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TikTok joins Plann!

TikTok scheduling

New! TikTok joins Plann!

TikTok scheduling

Why TikTok, and why now?

We’re currently seeing the rise of short-form video content across most major social media platforms.

Whether that’s a push towards Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Pinterest Stories (and yes, TikTok!), we’re also seeing many requests to be able to upload more video files into Plann.

Algorithms (for now!) are favoring video so if you’re already focusing your efforts on creating and producing video content, we wanted to make sure it’s as easy as possible to amplify your existing social presence with as little effort as possible.

What about traditional posts and stories? Is it easy to add video to my strategy?

Traditional posts and stories are absolutely just as valuable, however we wanted to make sure our community has the best tools available if you’re jumping on the video trend – or if it’s something you’ve been wanting to do and just need a hand getting started, we want to be there for you too.

The beauty of Plann is that we’ll help you organize and be strategic about how to repurpose your content. For us it’s not about adding yet another platform to your to-do list.

Use Plann to organize your brand strategy, design your post schedule, curate a content shoot list just once, and then we’ll help you be really smart about how to repurpose and cross post.

As everything is organized and housed in one place here at Plann, we can help you easily redistribute the work you’ve already done to get the most amount of eyes on your work for the smallest amount of effort.

Why TikTok? TikTok Statistics:

TikTok is growing at a surprising global rate, with multiple eCommerce partnerships that make purchasing straight off the platform becoming incredibly simple.

As at writing, the statistics are:

  • 689 Million Monthly Active Users
  • 1B+ Video views per day

The demographics are:

  • 53% of TikTok users are male and 47% are female.
  • Roughly 50% of TikTok’s global audience is under the age of 34 (with 32.5% aged between 10 and 19.)
  • 41 percent of TikTok users are aged between 16 and 24.
  • 100 million monthly active users are from the USA
  • In less than 18 months, the number of US adult TikTok users grew 5.5 times.
  • TikTok users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the app.
  • 90% of TikTok users visit the app more than once per day.

I’ve been thinking of getting started with Instagram Reels or TikTok but I don’t really know how?

Whether you’re wanting to start with Instagram Reels, or creating TikTok videos, getting started is exactly the same. Plus, once you’ve filmed for one of them, Plann can help you organize and plan ahead so you have a strategy to be able to publish across to the other platform too.

We’re currently seeing viral trends get started on TikTok, and then end up on Instagram a few weeks later so it’s really up to you where you’d like to start.

New to Instagram Reels? Read more: Instagram Reels 101

How do I plan and schedule for TikTok using Plann?

TikTok Desktop Planning

Use Plann’s unique strategy feature to build out themes, ideas, placeholders and prompts for future videos. Here are different ways you can build out your strategy with a dedicated planning space.

1) Organize your files together in one place

Upload, store and manage all of your video files ready for your next TikTok video.

Think of it as your own social media dropbox! Choose to store files ready to create new videos, OR, batch create your content and save them here in your new planning space, ready to post.
If you work with a team you may have noticed that even though you’re sharing a login – your work is unable to be shared across different people, even though you’re sharing the same login which can be painful for teams working together.

Plann is the perfect place to keep everything all together to access, safely.

2) Use Plann’s strategy tool to design your own TikTok strategy

There’s nothing worse than feeling pressured to ‘create content’ when you’re not sure what the objective is.

Use Plann’s strategy tool to design a unique, purpose-driven posting strategy so that you’re always on track with what you’re creating, rather than scrolling for hours looking for inspiration and losing hours and hours of precious content creation time.

Plann’s unique strategy tool is the perfect way to organize batch creation and your content shoot list.

TikTok Strategy

3) Save links to trending TikToks, audio or effects you’d like to recreate later

Spotted trending clips, audio or effects and want to be able to refer back to them later?

Now you can save everything right inside your new TikTok planning space!

When you’re binge watching TikTok videos and spot something you’d like to recreate, simply tap the 3 dots on the Reel itself and choose to save the link.

Easily paste this link, along with any trending hashtags, comments, or username tags (or upload any screenshots), directly into your Reels space in Plann.

Watch Plann customer success superstar Ashley walk through how to use Plann + TikTok now!

How do I repurpose video content with Plann?

Read More: Step by step guide: How to repurpose TikTok to Instagram Reels

Read More: Step by step guide: How To Make a TikTok

When I schedule videos to TikTok, will they auto-post for me?

TikTok does not currently support auto post.

TikTok is a fairly new platform and has just started building tools for developers like Plann to be able to support their platform and we’re furiously watching their updates!

At the time you’ve selected to post your TikTok video, the Plann App will send you a reminder to publish it to the platform.

Managing more than 1 TikTok account?

Our pricing is designed to grow with you.
If you need to manage more than one brand across the web, simply upgrade your Plann subscription at any time for the exact amount of brands you need.

*note: TikTok requires you to be logged into the correct account on their platform to authorize the connection with Plann.
If you have multiple accounts, make sure you’re logged into the right account on TikTok (App or Web) before connecting.

If you accidentally add the wrong TikTok account, simply visit your Plann settings and choose to disconnect the account, and try again.

Working with a Team?

When social media workflows are housed in each of the individual platforms, it can quickly become a nightmare for virtual assistants, team members or business partners to access work.

Having one centralized location inside Plann makes working together a b-r-e-e-z-e.

Available now with Plann Plus, you’ll also get:

– Planning, strategy tools and scheduling across TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn social media platforms.
– Unlimited media uploads and scheduling tools
– Custom events on your calendar to design your own content, editorial or brand schedule
– Unlimited hashtag sets (to auto post in first comments)
– Advanced Instagram analytics
– Custom strategy tools to plan with intention
– Comments and mentions management to quickly respond and keep conversations flowing
– Free professional stock photos and videos for when you’re short of content

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We genuinely love hearing from you and all of your ideas for Plann!

Reach out to the product team directly at feedback@plannthat.com

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