Instagram Photography Tips From A Travel Influencer

Want to learn secrets from a professional Instagram travel photographer? Take a peek at our interview with the incredible Laiza

Want the best Instagram photography tips from a real-life Travel Photographer? You know, those pics you see of travellers venturing to exotic places, seeing the world and working as an Instagram travel photographer? (It’s a pretty flipp’n awesome gig if you ask us)

But how on earth do you get to become a professional Instagram travel photographer?

What mountain do you have to climb? What flights do you have to book?

Where can you find all the best Instagram photo tips and tricks?

Well, in this interview with the always incredible @withlaiwe’re going to delve deep and discover some of the best insights that you need to kick off your own Instagram travel photography journey.

When did you know you wanted to become an Instagram travel photographer?

I think Instagram travel photography was more a process that happened naturally than a decision. I started to travel first, and eventually, I started to take photos to show my family the places I visited.


Where do you get your AH-MAZING photography inspiration from?

I get my photography inspiration from anywhere, ads on the street, my fav Instagram accounts and travel videos. My mum inspires me a lot, she’s tagging me in any and every photo/video related to travel that she sees on Facebook.


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What did you do before you became a full-time Instagram travel photographer?

I’m originally from Brazil. A few years ago, after I finished my Bachelor degree, I left my job and moved to Europe to improve my English. The traveling made me flipp’n excited. Brazil is a big country and you can’t reach other places and regions as easily as in Europe. I was amazed at how easily (and cheaply) I could go to other countries and I became addicted to it.

Walk us through a day in the life of an Instagram travel photographer…

If it’s a day to shoot content, we wake up early and just go explore whatever we have planned for the day. In those days we take on average 300 photos (and post around 2 or 3). When we are not shooting, we work in any home office, we make some calls, answer emails, plan trips, edit photos, find locations for the next photoshoots, etc.


PSSST -> No idea what to post on Instagram Stories? Here’s a run down.


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What is the biggest milestone of your career as an Instagram travel photographer so far?

Definitely the day I left my corporate job to become a full-time Instagram travel photographer. It was a hard decision, but I couldn’t see myself sitting in an office everyday anymore.

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