How To Take Good Instagram Photos: 5 Tips For Gorgeous Pictures

Ready to step up your insta game! Plann have your top 5 tips for amazing photos & producing incredible content for your brand

Getting that perfect Instagram shot doesn’t need to be difficult

The best phone-tographers have a few rules they follow and we’re here to let you in on their secrets.

Keep these few tips in mind and you’ll be taking photos like…a famous photographer who doesn’t spring to mind immediately.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s SNAP too it!




1. Turn off the Flash, Watch the Light

Overexposure kills photos. That washed out look is created by too much light in the image. Watch for glare coming from windows, artificial light sources and that big yellow thing in the sky. An overexposed image can’t be saved with editing because when it’s washed out, the content of the image is permanently altered. You can brighten a pic though, so aim for too dark rather than too light.

2. The ‘Rule of Thirds’

If you’ve done a basic photography class, you’ll know all about the rule of thirds. otBasically, it says you should imagine you should image as being separated into nine even boxes. Then “…important compositional elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections.”
That sounds cool. Even more impressive is the potential result – “…aligning a subject with these points creates more tension, energy and interest in the composition than simply centering the subject.”

3. Make Sure There’s Context

Remember that movie ‘The Aviator’ with Leonardo Dicaprio? In it, he was filming a scene with warplanes racing across the sky and fighting each other. The problem was because there weren’t any clouds, the audience couldn’t tell how fast the planes were going. The cloud, being still, offered context to the speeding planes.
You can’t tell you’re on top of a mountain if the entire background is snow – remember to capture something lower down to demonstrate how high you are.
You can’t tell it’s a sunny day if you can’t see the sky.
You get it – context.

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4. Take Loads of Shots

There’s no film in that thing hand it doesn’t cost you anything – go nuts!

5. Plan Your Shots, Scout Locations

Amazing images don’t create themselves. If you’re out and about and see a place that might lead to a great shot, make a note of it and come back – or take the pic now.
When you’re planning your shots don’t forget that a quick change of clothes can make one day look like many and if you can grab a couple of cool beach shots wearing different clothes, you’ve saved yourself a heap of time.

Your shots are already amazing, but perhaps this little cheat sheet will help you be even better!

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