Top Strategies for Effective Instagram Reels

Craft compelling and engaging Instagram Reels with these top tips.

Instagram Reels are an effective tool for brands, content creators and businesses to reach and resonate with new audiences. 

But Reels and short-form video content are becoming increasingly popular, which means it can be difficult to stand out. 

From leveraging interactive features to creative hook ideas, we’re here to help you captivate your audience and drive meaningful engagement with our top tips for effective Instagram Reels.



Tip 1. Hook viewers in the first three seconds of your Reel

Attention spans are shorter than ever.  So, the first few seconds of your Reel are essential for grabbing your followers’ attention and stopping the scroll.

An effective hook is one that sets the tone for what’s to come and gives viewers a reason to keep watching. Not only do you want to be creative and concise, but you want to keep your viewers guessing for just the right amount of time. 

Remember: hooks don’t have to be limited to your voiceover. You can get creative with your approach and try weaving a hook into your content in the form of an attention-grabbing visual, quirky font, catchy song or even a sneak peek of the end of your video. 

Here are some of our favorite hook variations to get you started: 

• Question Hook: Begin with a thought-provoking question related to your content. This will spark curiosity amongst your audience and encourage them to keep watching for the answer.

• Teaser Hook: Leave them hanging and offer a sneak peek of something exciting or valuable that viewers will learn about by watching the full Reel. 

• Quick Tip Hook: Provide a fast and actionable tip that viewers can immediately benefit from. They’ll be sure to keep watching to learn more. 

• Surprising Fact Hook: Share a surprising or interesting fact your viewers may not have heard of before to encourage them to want to learn more. 

• Visual Intrigue Hook: Start with a striking visual or attention-grabbing cover that draws your audience in and excites them.


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Tip 2. Make on-screen text and captions non-negotiable

Users are watching Reels everywhere and anywhere. So, adding on-screen text and captions is a no-brainer when making sure your content is accessible to a range of different audiences. 

We know that 69% of users are watching content with the sound off. Not only are subtitles great for those watching on mute, but they ensure your content is also accessible for those with hearing difficulties. 

The best bit? Closed captions can be added with a tap of a button, taking the hard work and hassle out of producing engaging and effective Instagram Reels


Tip 3. Tap into trends – FAST!

Riding the trend wave can be beneficial for a number of reasons like increasing your visibility, algorithmic favorability and even virality potential. 

Mixing it up with trending sounds or templates from the Reels library can be an easy way to hone in on what’s trending. With Instagram’s fast-moving trend cycle, timing is everything and you’ve got to be quick if you don’t want a trend to pass you by. 

 But, it’s important to create a balance between engaging with trends and maintaining authenticity. Trying to force yourself into every trend can come across as inauthentic and may not resonate with your core audience. 

Our tip? Pick a trending song or video template and make it your own! Adding a branded spin to your Instagram Reels is a great way to stand out on a crowded platform like Instagram. 

Tip 4. Focus on providing value, not going for the hard sell

Audiences are more discerning than ever, especially if they think they can smell an ad. On Instagram, viewers want to see more than what your product is and what it does. 

Reels can be a super effective way to engage your audience and sell the lifestyle your brand or product unlocks. Bite-sized videos provide the opportunity to go beyond the traditional sales pitch by offering your viewers inspiring, educational and entertaining content. 

But, focusing your content solely on selling your product can come across as pushy and impersonal. So, it’s essential to make sure your Reels cover a mix of product-related and non-product-related content if you want to resonate with your audience. 

Try mixing up your Reels with some: 

• Behind the scene content (like an office tour or showing your team packing orders)

• Q&A’s (why not answer a few common customer FAQs about your brand or product?) 

User-generated content (try resharing Reels that your customers have created!)

• Memes related to your niche (tap into humor by harnessing trending audio or templates)

Tip 5. Avoid the TikTok watermark 

Those pesky TikTok watermarks are a super easy thing to forget when uploading your Reel, but leaving them in can really downgrade the quality of your content. 

Instagram has confirmed it filters out any videos it believes to be low quality or branded reposts, so forgetting to remove watermarks can definitely affect your reach and engagement potential.

To remove watermarks,  head to a third-party app such as SnapTik and follow the instructions to clean up your content before you post. 

Tip 6. Make your CTA clear and easy to follow

Ending your Reel with a call-to-action (CTA) can be a great way to boost engagement on your post by inviting your followers to engage beyond just watching your video. 

As much as you want to be creative with your CTA, it’s more important that your message is clear, simple and easily understandable to your audience. 

Try ending your Reel with an actionable CTA: 

• “Answer in the caption” 

• “Click the link in bio” 

• “Save this for later” 

• “Let us know in the comments” 

Tip 7. Harness hashtags to boost your Reel’s discoverability

Including a handful of tailored hashtags can be a great way to help Instagram’s algorithm share your content with relevant audiences and increase your content’s reach. 

Using hashtags directly related your the content of your Reel or your brand’s niche will indicate to Instagram exactly what your content is about and ensure it’s shared with users who are actively engaging with similar content. 

Plus, Instagram’s keyword search feature means that users searching for related topics will be able to discover your content more easily. 

Like staying on top of trends, keeping up with current hashtags is important if you want to stand out. Plann’s hashtag manager helps you stay discoverable online with curated hashtag suggestions, niche topic options, emoji hashtags and daily done-for-you hashtags. 

Tip 8. Stay consistent and aligned with your visual identity

Posting regularly and communicating a clear visual identity for your Instagram Reels is crucial for building brand recognition, increasing reach capability, and fostering audience loyalty

When followers see your Reels, they should be able to immediately identify them as your content from your brand or profile. 

To maintain consistency, focus on communicating color palettes, fonts, imagery, filters, and incorporating your brand logo into your Reels.  Also, if you’re sharing your Reel to your grid, make sure to pick a cover image that resonates with your current feed and brand image. 

Did you know Plann has an autoposting Reels feature? Supporting both your main grid and Reels tab, Plann takes the guesswork out of staying consistent by allowing you to schedule your upcoming Reels and automatically posting them for you. 

Ready to supercharge your success on social media?

Looking for an all-in-one content creation suite that allows you to manage your social media channels effortlessly? From mapping out your strategy and designing your graphics to saving plug-and-play hashtag sets, you’ll find everything you need inside Plann. 

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