The Top 5 Most Read Articles Of 2019

As we dive into the new decade, we take a look back at some of our most popular blogs of 2019. Check them out here!

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A new year brings plenty of new trends and changes to social media to keep an eye out for! 

As we dive into the new decade, we take a look back at some of our most popular articles of 2019, full of unique ideas and tricks to take your grid to the next level!


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1. How to Make Custom Instagram Highlight Covers

If you’re eager to get going with Instagram Highlights, as well as to start rocking tasteful iconography like this, then good news – This article covers all of the basics of creating unique, custom Instagram Highlight covers!

Take a look here!

Prefer a video? Here it is!



2. What To Post On Instagram: 33 Amazing Content Ideas

To grow your influence on Instagram and to stand out, you need to consistently share content that is high-quality and fits with your brand style and brand voice.

Stuck for what to post on Instagram? We’ve got 33 amazing content ideas right here that’ll help you get back on track and keep your followers engaged.

Dive into them here!

3. 7 Instagram Grid Layouts with Examples You Can Try For Yourself!

Having a set routine of what to post can definitely change your relationship with Instagram and if you’re feeling this way at the moment, we’ve got 7 interesting, creative ways to play with your own Instagram Grid Layouts!


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Check it out here!

4. Unique Usernames For Instagram That Will Get You Noticed

On Instagram, one of your main goals is to grab the attention of other users, having them engage with your account! One of the easiest ways to stand out on Instagram is to choose a unique username.

Need some ideas for unique usernames for Instagram? Well, dip us in Cheeto dust because we have you covered with this article full of eye-catching usernames!

Take a closer look here!

5. Design Your Instagram Grid On A Desktop

Creating a visually appealing grid is key to gaining more followers + increasing Instagram engagement. This article outlines how to design your Instagram grid on a desktop!

Have a little peek here!

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Now that you’re all set, you can also find us over on the Plann Instagram where we’re always sharing tips and tricks to make your Instagram stand out from the crowd!



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