Discover Your Best Performing Colour Palette On Instagram

Want to create a seamless Instagram grid with colours that simply flow? Discover the best performing color palette feature on Plann now.

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Want to create a seamless Instagram grid with colours that simply flow?

Discover the best performing color palette feature on Plann now.

Have you ever wondered how all of those really aesthetically pleasing Instagram accounts with heaps of followers and highly engaged audiences do it? You know the ones. They have all their design ducks in a row, all of their filters work together beautifully and most of all, the color scheme is always on point. Well… those grids didn’t make themselves! 



Take Plann ambassador Jenna Kutcher for example, who has a firm handle on her best-performing color palette as you can see here:



Hidden in the results tab among the other advanced analytics tools, the best performing color palette feature will intuitively track and report your best-performing colors for several key timeframes. 

You can view your best performing color palette data for the last:

  • 7-day view
  • 30-day view
  • 3 months or


To access the Best Performing Color Palette on Plann, simply head to your toolbar menu and tap on the results icon. This will open up the advanced analytics screen where you can also see how many impressions your Instagram has made over the same time frames as well reach, and best performing posts. Next to the right, you’ll see the best performing color palette where you will be able to see the exact color that has performed as well as the HEX code of that color. 

 Having the HEX code for your best performing color palette means that you’re now able to copy that code directly to workspaces like Canva, enter the code, and continue to produce artwork using the exact same colors that have performed well for your Instagram. 

Having a successful Instagram is more than just doing what looks pretty – it’s a science. One that we’ve figured out for you. So now all you have to do is upload your media into the media manager, Plann your strategy and craft your posts, schedule, post and test what works by getting familiar with your analytics in the results menu. 

“Having a successful Instagram is

 more than just doing what 

looks pretty – it’s a science”. 

Now your brand can continue to produce consistent posts based on data that Plann has gathered for you, all the while giving your followers what they want based on what you know works! Knowing what performs well and how to consistently produce those same results will grow your following by building that brand rapport, grow your following by now being one of those really aesthetically pleasing Instagram accounts we all know and love to follow, and gaining trust. 

Repetition creates mastery and we can’t wait for you to master your Instagram color palette with this thoughtful and strategic tool.

If you haven’t started using this feature with your Instagram, sign up for Plann today and hey, why not take a before and after screenshot and send them both to us in a month.

We can’t wait for you to see the impact that Plann has on your Instagram aesthetic, engagement and success. 

Just tag us @plannthat or add #plannthat and we’ll be sure to check out your stunning account. 

Happy Plann’ing! 



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