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How Content Creator Isabella Lanter Grew A Thriving Community of 43k+ Followers Using Plann

For lifestyle content creator Isabella Lanter, juggling the demands of full-time college with building an audience wasn’t always easy. But with the support of an all-in-one social media suite, like Plann, Isabella was able to scale her following, hone her niche and foster a highly engaged community on social media.

Building Community With Creativity

Social media has always been a creative outlet for Isabella. Like many content creators, Isabella was on a mission to offer valuable and relatable content to her audience and connect with people all over the world.

I used social media to bring awareness to my creativity and capabilities. Social media is an incredible space to show off your talents and what you can do.


Isabella Lanter

Content Creator

To carve out a niche for herself in the competitive lifestyle content creator space, Isabella launched Influencer Oasis (a free online education hub for fellow content creators). This helped her ensure she was building a community on social media that was highly engaged and valuable.

Crafting High-Performing Content

A creative at heart, Isabella has always been a visual person and was searching for the right platform that would allow her to plan her upcoming content visually.

“I need everything in front of me at once to plan it out well. The auto-posting and feed planning aspects of Plann genuinely helped me with my content creation.”

Plus, Plann’s hashtag manager has helped Isabella handpick high-performing hashtags to ensure her content reaches a wide pool of relevant users on social media.

Data-Driven Audience Insights

Like any skilled content creator, Isabella relies on insights and data to inform her decision-making. With Plann’s advanced analytics, Isabella could take exactly what posts performed well and not-so-well to inform her upcoming shoots and sponsored campaigns.

I’ve gained access to analytics and details that other platforms don’t offer, such as my best-performing color palette, best-performing hashtags, and so much more.


Isabella Lanter

Content Creator

Isabella’s Top Tips For Content Creators:

  • Curate an aesthetic

    Figure out what feeling or mood you want to bring to a person when they come across your platform. Do you want to give off a playful vibe, a more modern look?

  • Focus on the details

    Find ways to make your aesthetic unique and have features that your audience will connect to you. You want someone to come across a post, icon, etc. and immediately think of you or your brand.



Isabella Lanter


  • Content Creator

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