20 YouTube Shorts Ideas You Can Easily Create For Your Small Business

Take the guesswork out of short-form video content with this guide to 20 high-performing YouTube Shorts ideas.

Is your brand taking advantage of YouTube Shorts? Since launching in September 2020, this short-form vertical video placement has been steadily gaining traction and competing with the likes of TikTok and Instagram Reels—and it’s continuing to gain momentum.

Take this stat: the number of global monthly active users on YouTube Shorts has grown by 500 million users from June 2022 to July 2023. Currently, YouTube Shorts boasts a whopping 2 billion monthly active users worldwide. 

Not sure how to generate YouTube Shorts ideas that will help your brand capitalize on this booming content placement? Keep reading to discover 20 handpicked YouTube Shorts content ideas perfect for small businesses across all industries. 


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The best YouTube Shorts ideas for product-based small businesses

From ecommerce brands to small-scale retailers, these curated YouTube Shorts ideas take the guesswork out of creating YouTube Shorts designed to inspire sales at scale. 

1. Tease an upcoming product launch 

Want to build hype ahead of an exciting new product release? Give your YouTube followers a first look or sneak peek of what to expect to foster anticipation. 

Whether you blur footage of your product in action or host a guessing game asking your audience to predict the upcoming product, keep your video short and punchy for maximum impact. 

🔥 Hot tip: Add a clear call to action to your YouTube Short to prompt your audience to sign up for first access. Not only does this build your mailing list, but it also ensures you’ve got qualified, warm buyers waiting to receive your launch communications as soon as this product goes on sale. 

2. Go behind the scenes of your production process 

The best bit about being a product-based business? You have so many opportunities to bring your target audience behind the scenes to see where the magic happens. 

If you manufacture your products in-house, why not film bite-sized videos showcasing the production process? From time-lapses of production lines to adding labels to your packaging, this content is all about making your audience feel like they have an insider look at your brand.

3. Share a tutorial on how to use a best-selling product 

Educational content is one of the most effective forms of short-form video content. With YouTube Shorts, you can easily create snappy tutorials on how to use your most popular products. 

Film yourself (or someone from your team) interacting with the product and use voice-over and text overlays to clearly explain the steps involved to help viewers understand how to get the most out of your product. 

4. Repurpose user-generated content of customers using your products  

UGC is a powerful form of social proof, allowing your customers to vouch for your products in their own words (or, in this case, video content!).

Look online to see which customers have posted about your products and reach out to see if they’re happy for you to repurpose their content. From there, you can create a compilation-style video for YouTube Shorts that showcases your product in action! 

5. Shoot bite-sized unboxing videos 

There’s nothing more satisfying than a perfectly documented unboxing video, and YouTube Shorts is the perfect place to share them! Try your hand at ASMR and create an engaging unboxing video that shows the care and attention you put into your product’s packaging. 

The best YouTube Shorts ideas for service-based small businesses

From graphic designers to hairdressers, YouTube Shorts is the perfect platform for you to reach new audiences for your service-based small business.

6. Introduce a new starter in your team

Your team are one of your biggest assets as a service provider, so put your people in the spotlight on YouTube Shorts! Ask your new starters a few questions about themselves to allow their personality to shine through. This is an easy but effective way to humanize your content.

7. Go behind the scenes with an office tour 

Think Architectural Digest house tour: office edition! Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at where the magic happens, whether that’s a co-working space, a warehouse or your cafe space. 

8. Bust a common myth about your industry 

This is the perfect opportunity to flex your thought leadership muscles and educate your audience about why you’re an expert in your field. Pick a hot topic or common misconception and deliver a punchy piece-to-camera that showcases your expertise. 

9. Share a client video testimonial  

Nothing is more effective or impactful than a glowing review from a past client. Why not take this one step further with a video testimonial from a happy client? You can even embed this YouTube Short onto your website to help you turn website visitors into new clients, too!

10. Turn a case study into a short-form video 

In a similar vein, case studies are the perfect inspiration for your next YouTube Short. If you’ve recently pulled together a written case study, why not use the greenscreen function to talk your viewers through the results and impact your business has had on this client?

The best YouTube Shorts ideas without showing your face 

Camera shy? No worries. These faceless YouTube Shorts ideas are fantastic, low-effort ways to experiment with video content on social media. 

11. Share a faceless day in your life 

Bring your audience behind the scenes and document a day in your life (without jumping in front of the camera). Simply film short video snippets of your day, from your morning commute to grabbing a coffee and jumping into team meetings. 

🔥 Hot tip: Personalize this faceless video by adding a voiceover that explains and gives more context to your DIML content. 

12. Film a step-by-step tutorial leveraging your expertise 

Whether you’re a copywriter, candle maker or landscape gardener, you have stacks of expertise that can be shared with your audience via an engaging video tutorial. 

Keep your tutorial short and sweet, focusing on a small tip or handy hack that will improve the lives of your ideal clients (without giving away your secret sauce for free!).

13. Showcase the design process of your latest product or service 

People are naturally curious, which is why behind-the-scenes content is so effective at driving engagement. Even without showing your face, you can easily share the design and planning process behind your latest offering. 

Again, voiceovers are key to your success here! Splice together BTS footage of the planning process and chat with your audience about what’s happening and the decisions you need to make to produce an engaging YouTube Short. 

14. Use B-roll footage and text overlays to share a tip 

The easiest way to get started with YouTube Shorts is by harnessing B-roll footage. From snippets of your morning routine to footage of your at work, B-roll is the perfect canvas for text overlays and voiceovers. 

Educate your audience and share a practical tip that solidifies your place as an industry expert. Keep in mind that this style of short-form video should be used sparingly and mixed in with other styles of YouTube Shorts—overusing B-roll footage can make it hard for audiences to build a connection to your brand. 

15. Spotlight your favorite local suppliers or collaborators 

Collaboration is key to success, especially in small businesses! 

A fantastic way to produce faceless YouTube Shorts is to call out and promote other brands and small businesses in your area that you love. Showcase their space, offering or team and produce an engaging video that shares the love. It’s a fantastic way to boost your organic reach, too!

The best YouTube Shorts ideas for solopreneurs 

Don’t have a team by your side? Never fear: these YouTube Shorts ideas are perfect for solo founders. 

16. Introduce yourself

Being a solopreneur means your business is deeply personal, often stemming from your own passions or interests. So, it’s time for your audience to get acquainted with you! 

Splice together footage of your journey in business or a day in your life and add a voiceover that explains who you are, what you do and what to expect from your YouTube Shorts content. 

17. Share a ‘what I wish I’d known’ video 

As a small business owner, you’ve likely overcome many challenges, solved a stack of problems, and learned plenty of lessons along the way. 

Pay it forward to other aspiring entrepreneurs by sharing your wisdom in a YouTube Short! Keep this video snappy and focus on three to five key takeaways that are practical and actionable for viewers. 

18. Tackle a trending Shorts video format 

Want to boost your organic reach on YouTube Shorts? Keep your finger on the pulse of trending audios and popular video formats that are performing well on the platform. 

Look for opportunities to make these ‘viral’ moments your own by adding a unique twist to these trending video formats. Is there an industry-specific joke you can make related to this trending moment? 

19. Showcase your business and career journey 

How did you get started in business and what inspired you to go out on your own? Explain your journey to entrepreneurship in a raw, honest, piece-to-camera video that allows viewers to get to know you on a personal level. The more candid this content is, the better!

20. Tease what’s coming up for your business 

Bring your viewers on the journey and help audiences buy into your success with a video that teases what’s on the horizon for your company. From sneak peeks of new products to teasing your new office space, give your YouTube Shorts viewers the first look at what’s coming up for your business.

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