How To Use Plann’s Instagram Analytics To Improve Your ‘Gram

Instagram analytics are amazing. You can create content and make improvements using evidence-based numbers and here’s how you can do it now

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The following article relates to advanced analytics and requires a Facebook Business Account. Don’t worry – it’s free- click here to learn how you can get one of your very own.

We’re all keen to use the ‘Gram in a smarter way, but how do you use data and analytics to make real improvements? If you’ve checked out the Plann Results Page, you’ve probably thought to yourself,

“Self, that’s a good looking page, but where should I start with all these metrics?”

We got you.



1. Bask in Your Vanity Metrics

Everyone loves feeling good about themselves, so spend some time admiring your vanity metrics. These are the numbers that make you feel good but don’t serve any useful purpose:

– Follower growth

– Total Reach

– Impressions

They look cool when you see them, they’re so big! Grab a glass of champagne and celebrate a job well done. Then realise your reach and impressions don’t actually give you the chance to take better actions in the future other than, “get more of that.”

2. Check Your Actionable Insights

Now we’re cooking – anything that has a really important name like ‘actionable insights’ must be pretty important!

These are the numbers that make you say,

“Oooh…I see, so I need to change that thing.”

These numbers awesome because you can make changes and get measurable results right now!

Look at the numbers that start with ‘best’:

– Best Performing Post

– Best Performing Palette

– Best Time to Post

– Best Performing Hashtags

Straight away you can see what works and take immediate action to give your audience what they want. Speaking of your audience…

3. Bring It All Together With Audience Measures

Of course, you need to know your audience and you already do – you create content with a certain persona in mind and their engagement is all you think about.

The Audience Measures help us to know our audience at a deeper level :

– Gender

– Location

– Age Range, and perhaps most importantly,

– Daily Time Online

The first three relate to how you create your content and the final metric is about when there is the most crossover for your audience.

By bringing all of this information together  – along with your own insights and intuition – you can keep on getting better, creating the right type of content at the right time and doing what you do best – being awesome.



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