Case Study – Beauty + Content Creator

How Plann Helped Oh My Stellar Secure Lucrative Brand Partnerships As A Beauty Content Creator

Stella Thai (a beauty content creator, blogger and photographer) always knew Instagram would be the place to launch her business, Oh My Stellar. Since 2017, she has reviewed hundreds of beauty products, recommended the best new products on the market and attracted thousands of loyal fans along the way.

From Photographer To Beauty Content Creator

I primarily focused on Instagram due to my background as a photographer and also the visual-dominant nature of my niche.


Stella Thai

Beauty + Content Creator

Without the ability to invest in Google Ads, Stella was searching for a way to market her beauty blogging business and drive traffic to her website. By launching Oh My Stellar on Instagram, she was able to build an online presence, connect with like-minded beauty lovers and catch the attention of potential brand partners.

“Through using Instagram, I was able to establish a strong brand identity as well as develop my reputation as an honest, reliable source of beauty advice. I was also able to expand to different types of content that may not have otherwise suited my blog, such as video reels, makeup application looks and unboxings.”

Collaborating With Brands And Clients

Since switching to Plann, I’ve been able to more accurately adjust my posting schedule to suit both mine and my client’s content strategies, leveraging the new ‘Collaboration’ function on Instagram.


Stella Thai

Beauty + Content Creator

As a beauty blogger, Stella is focused on building her business’s profile to gain traction with brand partnerships. By fostering a consistent, professional social media presence, she has been able to catch the attention of beauty brands and bring collaborations to life.

Not only has Stella been able to grow an engaged follower base, but she has built up her professional network with both brands and PR agencies, too.

Harnessing A Visual-First Planner

I love being able to shift things around, adding in new posts as I go and start scheduling even before I finish editing images.


Stella Thai

Beauty + Content Creator

With Plann’s visual planner, Stella has been able to stay organized and stick to a consistent posting schedule on Instagram. Plann’s grid layout preview gives Stella the ability to see her feed prior to posting, ensuring she can shift things around to achieve her desired look and feel.

Plus, when new sponsored content or brand partnership posts come up at short notice, Stella can easily prioritize these time-sensitive campaigns.

Stella’s Top Tips For Brands On Instagram:

  • Commit to your aesthetic:

    “Create a moodboard of imagery that you love and also that suits your brand identity – never lose track of that!”

  • Stay on brand:

    “Get cohesion across your posts but don’t be too repetitive. Mix up different topics and think about what your audience is taking away from your post. Show something aspirational if you are simply advertising, be clear and informative if you are sharing information, or build a relationship with your audience by sharing something more personal.”



Oh My Stella


  • Blogger

“So much information packed into a small amount of time”
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