Social Media Growth Strategies for 2024

Skyrocket your success with these must-try social media growth strategies.

Shannon Jade
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Another year is ahead of us!

In 2024, we know that big things are coming to your favorite social media platforms, and that means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to develop your marketing strategy and boost your influence.

By understanding what it takes to make the most of social media marketing efforts, you can create an awesome social presence that takes your brand to the next level of reach, awareness, and conversion potential. Pretty amazing, right?

So what should you do if you want to make 2024 your year of social media success? Plann has the answers you’re looking for.

Here’s what you need to know!



What is social media growth, and why does it matter?

It’s easy to assume that social media growth is just about your follower count. But in reality, true growth means much more than just the number at the top of your profile.

Real social media growth is what happens when your account starts to gain traction among new followers and old.

Growth means building your audience, as well as engaging the people who already know about your brand.

The more you can do to enhance your social media marketing strategy and optimize reach and engagement stats, the better your posts — and your account overall — will perform. This is how you build a social media presence that works for your brand.

When you focus on producing high-quality content and implementing a clear growth strategy, you can expect to:

• Boost referral traffic to your website, blog or app

• Increase the number of new enquiries you’re receiving

• Book out your calendar, sell out your prodcuts and hit your revenue targets

• Generate meaningful engagement on every single social media post you share

Hello, social media superstar energy!

How to grow your following and boost brand power this year

If you’re keen to grow your social media presence but you’re feeling unsure of where to begin, this guide is for you. These are a few simple steps you can follow to revolutionize your account and take your business to the stage across all your favorite social channels.

Be creative and strategic with content

First, content matters! Good social media content curation and creation skills can help you boost your professionalism and appeal to audiences from around the world.

Your social media content calendar needs to come from a place of strategy, relying on a good mix of text and visual content, including photos and videos, to share your message online. Don’t forget to hop on current trends and harness the latest social media updates whenever you can for extra branding power!

Be creative and strategic with content

When you are creative and innovative about content, you can add value to all of your social media posts, giving people a reason to follow your journey. This can help you maximize reach, as well as maintain your existing connections.

Working across as many social media networks as you can manage, you need to create well-branded content that represents your brand and its mission effectively. It’s time to get posting!

Get to know your audience

Next, it’s essential that you understand your target audience and know how to provide the value your followers are looking for.

When you’re running a business, all other social media users are potential customers. The more you know about who your followers are and what they care about, the more effectively you can serve this audience.

get to know your audience

By looking for opportunities to connect with people and build your online community, you can develop meaningful relationships that promote follower growth as well as increased engagement, helping you achieve your growth goals.

Over time, you can even look for new ways to include your audience as part of your business plan and content calendar. Think branded hashtags, user-generated content, and even social media competitions!

Understand the competition

Speaking of competition, you need to understand yours. Do your research, and know how other businesses in your niche are approaching the world of socials.

Learning what your competition is up to doesn’t mean you have to copy them, but it can help you identify trends, spark new ideas, and even decode algorithmic concerns, like in-post SEO and hashtag performance. This can give you the skills you need to unlock success on social media.

Understand the competition

Similarly, your competitors are likely to have the kind of followers you want to gain. By understanding how their followers engage, you can adjust your social efforts for optimal results. The more you know, the more you can do to make your dreams a reality.

When you know who you’re up against, you can start to establish a social media marketing plan that works, all while getting to know other people who share your interests and niche. It’s a win-win!

Put your insights to work

Social media analytics are essential if you want to develop a guided strategy that allows you to chase your growth goals with confidence.

Put your insights to work

You can use your social media metrics, in-built into your social accounts, to understand how your content is performing, how your audience is engaging, and how your brand is growing online so far.

Plus, you can tap into in-depth social media analytics with Plann. Discover your optimal posting times, content performance trends and even which color palettes generate the best results for your business.

When you learn to use important metrics, you can improve your ability to create data-driven content that aligns with your brand, your message, and your mission.

The more you reflect on your social insights, the more effectively you and your marketing team can reach your target audience and drive additional social media engagement for long-term success.

Plann for success

Last but certainly not least, you need to know the importance of starting out with a clear and comprehensive Plann for social media stardom.

Whether you want to schedule posts or simply intend to plan out your content ahead of time, a good planning and preparation system can help you stay in control of your social media strategy without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Plann for success

Working across a mix of social media channels, you can use an app-based tool like Plann to curate your content, develop your social media strategy, and find fresh ideas that help you keep attracting new users.

Want to get started with Plann for your social media platforms? Sign up for a free 7-day trial of Plann Pro today, and make the most of new opportunities to grow your account and achieve your goals in 2024.


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