How to Make Money on Pinterest

Ready to make money on Pinterest? Dive into our complete guide on making money using Pinterest.

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While many people look at Pinterest as an inspiring mood board, the platform goes above and beyond just that. In fact, this search engine offers incredible opportunities for brands, businesses and content creators – especially if you’re looking to make money on Pinterest.

That’s right: you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, make money online and generate passive income.

Not sure where to start when it comes to making money on Pinterest? In this article, you’ll discover nine practical ways to make money on the Pinterest platform and how to use your Pinterest account as a revenue-driving asset.

Ready to get started and learn how to make money on Pinterest? Let’s take you through everything you need to know.



9 Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

With a Pinterest business account, your world is your oysters! Once a site for home interiors and outfit inspiration, the platform is now a fully-fledged business marketing tool packed with tools to help you make money on Pinterest.

Not sure where to start? Follow along with these nine practical tips, tricks and strategies to make money on Pinterest.

1. Join the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program

Join the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program

Want to earn money from the content you share on Pinterest? Our first tip is all about turning your original content into a powerful way to make money on Pinterest.

Pinterest has recently rolled out the creator program that pays you for creating original Idea Pins on the platform.

This exciting program is currently being tested with US creators, giving content creators the chance to make money on Pinterest.

Before you apply to join the program, you’ll have to make sure you meet the eligibility criteria:

• Be at least 18 years old

• Have a Pinterest Business account

• Use the Pinterest mobile app

• Be a legal resident of and located in the 50 United States or the Districts of Columbia

• Have a valid email address

• Publish at least 3 Idea Pins in the last 30 days

• Have at least 250 pins

• Agree to the Creator Code

• Have at least 250 real followers on Pinterest

• Have 150 saves of your published Pins in the last 30 days

Want to apply for the Pinterest Creator Program and get paid for your original content? Here’s how to apply and make money on Pinterest.

2. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to make money on social media sites, like Pinterest.

With affiliate links, you can turn your original content into a way to make money on Pinterest.

to get started with affiliate marketing, you’ll need to join an affiliate program like ClickBank and promote specific products or services as an affiliate marketer. In return, you’ll get a commission out of each sale made using your unique links.

To become an affiliate marketer, follow the steps below:

1. Sign up to ClickBank

2. Choose your niche

3. Find relevant products and services to your niche on ClickBank

4. Generate your unique affiliate link

5. Create pins and attach your affiliate links

3. Partner with a Brand

Partner with a Brand

To make money on Pinterest, you don’t necessarily need a product (or even affiliate links to one!). In fact, your audience alone can be enough to make money on Pinterest.

Maybe you’ve gained a loyal, engaged follower of fitness-obsessed mothers or savvy home cooks. When you have a solid following, you have something valuable that other brands may be interested in.

By building relationships with brands, you can promote their products to your audience as a way to make money on Pinterest. Some brands might pay you simply for creating content about their business, while others might use affiliate links to help you tap into the benefits of affiliate marketing.

4. Use Product Pins to Sell Products

Use Product Pins to Sell Products

If you have an e-commerce website, Pinterest Product Pins is a great way to drive traffic to your website.

Product Pins is one of the recently added features on Pinterest, allowing you to add the price, availability and information on where and how to buy your product. The best part is that you can add your link to your Product Pin and Pinterest will take the users directly to the website to make a purchase.

If you’re looking to make money on Pinterest, turning your Pinterest boards into shoppable online stores is a simple way to increase your sales. By removing friction in the path to purchase, you’ll be able to increase your revenue and even boost traffic to your ecommerce store.

5. Become a Virtual Assistant

Have you mastered Pinterest SEO, content creation or management? Then you can apply to virtual assistant jobs that require you to manage Pinterest accounts.

Some businesses see the potential of building an audience on Pinterest but lack the resources to operate an account in-house. Offering your skills as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant might be a lucrative business venture and can help you make money on Pinterest.

As a Pinterest virtual assistant, your job may be to:

• Come up with content/Pin ideas

• Create Pins

Schedule Pins

• Manage ads

• Improve Pinterest SEO

• Analyze the Pinterest account insights

6. Offer Pinterest-only Campaigns

Offering an exclusive promo code to Pinterest users is another great way to use Pinterest to drive sales to your e-commerce store.

Since Pinners can stumble across your Pin in their home feeds, special promotions are quite successful and work exceptionally well all year. Plus, delivering a limited-time coupon only available on Pinterest generates a feeling of urgency, which may increase clicks and interaction on your account.

7. Reach a Broader Audience with a Pinterest Ad Campaign

Reach a Broader Audience with a Pinterest Ad Campaign

Setting up a Pinterest ad campaign is an effective way to boost awareness, drive traffic and make money on Pinterest.

To better target Pinterest Ads and attract the right shopping audience for your brand or product, you may consider specific demographics such as age and geography, as well as categories and hobbies.

Once you launch an ad in Pinterest Ads Manager, it will display in users’ Home feeds in relevant search results and look nearly like a regular Pin.

Best of all, you don’t need to create ads from scratch. You can choose the existing Pin that you’ve added in the past.

8. Stop the Scroll with Video Pins

Stop the Scroll with Video Pins

Posting Video Pins is an excellent method to engage an audience, tell a story, demonstrate your products or services in action and, ultimately, sell on Pinterest.

Video Pins begin playing instantly on the desktop, giving them an excellent opportunity to capture the Pinners’ attention.

If you’re currently posting videos on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube, consider repurposing them. For example, you could cut out a valuable or intriguing piece of content from your existing YouTube videos.

Save time by scheduling your video Pins with Plann for free.

9. Leverage Story Pins to Engage with Your Audience

Story Pins, with their tappable structure, enable content creators to create dynamic and visual stories, which is an excellent way to promote brand loyalty and boost sales.

Story Pins are shown on mobile as a sequence of image or video pages that may be tapped through, similar to Instagram Stories.

However, unlike Instagram Stories, Story Pins do not expire after 24 hours, making them a more permanent way to communicate with your audience.

Note: Story Pins are currently only available to a limited number of Pinterest Creators, but they may be expanded soon.]


Wrapping Up: Make Money on Pinterest

Pinterest provides a wide range of tools and features that enable you to make sales on the platform. The best part about making money on Pinterest is that whether you have a website or not, there is a way for you to generate income.

And now that you know the nine ways of making money on Pinterest, it’s time to act upon this information and start building your Pinterest profile. Don’t forget to create and schedule your Pins in advance with Plann for free.


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