both!
  • Notifications Center available on Plann web + Plann iOS Apps (Android coming soon!)

Say goodbye to missed messages and approvals and hello to seamless teamwork and productivity.
That’s more posts, faster. Here’s how it all works:

What Is The New Notifications Center? 

Our brand-new Notifications Center is your centralized hub for all notifications, ensuring you’re always in the loop and only need to check ONE place.
You’ll get notified when you’re tagged in conversations or when posts are approved (or not) so you can keep on top of what’s happening.

What does this mean? 

  • You’ll see a notification if a post in your brand been approved or unapproved.
  • You’ll see a notification if you’ve been tagged in a conversation to collaborate on a post.
  • You’ll be able to customize your Notification Settings to suit your style! You can do this through the settings page (brand section).
    It’s customisable per brand, allowing for different preferences if you’re managing multiple accounts.


Notification Centre at Plann

As part of this release, you’ll also have Enhanced Tagging Functionality!

What does this mean?

  • You’ll be able to mention/tag team members in team chat on posts.
  • Tagged team members will see a notification in the brand-new Notifications Center via email or push notification (as per your notification settings). 
  • Multiple team members can be tagged, including View Only users who are part of your Plann workspace.

Social Media Workflow Notifications – settings

Why Are These Features Important?

By having a centralized centre for notifications and enhanced tagging functionality, working together on content, campaign or overall strategy becomes so much easier. How?

  • Having only ONE place to check.
  • Enhanced user communication so things don’t get missed or ignored! 
  • Keep better track of your work with read/unread statuses so you always know what needs to be done next.
  • Improving team efficiency whether you’re a small or large team and spread all over the world! 
  • Managing specific notification preferences and styles across various brands for a more effective, customized experience. 
  • Get more done, post more content!

How Do Notifications + Team Chat Tagging Work in Plann?

It’s simple! Login and you’ll be able to access the Notifications Center from inside Plann through the bell icon 🔔  and view all notifications related to tagging, team chat and approved or unapproved posts! You’ll be able to mark a notification as read/unread to come back to it later. 

Plus, you can customize and choose what notification types (tags/approvals) and channels you prefer via the Settings page. Super easy!

With Team Chat Tagging, you’ll be able to collaborate in team chat as usual while also being able to mention team members on posts by simply using the “@” symbol followed by the team member’s name. This means you can easily assign tasks or ask team members to check, update or action. You’ll also see a drop-down list/shortcut of your team members once typed (really handy for when there are a lot of names to remember)! 


Social Media Workflow Notifications

With these new features, collaboration has never been smoother, keeping you organized and empowering you to shine at what you do best!
We are so excited to bring you more helpful tools that support teams to centralize and scale content creation and get more done!

Watch how it works!

You’ll need to be a Plann Plus member with a team to access notifications, make sure to sign-up (if not already), or add a team member to start now!

Give it a go! Tag a team member in chat or check out any new notifications →

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