5 Easy Ways To Convert Your Social Media Followers Into Clients

Ready to turn your followers into clients? Follow this five step social media marketing guide.

On average, social media conversions fall somewhere between 0.54% and 9.21%, depending on the platforms you use. So, how do you position your content for the best results?

If you’re a service provider looking to refine your social media marketing strategy to win more clients, it starts with understanding what types of content will inspire action. To turn followers into paying customers, you need to foster relationships, build trust and showcase your value.

If you want to turn followers into customers, keep reading to level up your content strategy! Here are five easy things you can do to boost conversions and win new business from social media marketing.



1. Build Real Communities And Connections

Social media should be just that: social! Yes, your brand image is important. Yes, you should be working to articulate your brand’s personality clearly and consistently. But the most important thing is the connection you curate with your followers (a.k.a. your potential clients!).

Currently, over 60% of the global population is active on social media. Social connections allow you to build a sense of community within the world’s largest community.

When you skip the singularly promotional posts in favor of thoughtful, community-building content, you can enhance brand loyalty and persuade your social followers to explore more of what your brand has to offer.

Better yet, try this approach across a variety of social channels! The more you build your social network, the more you can expand your customer base.


Build Real Communities And Connections

Learn from Plann! We pride ourselves on the fabulous community of social media creators we’ve built. At the end of the day, we’re just like our users. From comedic posts to professional chats, we make time and space to connect with people who share in our brand’s values and mission.

2. Respond To Your Audience’s Pain Points

Next, you need to understand your social audience. What’s important in your audience’s life? What key pain points do your followers experience, and how can your brand help to make a difference?

By getting to know your target audience, you can begin to produce tailored social media content that tells people what they need to hear. This empowers you to highlight your offer and its value effectively.

Whether you develop a buyer persona or base your pain-point response on direct conversations with your customers, strategic approaches can erase consumer doubts and give users a reason to buy from you.

Responding well to consumer pain points has power. With the right solution and effective communication, you can easily convert followers into loyal customers.


Respond To Your Audience's Pain Points

Check out Maria Reid at Women In Business Coaching on Instagram. This account is clear about its audience. Maria focuses on what matters most to her followers and offers real, tangible solutions that make a difference for her community.

3. Harness The Power Of Social Proof

An incredible 92% of consumers are hesitant to buy without reviews or customer testimonials to turn to. In the digital age, social proof is powerful in demonstrating the value your brand brings to the market.

Frequently, user-generated content and influencer marketing techniques are used to gain Instagram followers and attract customers. Simply by highlighting one customer’s positive experience, you can prove your worth to the next buyer.

However, as a service provider, you need to go further to showcase your impact. While reviews and written testimonials are a good first step, there are other ways to leverage social proof on your social media channels, including:

  • Crafting case studies that demonstrate the impact your business has had on a past client. Be sure to showcase the problems you solve, the results you deliver and what the future of your partnership looks like.
  • Work with your clients to produce video testimonials that allow your happy customers to vouch for your skills and expertise in an engaging video format.

4. Use Clear, Impactful Calls to Action

Studies have found that adding even a simple call to action, or CTA, can increase conversions by as much as 83%. A strong CTA helps people engage with your brand and can even direct them to your sales channels.

In some cases, a CTA may provide an opportunity to gain followers or spark interesting conversations across your social channels. Alternatively, you could direct consumers to a landing page filled with your latest deals and discounts.

Better yet, CTAs can also turn followers into quality leads. All you need is a great lead magnet, like an eBook, and a few questions that allow you to capture valuable consumer data.

When you use CTAs well, you can control the consumer journey from start to finish. This allows you to guide consumers in the right direction and foster long-term relationships with customers who will return to shop again.


Use Clear, Impactful Calls to Action

Eleanor at Flourish on Social offers a great example of how strong CTAs work to drive brand conversions. Her content invites followers to take immediate action and learn more about the products and services on offer. This is the start of the buyer’s journey!

5. Keep Track of Social Media Analytics

Finally, it is critical to monitor social media analytics across various social platforms carefully. This can help you generate more leads and maximize your digital marketing strategies.

Whether you’re using Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, or Pinterest, or simply monitoring Google Analytics, your social data matters, and you can use this information to guide decision-making and identify areas for improvement.

Make sure you have tracking set up to identify the source of your website traffic, allowing you to see which channel was most effective in driving traffic to your website. From there, make sure to ask new leads where they found your brand using a simple question in your contact or enquiry form.


Keep Track of Social Media Analytics

Social media strategist Milou Pieters knows what it takes to turn analytic data into the next steps of a marketing plan. Milou’s comprehensive insight-tracking approach relies on a thorough understanding of performance metrics and how best to respond to the stats.

Turn Your Followers Into Clients With Plann

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