How To Find Trends For Instagram Reels

Keep your finger on the pulse with this guide to uncovering Instagram Reels trends.

Shannon Jade
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Did you know that 91% of Instagram users watch video content on the app every week? As short-form video continues to achieve incredible success, it’s time to discover how to keep up with the trends.

By tracking current Instagram Reels trends, you can keep a closer eye on what it takes to create high-performing Reels. This can give you the guidance you need to optimize your content and create fresh, engaging videos that generate interest, drive traffic, and even stand a chance at going viral.

Are you ready to take your Instagram Reels to the next level and become a true trendsetter? Here’s how you can find Instagram Reels trends and stay up to date with the latest trending topics, templates and sounds!



Scroll Through the Latest Reels

Sometimes, the Instagram Reels feed is the best place to start your search for trending content! Here, you can see what’s popular from a viewer’s perspective while watching fun new videos.

Instagram’s Reels feed and explore page are based on in-app trends. What you find in these places only reaches you because the algorithm knows how to show you the most popular materials. This means you can use this research to better understand what’s trending on Instagram Reels right now.

trend alert

As you scroll, look for common themes or styles that often occur for Reels relevant to your industry or niche. Can you spot any trending sounds or video ideas? Which videos seem to achieve the best engagement results when you review likes, comments, and shares? Use this information to inform your next content creation decisions.

View Trends Stats on the App

You can now access Reels trends directly using the Instagram app! Simply navigate to the professional dashboard and choose the Reels trends option to view trending audio and hashtags.

By researching trends on Instagram itself, you can trust that you’re getting the most up-to-date information. Reels trends are designed to show you trending music and hashtag options that you can easily use to produce your own on-trend video content.

Remember, you can also find trending songs by checking the audio name that appears on screen when you watch someone else’s Reel. A trending sound will display with an upward arrow beside it to show you its success is on the rise. You can then save top trending songs and add them to your own upcoming Instagram Reels. Easy!

View Instagram’s Weekly Trend Report

Why not get the scoop directly from the team at Instagram? The weekly trend report on Instagram’s @creators account can be a great source of inspiration and current Instagram tips.

View Instagram's Weekly Trend Report (1)

The Creators account is home to great insights about new Reels trends, from popular audio tracks to growing visual trends and challenges. The weekly report event offers fast facts to help you better understand the algorithm and how to make it work for you!

Simply start by following the Instagram Creator’s account and stay up to date with their posts. This can give you the edge when it comes to producing your own Reels, making your content more likely to find its way to explore page. Get ready to create your own trending Reels for unbeatable growth results.

Check Out New Instagram Reels Templates

Instagram templates don’t just make content creation easier. They can also help you spot which formats and video styles are growing in popularity on the app.

Open the Reels editor, and slide into the templates tab. Here, find popular templates you can use to automatically create original content. If you choose a template with a trending sound matched to it, your video could be the next to join in the trend.

Using Instagram templates in this way can also help you save time that allows you to create content fast while trends are still growing. This can help you be part of building new trends, which may make it more likely for your video to be discovered. Who knows? One day, your content might even be used as another user’s template!

Find Out What’s Trending on TikTok

While the best, most current insights come from Instagram itself, exploring TikTok trends can help you catch a glimpse of what’s in store for the ‘gram.

Find Out What's Trending on TikTok

Often, an Instagram Reels trend gets its start on TikTok. When you find trending TikTok content, you can begin to predict upcoming Insta trends before they make their way to the Instagram app. This allows you to be part of the transition from TikTok to Instagram and can help position you as a trending Reels leader.

Whether you’re looking for styles, techniques, ideas, and just trending audio, the latest TikTok insights can help you plan ahead. You’ll stay one step ahead of what’s popular and be able to take pride in your ability to find trending materials before anyone else does.

In social media marketing, a headstart like this could be a game changer!

Follow Plann for Trend Insights

Here at Plann, we make it our mission to know what’s trending all the time, and we never keep our insights under wraps.

Every week, we compile a list of trending audio tracks across both TikTok and Instagram so that you can use trending sounds quickly, before they go out of style. We even include our research on how trending sounds are being used and how you can put a fresh spin on what’s popular.

Plann’s trends reports are designed to help you find trending audio in a way that works for you and your account. If you’re running low on time to scroll through trending Reels or find it difficult to track the data on your own, this is the perfect solution. You’ll stay updated without wasting time you could be using to create great Reels content!

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