Instagram Holiday Content Ideas

‘Tis the season to spread the holiday love all over Instagram. This means we are all in need of some fresh holiday content ideas.


The holidays are almost upon us, and that means we are all in need of some fresh holiday content ideas!

It isn’t enough these days to share a photo of a beautifully wrapped present – you’ve really go to go all out and find some truly jaw-droppingly amazing photos and videos to share with your Instagram audience.

Oh, the joy of the holidays!

So, if you’re on the hunt for some Instagram ideas for the holidays… you’ve come to the right place.

Keep on reading for some holly jolly content!


holiday content ideas

Content to Create

Here are a few Instagram ideas for holiday content that you should create at home!

It could be using Photoshop or you could go the full sleigh and hire a photographer to create these bite-sized pieces of festiveness for you.

  • ⭐Instagram Carousel post Holiday Card
  • 🎄 Instagram Stories Christmas reel (showcase your gift ideas!!)
  • ⭐ Christmas product flatlay
  • 🎄 Your fav holiday tradition
  • Shipping deadlines (don’t forget to tell your audience!)
  • 🎄 Sneak peek your 2019 plans/launches at the end of the month


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Instagram Caption Ideas for the Holidays

Need some Instagram caption ideas? Don’t fret, I’ve got your back!

Here are a few holiday-inspired quotes that you could use as part of your captions.

  • 🎁 T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. – Clement Clarke Moore 
  • 🎁  Did you ever notice that life seems to follow certain patterns? Like I noticed that every year around this time, I hear Christmas music. – Tom Sims 
  • 🎁  Christmas is the season when you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money 
  • 🎁  When you stop believing in Santa, you get socks 
  • 🎁  I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… but if it runs out, I’ll drink the red 

holiday content ideas

Instagram Bio Ideas for the Holidays

If you get reeaaaally into the festive spirit, you might as well spruce up your Instagram bio!

June 2021 Content Calendar Plann
June 2021 Content Calendar Plann

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Here are a few ideas for short but sweet sentences that you could add to the tippity-top of your Instagram bio to give it a bit of holiday flair.

  • ✨ Have a Koala-T Christmas 🐨 (if you’re an Aussie brand, like us)
  • ✨ Let’s Enjoy the Festivi-tea 🍵 (if you’re a tea brand or coffee shop)
  • ✨ Shouldn’t you be on top of the 🎄, 👼?
  • ✨ Did someone say… 🎅🎁

To give you an idea on placement, here’s our bio from Halloween this year!

(Yep, you could change your profile pic color for the holiday season too!)

holiday content ideas


That’s a whole lot of holiday content ideas for you, I hope you feel ready and raring to go.