5 Ways AI Can Streamline Your Social Media Content Strategy

Get ready to fast-track your content creation with these five powerful tips for using AI in your social media strategy.

Shannon Jade
5 minutes read

Artificial intelligence (a.k.a. AI) is on the rise! From now until 2030, experts expect to see the sector grow by an annual rate of 37.3%, affecting a wide range of industries. From marketing and administrative tasks to financial management and medical diagnostics, AI is all around us.  

By learning more about what AI can do, you can identify new opportunities to incorporate the latest technologies in your social media strategy

When used well, AI can play a critical role in helping you improve your content and streamline your digital marketing approach. It can help you save time, stress, and money, helping you streamline and automate the most mundane parts of your content strategy.

Wondering how best to use AI for your social media accounts? Plann has the answers you’re searching for. Here are just 5 of the incredible things artificial intelligence can help you with on social media right now!


Your Ultimate Social Media Wingman, Plann’s AI Caption Generator

Our AI tool is here to be your reliable wingman, providing you with engaging, on-brand captions that resonate with your audience, all in a heartbeat!

Your Ultimate Social Media Wingman, Plann’s AI Caption Generator


1. Enhance your efficiency

Studies show that 64% of businesses expect AI to boost productivity levels! When it comes to your social media strategy, this can make a big difference. 

By enhancing your efficiency, AI technologies make it easier for you to stay on track with your content posting schedule. In just a fraction of the time it would take to create content from scratch, you can access high-quality branded materials that sell your products and services.  

When you improve your efficiency, you can spend more time on what really matters to you and your business. Plus, you can dedicate resources to extra social planning and more fresh, innovative content ideas. 

The more efficiently you create great, value-based social media content, the more content you can share with your audience. This can provide many more opportunities to reach new people and convert followers into customers

2. Generate better captions

Artificial intelligence tools are already popular for writing tasks! AI can save you plenty of time and stress you might otherwise waste trying to write your next social media caption.

Instead of worrying about what to say and how to say it, you can provide basic details about your brand and the message you want to convey to an AI system. Then watch as the technology produces a ready-to-use caption in just seconds. 

Plann’s new AI-powered Caption Generator is made for social media superstars just like you, so you know you can trust it to help you succeed.

Designed as your ultimate captioning wingman, Plann’s Caption Generator uses cutting-edge AI technology to understand your brand and instantly produce a wide range of compelling social media post captions for you to choose from.

Simply input a prompt and let the tech do the rest. You can even use the Plann Caption Generator to optimize caption length, select relevant hashtags, and create an engaging call to action (CTA).

3. Create incredible graphics

Similarly, AI can be an excellent tool for image creation! This is the key to incredible content, especially on social media platforms that prioritize visual elements. 

Finding it difficult to create the right look for your next carousel post? Feeling unsure about your graphic design skills? AI can help you create clear, professional images fit for instant social media sharing, no special design skills required.

create incredible graphics

Using artificial intelligence to curate your aesthetic can help you improve brand recognition and boost your credibility. All of this could be the first step in scaling your business and building your customer base.  

You might even consider using AI to sharpen your product photos or fill in for images you haven’t been able to capture. There are so many possibilities, and AI is capable of more and more every day. 

4. Measure your success

Often, measuring and tracking success on social media can be a challenge. Where should you begin, and what do your analytics really mean? AI is here to help! 

Using machine learning systems and processes, AI can provide an easy way to keep track of your content performance and other audience results. You can use AI to quickly sift through large amounts of data, instantly accessing the information you need most. 

By relying on AI to understand how well your content performs online, you can make better posting decisions in the future. This can give you the chance to adjust and enhance your strategy now and for the long-term.

Over time, you can use AI systems to understand more about who your brand is online and how you can grow to best serve the people who follow you. No more overwhelming insights and metrics charts. Artificial intelligence can find the most important stats for you! 

5. Plan your content

AI can even have an impact on the way you plan your social media content, influencing your scheduling choices and other marketing considerations. 

With the right AI technologies, you can make better hashtag selections and choose posting times that align with your audience’s social media activity. You can forget confusing decision-making processes and base your social strategy on the facts.

Plan your content 

Taking an AI-driven approach to your social media calendar can help you ensure you’re getting the most possible value out of every piece of content you share. It can also help with your engagement strategy and your plan for repurposing

Remember, planning your content ahead of time is the key to success on social media. With AI, you can plan easily and comprehensively while taking the full scope of your brand into account every time you share something new. 

Put your new social media strategy into action 

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, so it’s important that you learn what it means for your business processes and social strategy going forward. The stronger your understanding, the more effectively you can use AI to achieve your goals. 

Looking for a helping hand managing your social media strategy and content? Plann has your back. We offer an all-in-one social media suite, packed with handy content prompts, and high-performing hashtag recommendations, easy cross-posting features and so much more.

Go on, and redeem your 7-day free trial of Plann Plus. If you don’t like it, keep using Plann for free!


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