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Feeling like your content posting is a bit reactive? We’ve got a simple and easy to understand solution for creating a content strategy without stress.

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Hi Plann’ers,

Can you believe that we are swiftly hurtling down from the top of the rollercoaster that was “The middle of the year” and fast approaching a new one! Already?! Where’d the time go!?

We wanted to help set you up for the ultimate success moving forward by making sure that you finish this year with more than just a silver sequin glitter ball good time and support you to move into whatever that ‘New Year; New You’ will bring: with a killer Instagram game plan!


And while we’ve shared on what a strategy is and why it’s important to have one that kicks some serious marketing goals before, this blog is going to give you more of a walkthrough of the Plann strategy feature so that you can get your content ready, relax over the silly season, and keep your posts (and your champagne) flowing with literally a “Here’s one I prepared earlier”; copy and post.

Now, this is something to cheers about!

Step 1.

Log into Plann and head straight to the strategy section of your account. Then start visualising how your posts are going to look and feel, on your grid, with themes and customisable coloured strategy squares that can be placed straight onto your grid. This will show you how to start building your content, the way you want it to roll out in real life.

Step 2.

Now that you have placed your custom coloured strategy squares onto the grid, you can edit each square to contain the content or copy, that will accompany your image in your post. Be sure to click ‘Save as draft’ once you have written your content so that when you’re ready to upload the image to accompany it, you’re good to go!

Step 3.

When you know what photo you’d like to replace your strategy square with, simply drag and drop it from your media collection, onto that strategy square, and it will drop right in and match to the written content you created in step 2.

The Ultimate Strategy Guide
The Ultimate Strategy Guide

How to reverse engineer your way social media success

Step 4.

You’re now ready to schedule your post or post it right away so go ahead and do that.

Step 5.

Set aside a few minutes when you create a new strategy square, to also build out your custom hashtag sets so that when it comes time to ‘copy and post’ your content, you can easily copy and post directly from your saved hashtag sets, to target your audience. Get creative here and try to make as many custom hashtag sets as you like, oh and be sure to change them up with each post for maximum reach.

Now that you know how to use Plann’s strategy tool, like a boss, we want to hear the most fun place that you have been able to ‘copy and post’ from. Me? I’ve literally posted from a swimming pool at a new years day pool party, because using this feature, all my work was already done for me.

Now you will never have to miss a beat on your Instagram, or on the dancefloor.

Happy New Year (almost!) and Happy Plann’ing!



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