Hacks To Automate Your Social Media Strategy

Increase your brand visibility and audience engagement with these hacks to automate your social media strategy!

From tracking analytics to responding to comments and developing creative content ideas, executing your social media strategy can be an all-consuming task. Thankfully, social media automation can help streamline your workflows, unlock content creation efficiencies and spend your time on tasks that move the dial for your business. 

Unsure how you can automate your social media strategy to better serve your audience and business goals? Here, we break down the importance of automation for your social media strategy and the best hacks you can leverage as a business owner to boost visibility, repurpose content, and avoid creative block. Let’s dive in! 


Why is it important to automate your social media strategy? 

Managing your social media strategy can feel all-consuming. From coming up with creative content ideas, scheduling content across platforms, engaging with audiences, and measuring the success of each post, it’s enough to occupy most of your day. Automation is an invaluable tool as it means you can save time and money without compromising your visibility online. 

Ultimately, automation allows you to use your time more effectively and efficiently. The benefits of this for your social media strategy include:

  • Automation fast-tracks your social media content creation: So much of posting on social media is time-consuming. From scheduling to writing an engaging caption and curating relevant hashtags, it’s easy to find yourself spending hours simply posting across your social media platforms. But with automation, you can fast-track everything from post ideation to caption writing and beyond.
  • Automation allows you to show up consistently: Boosting brand awareness and organic visibility is all about posting consistently. By automating your posts, you ensure your content continues to be shared with frequency, even during those times when you may be on vacation, knee-deep in launching a new product or on leave. This consistency builds greater audience loyalty and increases engagement
  • Automation means can refocus your time and energy on growing your business: Managing social media can feel like a full-time job when it comes to creating content, posting, responding to comments, and measuring performance analytics. Automation allows you to take back precious time that can be redirected to growing your business, be that reaching out to clients, growing your team or developing new launches and campaigns. 

5 Social Media Automation Hacks You Need to Leverage as a Business Owner

As a business owner, content creator or entrepreneur, working smarter not harder is how you’ll grow and scale successfully.

With the ability to save you time and resources, social media automation should be a priority in your strategy. Consider these five hacks for automating your social strategy as a business owner. 

1. Use GenAI to fast-track your social media content ideas

Part of the struggle with social media is coming up with fresh, engaging content ideas on a daily basis. Consistency is key when it comes to building trust and loyalty with your following, yet it can be difficult to plan and create content weeks in advance so you have a clear social strategy in place. Thankfully, generative AI has proved a valuable tool for coming up with content ideas. 

Tools like ChatGPT can help you brainstorm content ideas for public holiday dates or specific events as long as you provide specific details and clearly outline the target audience, format, or goals for the post. Take the example below, in which ChatGPT provides ideas surrounding content for the New Year.

Use GenAI to fast-track your social media content ideas (1)Though GenAI can certainly help you come up with content ideas, it’s important to note that it should be reviewed and edited. Remember that each social media platform has its own unique audience, which should be reflected in the tone of your content. GenAI can give you the foundation, but it’s crucial to personalize your content to suit these differences. 

For instance, if you’re repurposing an Instagram post or carousel to LinkedIn, you may want to make your tone more formal or draw on industry experts for greater credibility. Similarly, a Reel or video may perform well on Instagram and Twitter, but you may want to share the information as an infographic on Twitter or Facebook. 

2. Harness hashtag managers to boost your content’s visibility 

If you’re not using hashtags in your captions, you’re missing out. Hashtags are a powerful content categorization tool for boosting content visibility, increasing engagement and driving traffic to your posts and profile.

Research has shown that Tweets with hashtags receive two times more engagement than those without, while Instagram posts that include 11 hashtags have the highest interactions, with a 79.5% increase for accounts with less than 1,000 followers. 

Safe to say, you need to use hashtags to grow your audience and boost visibility. But coming up with relevant hashtags can be a time-consuming process. Thankfully, it’s a process that can be automated with tools like Plann’s hashtag manager. 

Whether you choose to create your own custom hashtag sets or prefer to search through Plann’s suggested hashtags that are specific to your industry or content needs, you’ll have access to thousands of hashtags that ensure your content finds a wide pool of relevant users. 

done for you hashtag set3. Leverage AI to beat writer’s block when writing captions

Writer’s block can strike at any time, no matter what part of the creative process you find yourself in. If you’ve found yourself struggling to come up with engaging captions that resonate with audiences or provide a strong call to action that drives traffic to your website, AI can help. 

Consider using a feature like Plann’s AI caption generator tool to help you overcome writer’s block when captioning your content. Simply input basic instructions, set your desired tone of voice and let our caption generator do the rest. 

caption generator (1)Skip starting a blinking curser and get your social content produced in record time with this handy AI-powered tool, perfect for automating your social media strategy.

4. Repurpose existing content like a pro across channels 

If you’ve labored over a piece of content, don’t let it go to waste. With automated features like Plann’s cross-posting tool, you can publish the same piece of content across multiple social media platforms with ease. 

This could look like repurposing an Instagram carousel into a Facebook post or cross-posting an Instagram Reel to TikTok. 

repurposing contentThe key to cross-posting is to ensure the piece of content works for the platform it’s being shared with regard to image display ratios, social features, and the caption used. This is where Plann’s cross-posting tool excels, as it provides tweaks to your text and images so the post resonates across each platform. 

5. Batch and schedule your content in advance 

The most successful social media strategy is one that’s been carefully planned in advance. This ensures you have clear goals and business objectives to work towards and that you’re also posting consistently while utilizing trending hashtags and events as they arise on the social calendar.  

To post multiple times a day across different social platforms can be time-consuming. But with a tool like Plann’s visual planner and auto-scheduling, you’ll increase your efficiency without compromising on quality. Given that you can expect things to come up in daily life, be it important meetings or unforeseen events, scheduling content in advance means you can avoid such obstacles in your social media strategy. 

Show up consistently, manage multiple social channels and gain daily post prompts to help you on your way by scheduling your content in advance with Plann. 

Unlock social media automation with Plann

Whether you’re struggling to keep up with the fast-paced nature of social media or simply want to devote more time to growing your business and focusing on those tasks that take place offline, Plann’s range of features is sure to help save you time with an automated social media strategy. 

Any business owner can attest that the world of social media and content never stops, making the need for consistent posts essential if you want to maintain a strong online presence and increase audience engagement. Rather than see yourself weighed down with the ins and outs of social media strategy that can be all-consuming, let Plann help you work smarter, not harder. 

From AI-generated captions to cross-posting, analytics, hashtags and more, Plann can help you maintain a consistent posting schedule while you remain focused on business growth. 

Go on, and redeem your 7-day free trial of Plann Plus. If you don’t like it, keep using Plann for free!


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