5 Proven TikTok Marketing Strategies to Boost Conversions

Discover how to boost your conversions with our top expert tips for building a winning TikTok marketing strategy.

Shannon Jade
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In 2024, TikTok is the world’s third most-downloaded app! In fact, according to the latest research by Adobe, as many as 10% of Gen Z users are more likely to turn to TikTok than Google.

A strong TikTok marketing strategy is essential if you want to make the most of video content and boost conversions for your brand. TikTok users are passionate and engaged. When you market well, you can turn this social media engagement into opportunity for your business!

Wondering what a successful TikTok marketing strategy should look like and how you can create your own? Follow these steps to kickstart your approach!



How Can You Get Started With TikTok Marketing?

Above all, you need a TikTok presence! As one of the fastest-growing social media networks globally, TikTok offers incredible marketing potential that your business needs in order to scale.

Fortunately, getting started with TikTok marketing is as simple as creating an account. As soon as you start sharing original TikTok videos, you’re on your way to attracting a motivated audience.

What Are The Best Practices For TikTok Content Creation?

When it comes to creating high-impact TikTok content, there are a few best practices you should keep in mind.

Make sure that you’re using a TikTok business account. Only a business account will provide you with access to the full suite of features, including TikTok analytics and TikTok ads.

Next, consider your content itself. Aim to produce authentic and creative content that aligns strongly with your brand, your values, and your mission. This is the key to ensuring your videos stand out from the crowd and get people interested in what you have to say.

How Can You Maximize Your TikTok Engagement?

There are a number of other steps you can take to maximize your TikTok engagement as much as possible. The good news is that many of these techniques are simple and easy!

Identify who your target audience is, and ensure you’re creating content that serves this community. Develop your marketing strategy around the message you want to articulate and the people who need to hear it.

It can also be helpful to spend some time on the TikTok app. Scrolling through other videos can help you develop a stronger sense of what works best for TikTok performance. You can also engage with other users and begin building your community and TikTok network.

5 Proven TikTok Marketing Strategies to Boost Conversions

It’s time to optimize your content approach with our top 5 TikTok marketing tips! Follow these steps to take your account to the next level in no time.

1. Share TikTok Trends Content

On TikTok, trends are everything! Trending content, from challenges to audio track, has the power to start a movement. By getting involved and taking part in recent trends, you can connect with all new audiences. Plus, you’ll show that your brand is a team player and isn’t afraid to be part of the fun.


  • Access ever-evolving content ideas that align with what people want right now.
  • Get involved with the community, and connect with other users joining trends.
  • Give your content the chance to be seen on TikTok’s trending page.

Example: Check out our very own TikTok team! Joining even the simplest trend helps us stay relatable and respond to consumer pain points. Win-win!

Share TikTok Trends Content

2. Run User-Generated Content Campaigns

You don’t have to create all your content alone. User-generated content campaigns allow you to set up a branded hashtag and request submissions from other creators. This can save you time and energy while getting people involved in your brand’s mission.


  • Reduce the burden associated with creating all your own content from scratch.
  • Boost engagement with audience participation by encouraging people to join in.
  • Repurpose user-generated content as social proof of the value your product can offer.

Example: CloudSpot makes the most of real people and their stories! They frequently share user testimonials and other user-generated content that shows off the best of the software.

Run User-Generated Content Campaigns

3. Leverage Influencer Collaboration Videos

Influencer marketing is an increasingly powerful tool for winning over the TikTok algorithm and getting more people interested in your brand. You can use collaborative content to connect with respected TikTok influencers and explore opportunities to expand your social media reach.


  • Build meaningful relationships with creators and their TikTok audiences.
  • Access additional reach and engagement opportunities through a trusted third party.
  • Rely on popular influencers to showcase the value of your brand and your products.

Example: Techi Apparel works with a large group of influencers to show real people loving the brand’s loungewear products.

Leverage Influencer Collaboration Videos

4. Craft SEO-Enriched Captions And Subtitles

Wherever you focus your marketing attention, search engine optimization is important. SEO-enriched TikTok captions, subtitles, and metadata can help the app categorize your content effectively. It can also make it much easier for users to find your videos based on keyword searches.


  • Make the most of every chance to add relevant keywords to your content.
  • Craft captions that enhance searchability for your account and your video clips.
  • Use text-based information to improve accessibility and set clear audience expectations.

Example: The Two Lauras are all about SEO! These social media management coaches incorporate highly relevant keywords that make their best videos nice and easy to find.

Craft SEO-Enriched Captions And Subtitles

5. Tap Into Cross-Platform TikTok Marketing

Your TikTok strategy can work alongside your approach for other social media platforms. In fact, cross-marketing is often the best solution for driving extra traffic and improving conversions across a variety of channels.


  • Repurpose content across TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and more.
  • Save time on production, especially when you schedule for multiple platforms simultaneously.
  • Reach out to unique audience segments across a variety of apps, and direct TikTok traffic.

Example: It’s back to Plann! Who said a good video had to stop at TikTok? Wherever relevant, we share our favorites to Instagram Reels as well!

Tap Into Cross-Platform TikTok Marketing

Plann For TikTok Marketing Success

A great TikTok marketing strategy will help you build an engaged TikTok audience that truly cares about your business. This can help you grow over time and drive more sales than ever before!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the task of setting up a TikTok calendar, Plann can help! Sign up for a FREE 7-day trial, and access our intuitive tools to write captions, build a strategy, and schedule TikTok videos with ease.



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