Grow Instagram Followers Organically With Plann

Learn from three real Plann users about how to grow Instagram followers organically with Plann. It’s one incredible Instagram Scheduling + Strategy app!

Ready to find out how to grow Instagram followers organically with Plann? Buckle your seatbelts because this is going to get exciting!!

Instagram is a flippin’ phenomenal social media network that boasts over 1 billion users worldwide.

At Plann, we’ve created an Instagram Scheduling, Strategy and Analytics tool that can help anyone from your local café owner to the side-hustling artist to grow a profitable Instagram account from scratch.

Today we’re taking a look at what three Plann users have managed to achieve with the help of the nifty (and FREE) Plann app.

Want to hear about their incredible stories? Keep on reading!


grow Instagram followers organically with Plann


grow Instagram followers organically with Plann

Jenna is one of those people that just lights up a room when they enter.

She’s incredibly funny, has an absolutely ah-mazing podcast. We’re just so darn obsessed with her we can barely contain our excitement.

This Instagram powerhouse has taken her account from 50,000 Instagram followers from the time we first met to now sitting pretty at over 500,000 Instagram followers. WOWZA!

Jenna has achieved some wickedly amazing Instagram growth, and we’d love to share with you some of the bite-sized pieces of Instagram marketing wisdom that Jenna has shared with us.

Get ready to learn how you can grow Instagram followers organically with Plann!

So Jenna, what made you fall In love with Instagram?

“I think the visual aspect of it is what initially pulled me into Instagram but the community aspect kept me coming back.

There’s something so special about writing a legacy post by post. I want my feed to not just be visually stunning but an invitation to be a part of my story, the one that I am writing every single day.”

What’s the BIGGEST mistake you see people making on Instagram?

“Not telling a story!

I believe that behind every successful Instagram photography account there has to be a story that makes people get a better understanding of what’s going on.

It pains me to see a pretty photo partnered with a caption that holds only emojis and hashtags. Every image has a story, every human is living a story, and when people aren’t telling that in their captions it breaks my heart.”

PSST -> If you’re kind of in love with how raw and real Jenna is, you’re going to want to read this full-length interview that we did a little while back.



grow Instagram followers organically with Plann

If you love the colour pink you’ve probably heard of the @ihavethisthingwithpink Instagram account, or better yet, the #ihavethisthingwithpink Instagram hashtag.

Either way, the person that you have to thank for answering your colour-filled prayers is the one and only Kyla Herbes.

Pick out your favourite pink t-shirt, lipstick or hat and put it on! You’re about to learn how you can grow Instagram followers organically with Plann from the queen of all things pink!

Here is what Kyla has to say about using the Plann app for Instagram:

“Juggling kids, a blog, a job and social media is difficult.

Plann helps me stay on track with my favourite social platform – Instagram. I block out a certain amount of time every morning to catch up on other accounts I like to interact with.

With Plann I don’t spend a half hour messing around with what I want to post and what hashtags I should use. It’s genius!”


grow Instagram followers organically with Plann


Maebeck Social is a Marketing Agency that loves to share bright and colourful photos on their Instagram account. They’ve taught so many of their clients how to use Plann. We’re excited for them to share how you can grow your Instagram account with Plann too.

They’re big fans of the Plann app, and we’d love to share with you some of their bite-sized Instagram Marketing tips that are sure to help you on your journey.


The Ultimate Strategy Guide
The Ultimate Strategy Guide

How to reverse engineer your way social media success


What do you love most about Instagram marketing?

“I love Instagram marketing for so many reasons. From a business perspective, Instagram marketing is amazing because there is a way to reach an unlimited audience. You can find your tribe, your customers and inspire those around you. We encourage all of our clients to use Instagram to market so they can further their reach and share more about who they are while building a relationship with their potential clients.”

How does a stylish Instagram grid help small businesses grow?

“Instagram grids help you grow your audience by visually showcasing who you are and what you are all about. We help all of our clients find their brand identity and unique voice to share with the world using the Instagram grid. It’s one of the few places that someone can find a business or a friend and immediately get a taste of who they are in one screen capture. It’s all there…. on the grid!”

We are SO flipp’n excited to know that you are using PLANN *YAY*. What are your favourite features?

“I have a small team here at Maebeck Social and we love using the PLANN app. It’s one way we make sure our clients get their images out into the world on a regular basis. Did you know you need to post every day to keep your feed “active”? Well, running a business is hard work and picking that perfect image every day can become stressful. So, we love having the ability to “PLANN” ahead, by creating content that can be displayed over the future weeks. Being able to see all the images we are going to post over the future weeks is a game changer for maintaining a consistent brand identity. Also, having hashtags suggested for us (by PLANN) that are not overused is a huge lifesaver!”

PSST –> Read more about the hashtag feature here

How does the strategy feature help your daily job of creating Instagram marketing strategies?

“Every week we give our clients an update on how their feed is doing. Is their audience growing? Which post had the most engagement that week? What goals do we have for the following week? With the information PLANN provides we can customize our client’s Instagram marketing strategy to ensure we reach our client’s goals, whatever they may be.”


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