6 Social Media Sins You Should Not Commit

Here are 6 social media sins that you probably shouldn’t commit. Make sure you are creating something amazing, otherwise you may lose followers.

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 6 Social Media Sins You Should Not Commit

Social media is all about compelling images and content that makes people think, or love or hate or….dream I guess.

Anyways, let us all agree that the worst cardinal sin of social media is not being interesting or insightful or one of those things that helps people do those other things if you catch my drift. With that in mind, here are 6 social media sins that cannot be forgiven.



The Instagram Face

You’re a normal person. You talk like a human and spend time doing things that no reasonable person would consider anything less than ‘fine.’ So why does every single photo on your social media have your face contorted in the same way? Head down, neck extended, lips out, eyes artificially wide like you just swallowed a goldfish.

Think about it, there’s no context as to the rest of your life when scrolling through an Instagram grid, so as far as your followers are concerned, you constantly look like that.

The Dull Grid

The same picture over and over again says, “I go to a lot of places, but can’t be bothered changing my style of shot.”

“Here’s the  Eiffel Tower, taken looking up at it.”

“Here’s my house, taken looking up at it.”

“Here’s my eight year old…

You get it.

Oh, if you really wanna impress me, combine the first and second points – the same look, in the same style. Derek Zoolander styles.

The Monotone

You’re not a French artist from the 60’s and color exists on earth. Use it! I promise it’s amazing!

Need some inspo? We’ve got you covered Here.

The Inside Joke

It’s a picture of a red building and…is that a cat sitting out the front?

Caption: We’ve been here before @tammy23411 remember the red house!

Classic… Only to the people involved.

Top tip: Always make sure your content is engaging and speaking to your whole audience.

The Travel Grid

Travel Shots of amazzzzzzing places, why is this a sin…easy because I’m not there and there’s nothing worse than someone who’s all rested up and happy, spending time with their loved ones in an awesome place.

Sorry…one of my friends is in Prague and it looks really amazing…it’s a thing…probably not your problem.

Random “Cute Animals”

Goats, I don’t like goats. When I was a kid I grew up on a farm and goat butted…bucked…whatever they do into the back of my legs. Also, he ate my hat and broke one of the fences.

And ate my hat, I liked that hat…

I think we can all agree that these are terrible social media sins in an entirely general sense, untainted by my individual feelings.



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