Tips to Creating High-Quality TikToks on a Budget

Dive into your budget-friendly guide to crafting scroll-stopping TikTok videos.

Shannon Jade
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In today’s social media landscape, TikTok is a hub for scroll-stopping content, not to mention all the latest trends. With more than 1.1 billion users from over 160 countries around the world, TikTok is a platform all brands and businesses need in their marketing mix.

Even if you’re working on a budget, creating high-quality TikTok videos is important if you want to market your brand to the masses! Your content doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does need to cut through on TikTok – the app that allows you to reach anyone, anywhere, any time.

Why do you really need to be on TikTok, and how can you develop a strong TikTok strategy without breaking the bank? This is your Plann guide to TikTok superstardom!



Why Your Brand Should Be on TikTok

Research shows that in 2023, the average US adult TikTok user spends 55.8 minutes on the app every day. By producing engaging videos for a TikTok audience, you can target an always-present community of people who want to know more about your brand.

TikTok provides a unique opportunity for brands like yours to capture an audience’s attention and optimize reach results, marketing even to users who don’t yet know who you are or follow your account.

By sharing bite-sized video content to TikTok on a regular basis, you can tap into the platform’s huge organic reach opportunities. From a powerful organic search engine to collab opportunities and even the ability to get seen on the For You Page, TikTok is a cost-effective platform for boosting brand awareness, engagement and conversions.

Is Quality Really Important?

Every day, approximately 34 million videos go live on the TikTok app. That’s a lot of content for users to consume!

While you shouldn’t let this dishearten you, it is a good idea to be aware of how crowded the TikTok market is. This should serve as your inspiration to make your content stand out.

Many TikTok videos compromise on quality. They might include unclear visuals or crackling audio. They may lack subtitles or be difficult to understand.

By making quality a key priority for your TikTok strategy, you can rise above accounts that don’t do the same. You can ensure that your videos deliver a positive viewing experience that aligns with your brand’s goals and good reputation.

The good news? Boosting your TikTok video quality doesn’t have to be complex or costly. With a few simple tweaks to your filming and editing strategy you can produce polished short-form video content consistently and at scale.

How to Improve Your TikTok Video Quality on a Budget

If you’re just starting out on TikTok, there’s no need to splash out or make a large investment! With the right skills, it’s possible to create great-quality videos even with limited tools and equipment.

Follow these simple tips and tricks to create incredible TikTok video content while sticking to your budget!

1. Optimize Your Camera Setting

The best thing about producing TikTok videos? You don’t need a fancy DSLR or compact camera! In fact, you can shoot high-performing TikToks right on your smartphone (or even directly in the app using the TikTok camera).

But one of our top tips for boosting the quality of your videos is this: make sure you’ve got the right settings in place to capture crisp, professional video content.

If you’re an iPhone user, make sure to film in 4K for the best footage quality possible. With this setting switched on, you might even be able to fool your audience into thinking you’re using a dedicated camera!

When uploading content and footage to your TikTok account, be sure to toggle on the “Allow high-quality uploads” option. This will ensure your footage doesn’t drop in quality once you upload to your TikTok account.

2. Film Multiple Clips at Once

Batching content can help you save time as a TikTok creator! Ultimately, this can also help with budget concerns by ensuring you don’t waste billable hours on lengthy content creation processes that could be cut in half.

Film Multiple Clips at Once (1)

When it’s time to make a TikTok video, don’t think in singular terms. Instead, plan ahead for success, and aim to produce multiple videos at once. This way, you’ll always have a backlog of clips when you’re running low on content.

Creating TikTok video content in batches can give you greater scope for developing a strategic marketing plan. You can plan content for optimal performance and use a scheduling software tool, like Plann, to automatically post videos when they’re ready to go live.

3. Brush Up on Video Editing Skills

Effective video editing can help you easily take your TikTok video content to the next level! By brushing up on your skills, you can avoid paying a professional to edit clips you could adjust easily on your own.

Editing for TikTok doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many beginner-friendly editing tools available online that can help you apply simple changes to your content. Alternatively, you can edit your videos using TikTok’s native in-app editing features!

Brush Up on Video Editing Skills.png

When editing TikTok videos, it’s usually best to cut out extra detail that is difficult to understand or that doesn’t add to the overall message you’re trying to convey. Remember, TikTok videos can range from 15 seconds up to 60 seconds in length.

The TikTok platform offers easy-to-use in-app editing tools that can get you started. Plus, the free app CapCut can make it easy to edit your TikTok videos and effortlessly publish to the platform.

4. Make Your Videos Engaging

When it’s time to make a TikTok video, you need to keep engagement in mind! This is the key to generating and maintaining audience interest while highlighting the value and professionalism of your brand.

Make Your Videos Engaging (1)

Whether you’re an experienced creator or a novice working on your first TikTok video, always aim to communicate clearly, succinctly, and impactfully. Give your audience a reason to care with a compelling hook (using transitions, text overlays and even on-screen visuals), and include a call to action that tells viewers how to engage.

From reaction videos to original content and everything in between, engaging clips are powerful. You can produce TikTok content that drives brand growth and helps you achieve all your professional and creative goals.

The best bit about crafting engaging video content? It’s a cost-effective way to gain traction on the TikTok platform, without spending a cent on advertising.

Ready to supercharge your success on social media?

Looking for an all-in-one content creation suite that allows you to manage your social media channels effortlessly? From mapping out your strategy, and designing your graphics to repurposing your content, you’ll find everything you need inside Plann.

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