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Ready to kick start your social media marketing and grow a following as a content creator? We want to take the confusion and guesswork out of using social media to skyrocket your success as a content creator.

That’s why we’ve created this FREE 30-day content calendar, tailored to anyone wanting to become an iconic content creator.

Get ready for content inspiration, caption starters, handpicked hashtags and repurposing tips to help you grow your audience and attract new content partnerships.

Whether you’re building your content creation business from scratch or leveling up your existing marketing efforts, we’ve got you covered with this customizable, strategy-driven content calendar.

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Kickstart Your Content Creators Social Media Marketing

30 Days Content

The world of social media has helped content creators to make money from their talents! Once upon a time, social media and Instagram specifically were just places for candid fun, but now it’s a critical part of building a business and reaching new audiences.

Instagram, YouTube and TikTok have evolved rapidly alongside their users and have helped content creators, brands and small businesses flourish.

While social media is the perfect place to scale your content creation, it is equally easy to lose track of where you are at with different relationships as your business grows.
That’s where our award-winning social media suite Plann comes in with our robust brand calendar to help organize your strategy and execute on it. Plann’s content prompts, daily caption starters, handpicked hashtags and easy cross-posting will have you growing your following and skyrocketing your sales in no time.

What’s included:

Content Creator Templates


Content Creator Content Inspo


Content Creator Caption Starters


Content Creator Repurposing




From our Content Creator Plann’rs

“Plann helped me see what was working and what wasn’t. For example, Plann showed me what hashtag groups performed the best on my posts. I started following the recommendations, and I noticed a major difference in performance. I also could see what posts performed well in general, which helped me in what content I would be shooting next. Not to mention saving me time by offering auto-post!
Isabella Lanter | Lifestyle & Fashion Creator | @isabellalanter

Building an Engaged Community
with Content Creator Isabella Lanter

Wonder what it takes to grow a thriving community of 23k+ followers? Learn the secrets from lifestyle content creator Isabella Lanter. She has managed to stay on top of her content creation (and grow it into a viable business) all while completing her studies!

Plann’s top features for
Content Creators businesses


Customizable themes & strategic placeholders

Build a trust-worthy brand by sharing your story, strategically. As experts, we’ve identified content themes that build brands. Use our presets, or choose to add your own. Add strategic placeholders to help manage content batching and content shoots.What does your brand stand for and how do you want to be perceived? No idea yet? That’s ok! We’re here to help.

Curated Hashtags

With Plann, you’ll have the tools you need to stay up to date, relevant and on trend to maximize your visibility online. Speed up your hashtag workflow. We’ve done the research for you on the best performing hashtags for content creators so you don’t have to.

Photo editing suite

Enhance your brand with an in-built, easy-to-use photo editing suite. Create click-worthy content with professional image editing tools. Easily crop, tweak, filter and overlay your way to thumb-stopping content, all without leaving Plann.

Multi Platform/cross posting

Make your content work harder while diversifying your strategy. Take your best performing content, evergreen articles, or video content and distribute it everywhere for maximum results.

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