How To Increase Sales For Your eCommerce Brand With The Power of TikTok

Your complete guide to boosting eCommerce sales with TikTok marketing strategies.

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With over 1.5 billion active users (and counting), TikTok has irrevocably altered the cultural zeitgeist. As the fastest-growing social media platform, other social networks are trying to replicate TikTok’s formula for success by prioritizing bite-sized mobile-first video content. 

But don’t dismiss TikTok as an endless stream of dance challenges, viral songs and shareable memes. In fact, TikTok is a product discovery channel that can influence shopper’s buying behavior at scale. 

This stat from TikTok HQ says it all: 92% of global users have taken action after watching a TikTok, with 67% saying TikTok inspires them to shop (even when they’re not planning to make a sale). 

Are you an eCommerce brand looking to tap into TikTok marketing strategies to boost sales? We’ve rounded up six must-try tactics to help you harness TikTok for eCommerce sales.



Why is TikTok the perfect platform for boosting eCommerce sales?

Have you heard of the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt? Launched in 2022 and used by creators and brands alike, the hashtag spotlights TikTok’s incredible ability to inspire product discovery and drive sales across the globe. 

With 12.4 billion views and counting, this hashtag points to what makes TikTok a sales-driving platform for eCommerce brands. Content is short, fast and dynamic, often created by real-world customers to boost relatability and authenticity. Videos are designed to entertain and inspire rather than push a sales pitch from the first second. 

And it’s driving tangible results: 4 in 10 users buy a product after seeing it on TikTok. 

But that’s just the start of the benefits of using TikTok for eCommerce sales:

• TikTok enables new shoppers to discover your brand (no matter your size or budget): With 52% of TikTok users searching for products or shopping on the app, TikTok is the perfect place for small businesses and emerging brands to harness organic content marketing to gain exposure, grow an engaged audience and drive sales at scale.

• TikTok builds trust by entertaining and inspiring audiences: A recent study by Nielsen revealed that 91% of users find TikTok content more authentic and unique than other social platforms. With an emphasis on entertaining audiences, brands are able to forge deep personal connections with potential shoppers to inspire conversions as well as brand loyalty.

• TikTok offers powerful conversion-driving tools: Along with huge organic reach opportunities, TikTok’s shoppable features (like TikTok Shop) and advertising tools help to streamline the path to purchase and boost sales for eCommerce brands. 

5 TikTok marketing strategies to drive eCommerce sales

Ready to learn the secrets to boosting eCommerce sales with TikTok? Here are five high-performing TikTok marketing strategies to boost conversions and drive revenue as an eCommerce brand.

1. Tap into trends to boost brand awareness and boost virality 

TikTok is a social media platform driven by trends. From trending audio to hashtags to challenges, one of the best ways to grow a following on TikTok is to harness trending moments to your advantage.

Here’s why: TikTok’s For You Page (FYP) allows brands of all sizes to get their content in front of new users (a.k.a. People who aren’t already following your account). While there are many factors that go into determining which videos TikTok’s algorithm prioritizes in a user’s FYP, timeliness is a key factor. 

@tbhskincare Bye bye now, see you never 👋 #tbhskincare #jacquemus #kendalljenner #gigihadid #pimplepatch ♬ original sound – tbh skincare

The sooner you jump on a trend, the more likely users will engage with your content. This will send all the right signals to TikTok’s algorithm that your content is engaging, relevant and timely, thereby boosting your chances of virality (or at least scoring newfound visibility in user’s FYPs). 

Expanding your reach and growing your audience is key to laying the groundwork for strong conversions and sales from TikTok. 

🔥Hot tip: When harnessing a trending format or piece of audio as an eCommerce brand, make sure to subtly weave your brand or products into the video you create. Be creative and aim for originality to build brand awareness through trend-driven content. 

2. Leverage searchable hashtags and social SEO

Here’s what really sets TikTok apart from most social media platforms: it’s used as a search engine for younger Gen Z audiences. 

With powerful, keyword-driven search functionality, harnessing the principles of search engine optimization (SEO) on TikTok allows even emerging brands to reach the right audiences without spending a dollar on ads. 

@moveactive Reformer Pilates grip socks but make it ✨ fashion ✨ #reformerpilatesinstructor #pilatesoutfit #pilatessocks #reformerpilateslove ♬ suara asli – ✧A✧ – a

To harness SEO on TikTok as an eCommerce brand, make sure to:

• Conduct keyword research to understand what keywords and hashtags your ideal customers are using when searching for the products you offer.

• Injecting searchable phrases, keywords and hashtags into high-value placements in your content (such as your captions, video titles, text overlays and even your TikTok bio).

• Keep tabs on emerging trends in hashtags and keywords, ensuring you continue to evolve your TikTok SEO strategy to suit the evolving habits of your ideal customers. 

3. Streamline the path to purchase with a TikTok Shop 

Did you know you can set up a native way for users to buy your products directly within TikTok? Say hello to TikTok Shop, which allows merchants to showcase and sell products to your community, complete with in-app purchasing opportunities. 

Rather than redirecting users off to your own store, your TikTok Shops allow users to discover and purchase products without leaving the TikTok app. This is key to boosting conversions and reducing friction in the path to purchase. 

With a TikTok business account, you can apply to score a TikTok Shop, opening up powerful tools such as a shopping tab on your profile, live shopping experiences and shoppable paid ads. 

But don’t take our word for it. The team at Rebellious Fashion has already seen a huge uptick in sales from TikTok Shop’s feature, seeing a 400% increase in product sales within three months of setting up their shop on TikTok. 

@rebellious_fashion Autumn vibes are creeping in ✨ #rebelgal #caridganoutfit #cosyoutfits #casualoutfits #outfitinspo #fy #foryou #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Badr

4. Expand your reach with TikTok influencer partnerships 

Are you considering running TikTok influencer partnerships for your eCommerce brand? This is a must-try strategy for boosting sales and driving conversions – and here’s why.

According to TikTok’s own research, 74% of Gen Z viewers perceive TikTok creators as reliable sources of information. Plus, 4 in 5 US viewers say that messages in TikTok creator videos are believable. 

@frankbody Keratosis Pilaris? Body acne? Chicken skin? I’ve got just the thing. My best selling Glycolic Body Scrub hits the spot. 💥👏🏽 #frankbody #keratosispilaris #keratosispilaristreatment #bumpyskintreatment #chickenskinhack #bodybreakouts #chickenskinremoval #keratosispilaristips #sophadopha #sophiabegg #sophadophaa #viralbeauty ♬ original sound – frank body

What makes influencer partnerships so powerful for eCommerce brands is this: you can leverage a creator’s existing audience and the trust they’ve already cultivated with their viewers to drive interest in your brand products.

By engaging influencers to create user-generated style content that feels relatable and authentic, you can help potential customers discover your products in a way that feels engaging, entertaining and trustworthy. 

🔥Hot tip: Make sure to partner with creators who have an engaged audience that aligns with your target customers. This will ensure you’re tapping into new pools of customers who are most likely to make a sale and convert. 

5. Experiment with shoppable TikTok ads 

Last but not least, make sure to try your hand at TikTok advertising for online stores through paid social ads. While it is possible to grow your audience and drive sales through organic content on TikTok, advertising campaigns can amplify your results (particularly during peak sales seasons). 

Unlike other social platforms, a whopping 83% of users say that ads on TikTok are enjoyable to watch. Plus, harnessing TikTok’s TopView ad placement (a video-first format that puts your brand’s ads in high-value, unmissable spots) has been shown to grab the attention of 71% of users

When setting up TikTok ads as an eCommerce brand, make sure to:

• Set your campaign objective to drive sales and boost conversions

• Harness relatable user-generated content as your ad creative 

• Ensure your call-to-action is clear and prescriptive: a simple ‘shop now’ works well to inspire sales and conversions 

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