7 Creative Ideas for Collaborative Content on TikTok

Boost the reach of your content and tap into new audiences with collaborative content on TikTok.

Shannon Jade
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Currently, TikTok is home to over 1 billion monthly active users, and each day, more users join the platform looking for information, entertainment, and more.

For many new TikTok creators, the prospect of building an audience from the ground up can feel daunting. The good news is that there are many things you can do to get people interested in your account. TikTok collaborations can be a game changer!

By beginning to explore TikTok collab ideas, you can benefit from increased reach among highly engaged, relevant users. This can help you achieve greater discoverability and engage people who really care about what you can offer.

Are you wondering where to begin when it comes to TikTok brand collaboration? Here are some of our best creative content ideas to get you started!



1. Strategic Challenges for Brand Engagement

Have you ever considered starting your own TikTok challenge? This can be an effective way to get people talking about your brand and responding to your online content.

Setting up a simple TikTok challenge gives users an easy opportunity to respond and share their own take on a fun video idea. This can foster meaningful community engagement and drive more traffic back to your account.

Challenges have plenty of other benefits, too. If you create your own TikTok hashtag, you can easily find and reply to people taking part in your branded challenge. With permission, you can even repurpose challenge videos as part of a user-generated content strategy!

2. Cross-Industry Partnerships

Industry partnerships represent a great opportunity to connect with other brands and businesses who can help you grow your own online community. These connections may even allow you to expand your offer in the future.

By working with TikTok creators in different sectors, you can broaden your audience far beyond your own niche. You can use this as a way to appeal to diverse users and reach target audiences you might not have previously considered.

For example, if a Pilates studio might team up with a nutritionist to co-create educational TikTok content that provides holistic health and wellness advice to the communities of both brands. The key is to think outside the box and be creative by finding brands in different industries that share your value and ideal customer base.

An innovative partnership deal is mutually beneficial and can bolster marketing efforts for both you and the business you’re working with. This could help you run future programs and offers that allow you to serve consumers in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

3. Influencer Takeovers for Brand Exposure

TikTok influencers have a lot of power on the platform, so working with them to create content can take your brand to the next level. Account takeovers allow you to pass the mic to a TikTok creator who knows how to engage an audience.

Influencer Takeovers for Brand ExposureUsing influencer marketing in this way allows you to step back from account management and direct a whole new cohort of TikTok users to your videos. A popular TikTok creator can highlight the best of your business while directly targeting the audience they bring with them.

In the short term, leveraging influencer reach can maximize your reach and amplify your brand’s visibility. In the long term, this can help you grow your community and set yourself up for ongoing success, including future brand collaborations.

4. Product Collaborations with Creators

Similarly, some of the best TikTok brand collaborations are product collaborations that support brands working directly with popular creators. Using TikTok as an influencer marketing platform in this way can offer direct promotion opportunities.

Product collaborations allow you to access an established creator’s engaged audience and feature your products with all-important social proof highlighting their value. A TikTok influencer can broaden your reach and even drive sales and conversions.

Want to turn a successful collaboration into an ongoing TikTok marketing strategy? Building relationships with TikTok content creators can give you a great network to rely on when you have new brand offerings to share.

5. Educational Series with Industry Experts

Many TikTok users enjoy videos that serve an educational purpose, delivering instructional content that provides real value and demonstrates the creator’s expertise. Working with industry experts can help you boost your credibility and deliver on audience expectations.

Educational Series with Industry ExpertsA TikTok brand collaboration that centres on an industry expert will position your brand as an authority and may help you reach more of your target audience. You can bring more skill to your business and give users more reasons to trust in you.

Beyond supporting your reputation, industry collaborations can provide you with new opportunities and extra traffic, and guest experts can share your content with their own networks.

6. Behind-the-Scenes Collaborative Stories

Offering a glimpse behind the scenes of business operations is a great way to humanize your brand and begin building more meaningful connections with your target audience. This kind of content showcases your authenticity and can make your business appear more trustworthy.

The key to executive BTS content in a collaborative way is to join forces with another creator and share your journey working together. Whether you join forces with another business owner for a coworking day or take part in an establish creator’s podcast, recording BTS content from these moments allows you to harness their brand and credibility in your collaborative content.

That’s not all. Behind-the-scenes collabs can also help you expand your marketing across other social media platforms. You can even share this content on sites like LinkedIn if you’re also interested in growing your team or testing video content on a different platform.

7. Promotion and Cross-Promotion Strategies

Finally, using the TikTok creator marketplace as a hub for cross-promotion can have a significant impact on your journey to social media success. Working with other TikTok creators, you can broaden your reach and design engaging pieces of content featuring familiar faces.

By promoting your videos on TikTok and cross-promoting across other social media channels, you can make the most of every opportunity to grow. With Plann’s cross-post feature, you can easily repurpose your collaborative TikTok videos on multiple sites and placements, from Instagram Reels to Pinterest.

The result? More traffic to your TikTok account and your brand website! This can help you develop your business and even set you up for future TikTok-specific branded content opportunities when they arise.

Analyzing Collaborative Success Metrics

When producing TikTok collaborations, it’s important that you understand how to measure and respond to performance.

Use your TikTok analytics to look for follower growth and video views, as well as average watch times and engagement rates. Evaluate which videos perform best and how collaboration details influence these results.

Analyzing Collaborative Success MetricsThe information you can from these insights can inform your ongoing content and collaboration planning. You can use these details to establish new relationships with TikTok influencers and partner brands or to innovate for fresh video content.

Start With a Plann

Collaboration is what makes social media social! Exploring TikTok collab opportunities can play a fundamental role in helping you take your account to the next level and steer your business toward standout success.

Want to get started Plann’ing for a strong TikTok strategy? Sign up for a FREE 7-day trial of Plann today!



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