30 Instagram Reel Ideas By Industry

Get inspired with these high-performing Instagram Reels ideas.

Are you searching for fresh, creative Instagram Reels ideas to help you kickstart the creative process and improve your Instagram account? Look no further!

Crafting unique, innovative short-form videos can be challenging, but you don’t have to shoulder the burden alone. Here at Plann, we’ve spent years learning how to create Reels that make an impact across a range of industries and niches.

Whatever brand you’re running on socials, we’ve got you covered. Here are 30 easy Instagram Reels ideas to get you started!

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5 Reel Ideas for Photographers

If you’re running a photography business, you might be wondering how to turn your static-image speciality into meaningful short-form video content. Try these simple Instagram Reels ideas to show off your skills and reach a wider audience than ever!

Create a Compilation

Create a Compilation

Turn your photos into Instagram Reels! A simple compilation allows you to focus on what you do best, creating a miniature video portfolio that highlights your photography skills. You can create several of these videos based on specific themes, locations, or events.

Go Behind the Scenes

What does life look like behind the scenes in a photography business? Use Reels to show your audience how to prepare for the perfect shot and what really goes on behind the lens. This is a great way to craft fresh content and drive connection.

Share Photography Hacks

As a photographer, you’ve probably encountered plenty of learning opportunities! Share some of your top tips or hacks for other aspiring photographers. These Instagram Reels are quick and easy, and they can play an important role in supporting industry networking.

Document the Editing Process

If you have a specific editing style, don’t be afraid to turn it into content! Share a Reel that documents the editing process and the kind of touch-ups you offer for client photos. This will help you demonstrate your skill level and set clear expectations around your work.

Film Photography Destinations

Film Photography Destinations

Travelling to a beautiful destination to take photos? Before you get to work, capture a quick video of the landscape. These Reels can catch the eye and offer a sense of authenticity, all with minimal extra editing demand.

5 Reel Ideas for Real Estate Professionals

Effective social marketing is key for real estate professionals, and Reels are an important part of any strategy! Try these five easy video ideas to create Instagram Reels with impact.

Walkthrough a Property

Walkthrough a Property

Do you have a new property available for sale or rent? With the owner’s permission, take your audience on a walk through the home, pointing out the key selling points sure to get people interested in learning more.

Offer Advice for Renters

Renters are often searching socials for tips and tricks to secure a property or pass an inspection. Craft Reels that showcase your expertise and give a little advice to those on the hunt. This could be a major boost for credibility and trust!

Share Your Sales Stats

Share Your Sales Stats

Be proud of your accomplishments as a real estate professional! When you achieve a great sale or boost your selling stats, don’t be afraid to capture a quick video and share the good news in a Reel.

Combine Current Listings

What properties are you selling right now? Use short, impactful video clips to display your current listings and what makes them so appealing. This is a strong marketing tool and a great way to make the most of Reels reach.

Discuss Property Trends

The property market is always changing, leaving many renters and buyers confused. Craft a Reel that sheds some light on what’s new and what consumers can expect next. Your knowledge is your superpower!

5 Reel Ideas for Food and Hospitality Businesses

Instagram is home to a large community of foodies! Reels offer a fantastic opportunity to get these people talking about your food or hospitality business. Try these ideas!

Film the Cooking Process

Many Instagram users love to learn new cooking techniques. Craft a Reel that shows off your skill in the kitchen. You don’t have to give away all your secrets, but you can get people interested in learning more.

Share a Day in the Life

Share a Day in the Life

What does an ordinary day look like in your business? Share a vlog-style Reel that shows audiences what it takes to make your business run smoothly. This engaging content idea will drive connection and brand awareness.

Showcase a Favorite Dish

Showcase a Favorite Dish

Put the spotlight on your favorite dish with a short, simple Reel that shows off its best features. Capture stylistic plating and appetizing extras sure to convince new customers to see what’s on the menu.

Capture Social Proof

Sometimes, your customers say it best, so ask them to share! Create a Reel based on positive customer feedback. This social proof will highlight the strength of your brand and may win over brand-new patrons.

Interview Your Team

In the food and hospitality business, teamwork makes the dream work! Celebrate the hard work of your team with a Reel that sings their praises. Alternatively, ask your staff to answer questions on camera for the ‘gram.

5 Reel Ideas for eCommerce Brands

For eCommerce brands, creating Instagram Reels is the key to success! Try these tailored Instagram Reels ideas, suitable for large brands and small business owners alike.

Record a Day in the Life

Whether you’re packing orders or brainstorming new product ideas, take the opportunity to show customers how your business really works. Simple vlog Reels can humanize your brand and drive a greater sense of consumer loyalty.

Share Product Features

Share Product FeaturesWhich product is your brands known for? Craft a Reel that highlights your product’s key features, or offer a simple guide to the main selling points. This content can be educational and promotional all at once!

Revisit Your Brand Story

Reels can provide you with unique scope to connect with your audience, so try a more personal content style. Film yourself talking about your brand’s story and the customer pain points that led you to build a business.

Seek User-Generated Content

Seek User-Generated Content

Your Reels content doesn’t always have to begin with your perspective. Ask your audience to share their feedback and video reviews. You can use these as social proof, creating Reels that promote your brand and center customer voices.

Film a Product Tutorial

Do you often receive the same questions from your customers? Capture a Reel tutorial, showing people how best to use your product. This content will save you time resolving issues and may even catch the attention of new buyers.

5 Reel Ideas for Fashion Business Owners

The right Instagram Reel idea can be hard to dream up in the fashion industry! Fortunately, there are many concepts you can try to hook your audience’s attention.

Show the Creation Process

Take your audience behind the scenes, and show the process of crafting a new fashion item. You could film a Reel that details your initial sketches or a video that shows the measurement, dyeing, or sewing processes. This Reels idea offers plenty of versatility.

Try On Clothing Items

Try On Clothing Items

Many of the most successful Instagram Reels in the fashion space are hauls and try-on videos. Capture footage that shows a variety of garments, along with unique styling inspiration.

Share Fashion Advice

Share Fashion Advice

If you consider yourself an expert in fashion, be willing to share your insight! Record a Reel that offers a quick tip for would-be style icons. Your advice can make you a leader in your niche and build trust among your virtual community.

Compare Fabrics and Colors

Do you offer the same piece in multiple colors or fabrics? Compare them on camera for a battle-of-the-designs Reel. Alternatively, share your favorite materials to work with and what makes them great.

Curate Your Collection

Reels allow you to combine a wide range of media all in one location, so make the most of the opportunity. Compile photos or short clips of various items in your collection, and play them to an attention-grabbing soundtrack. This will allow you to show off your best work!

5 Reel Ideas for Social Media Coaches

When you work as a social media coach, it can be easy to get burned out by content creation and run out of Instagram Reels ideas for your own accounts! Try these simple solutions to reignite your creativity.

Discuss the Latest News

Discuss the Latest News

The world of technology is always evolving, with new social features appearing every few weeks. Turn on the camera, and capture a candid conversation about the latest news, and tell your audience why fresh developments matter so much.

Hop on a Social Trend

We all know that trending audio makes a big impact! Get involved by crafting simple Reels that align with the most recent trending sounds, even if you’re just creating a placeholder so that clients can snap up the audio track.

Stitch Another Reel Video

Spoiler alert: the best content comes from collaboration. If you’re running low on ideas, stitch someone else’s Reel, and offer some positive feedback on what makes it great! This can help you fill in gaps in your Instagram feed and connect with a broader audience.

Share Social Scheduling Hacks

Share Social Scheduling Hacks

Scheduling social media posts can be time-consuming! If you’ve found hacks to ease the demand, your audience wants to know about them. Film a Reel containing the tips and tricks that make setting up social easier than ever.

List Your Software Favorites

Have you recently found a great new design tool, like Canva? What about an amazing social media scheduling solution—like Plann? Share a Reel that shouts out your favourite tools and gets other people using them too.

Want More Instagram Tips?

Want more advice on how to tackle a new content format and appeal to your target audience Check out the latest Instagram Reel ideas on the Plann blog now.

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